Didn't Trump's press conference make you feel better? Telling us how great his response to this crisis has been and how tremendous everyone is around him and how he doesn't need to be tested (as he shakes everyone's hand) and this will pass, but while we're in the thick of it all of these CEOs are going to make a big profit on all of the supplies people are hoarding and Wal*Mart's new parking lot drive through coronavirus testing*!!!

must buy something at WalMart and bring the receipt with you before coronavirus test will be administered, when the tests actually are available, in about a month or two


@1 xina: Thank you for yet another of a million good reasons to boycott Wal*Mart altogether.
I keep waiting for Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey, and their entire Evil Empire to contract coronavirus when EVERYTHING goes underwater--especially at Mar-a-Lago and all Trump properties. Then, suddenly in mid putt, Trumpty Dumpty, ad nauseum get eaten up by mutant alligators ever since the State of Florida officially became a swamp, poisoned by toxic MAGA waste. I can't wait. It'll undoubtedly happen. When it does the world---what's left of all of us---will rejoice. Pelosi / Warren take over as #45 & VEEP.



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