The Stranger Temporarily Lays Off 18 Employees



I wouldn't shed a tear if.....
The level of journalism has dropped these last 10-12 years. Whoever owns it, doesn't care enough to hire even halfway decent Executive and Managing Editors. Who would then if so enabled, hire a better class of writers than they have right now.


Hi - I'm Marcel Ronnsel. The generosity of Stranger readers is well-known. Now I'm coming to you with an appeal. I own 13 Arby's franchises in Western Washington. Give me $80,000 by tomorrow or I'll fire eight employees. Fat Marcel Enterprises LLC is not a non-profit, your donation is not tax deductible, and you have no legal guarantee on what I'll send the money on, however, I promise you this: if you don't come up with the cash I WILL start firing people. To make it even more interesting, if I don't get at least $50K I'll accuse everyone I fired of having stolen from the company if future employers call for a reference check.

The choice is yours, Seattle.

Pay me. Or else.


"it only took me around 15 minutes to drive from the Eastside to Volunteer Park today."

Giving free blowjobs in the Conservatory again?


Well, that was quick.

Know that all restaurants and bars and cafes are closed for the month, and no gatherings of more than 50 people for any reason are permitted in this state.


@120 +1


The cover of National Lampoon:
cute (though quite Worried looking)
mutt w/357 MAG pointed at head.

Caption: If You Don't Buy
This Magazine We'll
Kill This Dog

Hey -- it Worked
for them.


Sorry to see the stranger go, kind of a fun publication (even though not exactly journalism). See you down at starbucks, just remember, I take soy milk in my latte!


Let me be boring and point out that this announcement was made with class and without self pity.


LOL fuck you Stranger, just die already, you pretty much did years ago anyway.