"It Has Cut So Deep So Fast"—Seattle Artists Organize as the Town Shuts Down



If you want to stay employed, do something people need to survive. During a crisis, people will avoid the non essentials. The arts are fun, don’t get me wrong, that’s why everyone majors in that in college. But nobody really needs it.

Food. Shelter. Soothing. Healthcare. People need that. The stage? That’s a luxury item.


I find it irresponsible that people are scrambling to crowd small capacity venues with last minute shows. Just what we need is for all our arts communities to also be hit by illness.


Agent K was right when he told Agent J: "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it!"

I don't understand how panicking and running out and buying too much toilet paper and hand sanitizer helps anyone. Are people pooping more because of Covid-19? No. Do we need all that hand sanitizer if we have running water? No.

The genies out of the bottle, folks, if we're going to get Covid-19, we're gonna get it so the wisest course of action is refusing to allow fear to replace sanity and common sense measures to stay safe and healthy. If I'm going to get sick, I'd rather be relaxed and free of fear while I'm recuperating so my immune system can fight off the virus without being compromised by fear or panic.


@1: LOL well no streaming media for you during your quarantine then! I mean since the arts are a luxury you'll be giving it up right?
Honestly Stars, your hot take is luke warm at best.


Learn to code. You have the time now.


Lisa, I’m not quarantined, and I haven’t used any streaming media. So yeah, I could give it up rather easily.




@6: You will be. And no TV or novels, short stories, manga, or music for you. Cuz luxury!



I’ll content myself with medical journals.



Syphilis Monthly?



This old DOS game had a killer soundtrack


@1: I think you've been wandering too much lately. You'll be missing out on a lot of what you call nonessential "luxuries". Music and the arts heal so many. I guess you're giving up Dostoyevsky in the can, too?
@3 RickFromTexas: Amen!