Everyone please stay healthy and safe (I consider Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey, Tim Eyesore ad nausem hopeless cases).


Has anyone seen the 1959 Stanley Kramer film “On the Beach”?

It may be a little too on the nose, but if you can handle it, it’s a really good movie.


All those peeps, now without out Work and too many without adequate Savings to fall back on; and they're getting what, two weeks wages to 'hold them over' till god knows when?

Oh, and Free Testing (WHEN?) for C-19 is not gonna help when the obscenely high medical bills come due along with all the Deductibles, and further insurance payments; perhaps Insurance Corps will see the light and do the right thing...

Is Capitalism willing to bend on this one?

Or does C-19 mean yet another half a million or so more (the survivors of the Disease, not Capitalism) will soon be living in our Streets?


@3 In WA state servers get minimum wage and can collect unemployment. My sister manages an Irish Pub in MA and they're doing the same thing in MA tomorrow, for 5 weeks. She's salaried, but her staff isn't (and the owners are the ones who will have to decide what to do after 5 weeks).

Something is going to have to give. If this country chooses to do nothing to all of the working people harmed by this situation, Bernie Sanders just might get elected president.


*to help


@2 Wandering Star: On the Beach. Thanks--I'll look for it. I love Stanley Kramer--the Man With the Message. He produced and directed a bunch of good ones--even a comedy, and one of my favorites, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), with a big cast of stars from Broadway, film and TV (Classic TV buffs will recognize character actor Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III from Gilligan's Island, playing the role of a tipsy pilot). All about man's basic greed--and conscience (What would you do if you knew where there was a cache of stolen loot buried away....?). I just picked up a copy of Inherit the Wind (1960). Meanwhile, as for the present day coronavirus pandemic, Stephen King's The Stand comes to mind...


@6: Hey--I'm working from home, staying healthy. Music, Volkswagens, and cats are among my passions, and I love movies. What can I say?
I feel like a little John Carpenter tonight......


Has Covid19 done what HIV and AIDS couldn’t, and shut The Eternal Vectors of Infection — Club Zzzzzz and Steamworkitgurl, or will the Department of Public Health and Enabling keep them open for outreach, education and testing?


Every interaction is a risk for further spread until the numbers are under control. Every minute counts.


The updates on The Stranger are too few and far between. There are only like two bylines and they crank out one or two stories a day. Lazy. Other sites have more intense, consistent and regular coverage of coronavirus. Not worth my time to come to this site anymore. I'm unbookmarking it.


This thread gives an excellent synopsis of the gravity of the Chinese response and what it took to reduce the spread by more than half and contain outbreaks. It is full of excellent information.

Here is another article by Dr William Hanage, professor of the evolution and epidemiology of infectious disease at Harvard, on how the UK has been responding.


And, again, not putting on my tin foil hat yet, but if Putin wanted to weaken NATO and soften up our nation with pathetic confused leadership, he would direct his plants to downplay science and embrace policies that would lead to the worst outcomes. We are at least stepping up, but Boris Johnson's herd immunity strategy is nothing short of negligent and potentially murderous, and it will endanger the entire world. We have to be United with our NATO allies, not dumbass Brexiters.


You can get past the paywall by opening in an incognito window.



"I feel like a little John Carpenter tonight......"
The Thing seems very appropriate.


We need to slow the spread of the disease so that the Healthcare system isn't overrun.

Wash your hands.

Stay home if you can.

Don't wear a mask unless you are sick.

Wash your hands.


Listen to Cuomo


Funny, Inslee was just saying how he nor anyone in his admin has considered restricting travel or quarantining Washington State... because you know Fuck Trump and he called me a snake etc....
Well Inslee, maybe you should be considering those things... considering


@15 is correct.

Restricting travel has been shown not to work, actually.


@19. You want to back that up that apocryphal claim with a source or more than a phantom anecdote?


So desu ne

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