Slog AM: The Recession Is Coming; Cool It, Panic Shoppers; Washington Doctor Has COVID-19



In a pinch, old print editions of The Stranger can be used as TP.


We need to slow the spread of the disease so that the Healthcare system isn't overrun.

Wash your hands.

Stay home if you can.

Don't wear a mask unless you are sick.

Wash your hands.


It's amazing how much bathroom tissue we were wasting. With a good high-fiber diet we should use fewer squares of it to do the job.


....and don't worry about toilet paper.
You're in the fucking bathroom, just wash that ass.

Seriously though, don't panic.

Stay safe.

Wash your hands.


It’s going to be difficult for Colvin to talk to his neighbors after this is over.


Get a Brita filter instead of hoarding water jugs. We won't have our utilities cut off any time soon.


I'll miss Lester, he did a lot of good work for the Stranger. I hope he lands a new gig quickly.


I recommend following the Estranger on Facebook. Good way to keep an eye on previous writers.


Certain-tometer now 87% sure that @7 is either Lester or Lester's mom.


2 - People will fart a whole lot more.


I’ve been saying y’all should switch to a donor-supported model for years! KEXP has pledge drives, get me some sweet totes and I’ll donate again!


What's the deal with The Stranger's would-be move into the Chinatown location? Is that now scuttled as well? This is all so goddamn awful.


@11 The article does say they're temporary layoffs, but if I was him I'd be already looking for work. Who knows if the Stranger will even be around for long, these are uncertain times.


Temporary layoff
Good times
Easy credit ripoffs
Good times
Scratching and surviving
Good times
Hanging in a chow line
Good times
Ain’t we lucky we got em
Good times


The stock market crashed because the government put 1 Trillion dollars into it instead of letting it pull itself up by its bootstraps and because a few of you bitches didn't pray hard enough.


You can't solve a health crisis with a financial solution. This requires science and technology, probably the two things this administration is worst at. Baby donnie cares only about himself and all his financial solutions go entirely to try saving his own ass. Even if it gets to the point of people starting die off en masse, I'm sure this administration's solutions will be another round of tax cuts for big businesses.


We're all devo now


Kaiser sent out letters to all of its members more than 2 weeks ago recruiting for the coronavirus vaccine trial. So not exactly top-secret.


So sad Kindergarten Cop's gotta live
in a (seemingly Nice!) damn Barn.
At least he's kept his sense of Humor.

Remember: NO Kissing, Ah-nold!


You wanna know why the sock market tanked? You know. Bad leadership is as predictable as a script.

Still think you have a 401k now?

40 congressmen voted against the COVID19 aid package. All of them republicans. All of them. Not coincidentally those congress people have the highest concentration or rural hospital closures.

And Moscow Mitch fled DC without even scheduling a vote.

That’s how important you are to them. That’s how much they understand about the economy.

Guess what’s next? You don’t have to guess. Another trillion dollar bailout to what ever financial institutions or industry are still giving Trump re-election money.

However the good news is they HAVE to do direct stimulus checks now. Which they should’ve done two weeks ago. By the time they scrap together the money and roll that out though who knows where we will be.

Man. For a fake Liberal crisis thing sure look pretty bad. Like let’s see who is in on this fake crisis. 4 entire nations on lockdown. The international markets. The Oil industry. The US military (they implement crisis status last week). The WHO. And The CDC. its amazing liberals can organize a conspiracy of billions of the people and the most powerful institutions on earth but they can’t win an election.

Ps. In the cynical pile of shit department:

“German ministers have reacted angrily following reports US president Donald Trump offered a German medical company “large sums of money” for exclusive rights to a Covid-19 vaccine.

“Germany is not for sale,” economy minister Peter Altmaier told broadcaster ARD, reacting to a front page report in Welt am Sonntag newspaper headlined “Trump vs Berlin”.

So instead of the Trump administration offering funds to whatever researchers are equipped to develop vaccines and make those then public he wants a US concern to own the rights to it. Gee. I wonder who would have a controlling interest in that vaccine.

Btw b The CEO of the company was also immediately fired. Because Germany isn’t lead by a cult craven cowards.


"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."

Agent K to Agent J, Men In Black

Explains why we can't find toilet paper and other common household items in the stores. We should be treating this like we all got a six week staycation but no, most of us are freaking out like the oblivious lemmings we are and creating unnecessary shortages.

Way to make a bad situation much worse, people!


@25 I can't even treat it like a 6 week staycation.

My job won't close unless the government tells us we have to. So I'm here 5 days a week regardless.


"... reports US president Donald Trump offered a German medical company “large sums of money” for exclusive rights to a Covid-19 vaccine."

Exclusive Rights.
To OWN the Planet ('s Inhabitants).
'Cause Monopolies are now Thee AMERICAN Way.

Way to Go, Reptilians.

What fucking Planet are they from, anyway?


In my 20's and 30's, I would have found the silver lining in this. Empty trails and surf breaks, cold beers on a sunny Monday afternoon, time to get caught up on binge streaming and books …. But being expected to maintain my previous job productivity AND educate 2 young kids all day long is insane. At least I get to drink a lot of Irish Stout in isolation tomorrow.




Glad to see my bro at the Shedd Aquarium getting some exercise.


@29 - You do realize it's St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, hence my joking note?


Yep, recession is a hand. Glad I sold some stock back in January, and while the plan to use part of it on a trip to Europe (including Italy!) are canceled, I will do my best for the country by buying lots of shit on Amazon to keep the wheels of commerce spinning.

Fortis Fortuna adiuvat!



So much winning, eh? Where are all of our gloating trolls?


The recessions isn't coming; it's already here and it's world wide.

Seattle's long boom is most likely O-V-E-R. The taint of being identified as the ground zero for the virus outbreak in the US will slow, halt, or even reverse the flow of people relocating here that led to our virtually unchecked local inflation. How many Americans now think Seattle is soemwhere they ever want to be?

Local real estate will be hit. The high-salaried tech execs and senior managers might keep an office here to commute to occasionally, but will relocate their residences (and families) elsewhere as soon as practical. I expect the first signs of a real estate decline will come from high-end residential.

Every bubble must burst. Coronavirus is the pinprick that just burst Seattle's. Life will go on afterward, but it will very likely go on much more modestly than it did during the boom. A lot of what we got accustomed to having will be forever gone in many instances.

It's a tragedy is that so many people are being and will be hit so hard financially by this. But that always happens when a bubble bursts.

But let's not forget the bigger tragedy will be the lives lost and the families left behind to grieve.


@34 -- First in;
First out?


@34 Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google aren't going anywhere. Demand for their products will only increase. There will be very rough times for Boeing.


@36 - Sorry but I would bet a geographic dispersal business model might very well already be on their risk planning table right now. Prudent business risk planning means not putting all your eggs in one basket. You might very well be indulging in magical thinking here.

Given they are primarily electronic/online businesses, they can shift operations relatively easily and quickly. Only Boeing would take more time to transition away from here because it's still reliant on physical plants in the area to produce its products.


@37 The tech businesses are made up of people. That's their major asset. Developers, developers, developers. They aren't just going to pack up and leave town, and neither are their billion-dollar investments in infrastructure. You are the one indulging in magical thinking.


@38. Most developers can work remotely without much hassle, if they don't already anyway. And with salaries that inflated, they would be wise to offset living expenses and rent by relocating to less expensive parts of the country/world.


“Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google aren't going anywhere. Demand for their products will only increase.”

Demand for now. But those businesses still require being paid. And if their customers can’t go to work for a month (or more) who is paying them? You understand eco-nomics a is an eco-system. We are all interdependent.

Everyone is going to be impacted. Everyone.

Amazon’s sales will be up until supply chains keep getting interrupted. Or their army of underpaid hourly wage warehouse workers get sick. Almost half whom don’t qualify for Amazon’s shitty base worker health insurance. And what happens to a company totally reliant on transportation infrastructure when our transportation infrastructure is disrupted like it is?

Amazon Web Services probably will still do okay. Until people can’t pay those bills.

Facebook and google relys on ads. Who buys ad revenue when they can’t sell products or promote events?

Why do you think they tried “infusing” $1.5 trillion into the credit and banking industry? Because half of America is about to become totally dependent on credit cards. And a huge chunk will default.

No. Nothing is certain. The tech businesses are just as vulnerable as everyone else. Though yes travel and hospitality are especially vulnerable.


@39 less expensive parts of the country suck. That’s why they are less expensive. People who grow up in less expensive places move to Seattle, LA and Manhattan because they want to do shit.


Right, and when they earn enough to do shit, they can return to their homes and explore other cities where they can do more shit with less shit to make those less expensive parts suck less and grow and shit.


@41 there is no law of physics that makes Seattle (or even Manhattan or LA) permanently top economic centers. Detroit was also a world class economic center. If not the center.

Each have certain advantages in geography. Some have advantages in climate. But population density fluctuates. Economic realities change.

Compared to LA or NYC, Seattle doesn’t have near the population density or rich cultural history to endure a long contraction with the same resiliency.

Seattle has rich natural resources. It has an advantageous climate. It’s well positioned for pacific trade. But it’s geographically constricted. It has no world class infrastructure. And it’s main economic base —tech and intellectual property — is not diverse enough nor really tied to the region by anything material.

Seattle is a smart city. With lots of smart people. There are all sorts of great reasons to live here. But it’s wealth is also insanely inflated. The bubble here is way over inflated and could easily pop.

Seattle will recover. It’s recovered from worse. But it might take a while. And may not be the same.


I can't imagine ever "needing" an entire pallet load--much less an entire store shelf supply---of toilet paper! May common sense prevail over senseless panic.
Everyone stay healthy, warm, and safe. And wash your hands.

If nothing else, those living in Skagit Valley and suffering annually from Tulip Festival-crazed hordes pooping on private property, in fields, in parking lots, and behind barns might actually get a break next month after 37 years' escalation of poor event planning. "Poop Smart", indeed.