Light rail trains will still be running every 13-15 minutes.
Light rail trains will still be running every 13-15 minutes. COURTESY OF SOUND TRANSIT

Remember back in December when you'd never heard of coronavirus? And you never had to worry about the light rail not showing up for 15 minutes? Simpler times.

Obviously, right now one of those two things is disrupting life a bit more than the other. But, Connect 2020, the interruption of light rail service as a means to connect the new East Link line with the current existing line, was a commuting nightmare. A nightmare we were only supposed to endure for three months. It was meant to end Monday. That's not the case, anymore.

The reduced service, a mild inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, was supposed to be all over and done within three months—a service interruption from January until mid-March. Sound Transit just announced that Connect 2020 will be going on a bit longer due to a hiccup.

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"While completing final systems testing for the project," Sound Transit explained in a statement, "insufficient electrical resistance readings were discovered over a segment of newly installed track. The site of the problem has now been identified."

Sound Transit spokesperson David Jackson told me that "will be fixed by adding insulation to the track." Jackson said Sound Transit has not announced a new end date for Connect 2020. That will be determined after tests on the problem areas of the track.

People already haven't been commuting much amid this outbreak and, with new social-distancing and self-quarantine recommendations, they will likely be commuting even less. Hopefully, by the time light rail is back to normal the world will be back to normal. That may be wishful thinking.