Eyeman's a whore. He's always been a whore.


@3: Yeah, but who would ever want to pay for such services?


Count on Jay Inslee in the Governor’s chair for another four years.


Christ, just admit you fucked up, assume a small measure of humility, take responsibility for it and attempt to save whatever small amount of face and dignity you can muster.

Or double down on stupidity.

"Mexico's already paying for the wall! Because of [unintelligible garbling gibberish.]"


I thought Inslee was too much of a policy wonk to be a good governor. Thank God a 100 percent policy wonk is exactly what we need right now.


The republican party has devolved into a club for defective human beings, the fact that's it's also a political party explains why the country's in such a mess right now. How many more reminders that republicans suck at governing do we need, Bush wasn't enough? And now we've got Trump AND Eyman, not to mention Matt Shea. Washington state is cursed.

South Korea tested 60,000 people the first week Covid-19 showed up there, the US didn't even have working tests widely available then, thanks to the incompetent moron who dismantled the pandemic response team. I hope this costs Trump the election and his fortune, he deserves no less. Can't wait to see Eyman run and lose, he needs to be reminded how much the voters hate him.


You think he went to all the trouble of stealing the necessary seating, only to NOT throw a party with it?


"His jest will savour but of shallow wit, When thousands weep more than did laugh at it." - Henry V: Act 1, Scene 2


@11 "’Tis so strange,
That, though the truth of it stands off as gross
As black and white, my eye will scarcely see it."


Chairman Timmy
makes it ever
so Easy


For a guy running for governor, Eyeman doesn't seem to understand the basics of government, like the 1st Amendment. Nobody is restricting his right to complain about the government. He has every bit as much right to speech today as he did a month ago. That doesn't mean we can't call him on his bullshit when his speech threatens public health during a global pandemic.

Eyeman has always been a bullshit artist. He traffics in bullshit, and makes a living pimping bullshit initiatives every year. Most of the time I just find him selfish, immature, and annoying. But when his bullshit starts endangering public health during a pandemic, he sinks to a new low, even for him.

On the bright side, if Eyesore is the best the republicans can dredge up, and his response to the pandemic is to flout the crowd size rules like a petulant child, then Inslee will have a cakewalk to reelection in November.


"Benjamin Franklin" made him do it. I suggest that it is the image of Ben Franklin on the donations Timmy hoped to collect that made him do it.


To sum up..."Chair Man Tim" deliberately put his own supporters lives' at risk, just so that he can make a show of refusing to concede that Jay Inslee can be trusted not to use a public health crisis as a pretext to set up a police state, just to avoid having to admit that it goes without saying that the current governor of Washington is clearly acting out of no intent other than protecting the people of the state from a pandemic.

In addition, "Chair Man Tim" either believes-or wants his supporters to think he believes-that "social distancing" laws meant to limit the spread of disease are somehow a slippery slope to religious persecution, and traffic cams had to be stopped because speeding and running red lights are human rights.

Anybody here STILL thinks it would be sane to elect this guy governor?


Hey Tim, I hear Gov Inslee said you definitely shouldn't stick a fork in an electrical outlet. In fact, he said you're NOT ALLOWED to stick a fork into an electric outlet. Are you gonna let him boss you around like that? He's making you look like a punk!


@14: Yeah right-once again the "the right wing white man is always the REAL victim in this country" crowd weighs in.

You seriously, seriously think this is UNFAIR to "Chair Man Tim"? You seriously think Inslee can't be trusted not to use this situation to turn Washington into some sort of police state?

It's a pandemic. There's no alternative to social distancing. And if you've noticed, even Trump has conceded the point by not rage-tweeting about it. Anyone else who was governor would be handling the situation exactly as Inslee has handled it. That's just reality.

What really, REALLY gets you about this, and I know this has to be galling for you, is that there is no possible way you can blame, gays, Muslims, feminists, "welfare mothers" or Obama for "Chair Man Tim" self-inflicted publicity disaster.


@1 GermanSausage, @3 Catalina Vel-DuRay, and @9 RickFromTexas for the WIN!


Continue fucking off forever, Tim.


I used to live in a college town where essentially this guy as a 20-year-old student ran for mayor as a Republican on the same platform of "reasonable functions of government are actually unconstitutional signs of dictatorship." He challenged the long-serving Democratic mayor to a public debate, and that mayor proceeded to calmly and respectfully demolish and embarrass this kid in the debate and the kid dropped out of the race the next day. I don't remember that kid's name, but now I have to imagine that it was Tim Eyman.



@14 It's really easy to do both.

Does Eyman think fire codes are also restricting his right to free speech?


This is practically criminal behavior on Eyman's part.


Constitutional fetishists often prove to be clueless assholes.


@marilynsue not true. small pox vaccine discovered in 1796. Franklin died in 1790. as Abraham Lincoln posted on twitter "There is enough misinformation, lets stick to facts"


@14: Please don't be part of the MAGAvirus pandemic spread by Trumpty Dumpty and Tim Eyesore. Wash your damn hands, already!


@20 AlaskanbutnotSeanParnell: Hear, hear!


Wash your hands well, but don't overdo it like so much bubble boy with antibacterial soaps and sanitizer. The last thing we need is the next incarnation of MRSA and CDiff to go drug resistant and compound this mess.


If Republicans want to be bioterrorists, let them congregate. The sooner the bioterrorists infect each other, the less access they will have to treatment. Let the Republicans do what Republicans do best.


The government can restrict the rights of citizens during a time of emergency. First amendment rights aren't unconditional and the government can suspend them to maintain the health and safety of the larger population during times of crisis. One would think someone running for governor would understand that.


He's confusing Benjamin Franklin with Josef Mengele again. What a scamp!

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