I BLED for COVID-19 and So Can You!*



Good on YOU, Nathalie!
Way to Take One for Our Team!

(In these times of cutbacks/ 'innovations'
maybe you don't wanna don't show Dan these pix.)

And, in these times of Pandemic, isn't it
Customary to send out The Bloodmobile?


Good job, Nathalie! I want to do the same. I just had bloodwork done and am waiting for the okay from my naturopath before giving blood (I have to watch carbs, gluten, and sugar).
@1 kristofarian: Agreed and seconded.


"I answered some questions..."

When tried to donate last spring or so at my college, one of the questions was "How much do you weigh?" There is a weight minimum of 110 lbs for adults regardless of height. I was unable to donate, which was incredibly disappointing. I am a petite woman (4'11"); my weight is healthy for my height, but I would be refused now, as I was then. I'm actually planning to call to see if they'd bend the rules during this time of need, but I'm doubtful.

I'd donate if I could.