No walks across Red Square this spring, Dawgs.
No walks across Red Square this spring, Dawgs. Timothy Kenney

Get used to online school, Huskies.

University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce just announced to faculty and staff in an email that all classes for UW's spring quarter across its three campuses will be held remotely.

"There will be no in-person classes this spring," Cauce wrote. "We recognize that moving to remote instruction is a hardship and a challenge during an already difficult time and we are grateful to all of you for making this transition possible."

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The first week of spring quarter will be used as a means to get "familiar with and engaged" with the online nature of the coursework.

All employees who can work remotely "without hampering critical operations" are being encouraged to remain remote. Additionally, "most UW buildings will move to card key access only by Friday morning." UW has 25,000 employees.