No In-Person Classes at UW This Spring



Luckily if you study "grievance" studies, this will not affect the quality of your education.



We have sent a petition to UW President Cauce asking to give a partial refund tuition in light of the Coronavirus crisis and also due to the fact that classes will be given online. We have not heard back yet. Here is the petition. At the moment, we have 9637 signatures.

On Friday 13, I also sent her an email asking her not to charge students the facilities fees as well as other fees related to using physical facilities, and the UW Orca Pass. I have not heard back either. Here is the breakdown of some of those fees (fees are from 2019) Building fee ($201.00), Facilities renovation fee ($70.00), IMA Bond Fee ($32.00), Services and Activities Fee ($141.00), UPass Fee ($84.00).