Slog AM: No New Infections in China, Shoreline Soccer Field Is Now a Hospital, Playboy Is Likely Dead



Look at this dummy too


"John Lennon"


Three yuks and a raspberry to that Imagine shit.


Every time I see Don Young in the news, I think "I thought you were dead". Like Snake Plissken. Isn't he the Bridge to Nowhere guy?.


34 new cases in China today. And the U.S. is racing toward the top (1557 new cases today), soon to enter the top 5 in a race we don't want to win, but will probably place at least third in (if not first) due to incompetence and refusal to take action (while at the same time hoarding toilet paper and ignoring all calls to behave responsibly).


In an age of #MeToo and much more interesting erotica on the Internet for free, I’m amazed a retrograde publication like Playboy lasted this long. While it had some good articles, it still catered to the rather juvenile Great American Boy-Man. It won’t be missed


@4 it’s the shape of the curve that matters. And what China did at much sacrifice to themselves was help flatten that curve. They fucked up at first but they got it right.

This is what nearly every epidemiologist on earth says to do.

What is with this “let nature take its course” bullshit? Social distancing and shut downs work.

A week into this and suddenly every goober has deputized themselves a eugenicist that thinks we should just let a pandemic run its course because they’re inconvenienced by reality. Tough shit.


Nathalie since you love cats, serial killers and, ostensibly, internet geeks, you should watch the documentary Don't Fuck With Cats. It is an astounding documentary about how a Facebook group chased down a weirdo making cat kill videos and how things went of the rails from there. On Amazon.


@12 sigh.

Man. It’s what a spike does to systems. Look. People are in ICU’s and receiving medical care all the time right? Surgeries are scheduled months out. There is a constant flux of trauma patients, right?

Ok. Now add to every hospital in America 20-40% more pandemic patients in one week - every week. For a month or two. Half of them need ICU care. There are only 100k ICU beds in the entire US. What happens?

What happens? It all breaks down. MORE people die. People with cancer. People waiting for surgery. If surgeons get a virus, they can’t operate. If ICU’s fill up then any other critical patient can’t get a bed. It ALL breaks down. Pharmacy workers get sick. Nurses get sick. They can’t work. So is cascades and amplifies down stream.

What is so hard to understand about this. It has been studied and studied for decades by epidemiologists and crisis managers all over the world. There are reams of published materials on this.

What clinical experience do you have in epidemiology? How many epidemics have you studied and published about? None. These people at the WHO have spent their lives doing this. Trust them.


The problem is that we literally don't have enough:

hospital beds
people trained to operate respirators
or protective gear

So the system collapses if everyone gets sick all at once and we go to triage protocol which means bad things


@7, those 34 new cases in China were all imports.

And from the Silver Linings desk, the Eurovision song contest has been cancelled.


Thank you for sharing the domino-and-cat video. Nice to be able to smile--at least for a few minutes.


"What clinical experience do you have in epidemiology? How many epidemics have you studied and published about? None. These people at the WHO have spent their lives doing this. Trust them."

Blows me away how weight people give to expertise nowadays. We don't have to be sheep, but there are people who've dedicated their lives to understanding epidemics and how to respond to them for the most public good. It's astounding how many absolute know-nothings (not a poke at you GS, you are super partisan but also fairly thoughtful) instantly know better than the people with 20 years of intense study. It's the equivalent to a guy who's never gotten off the couch declaring he'd kick Rickson Gracie's ass, except there's no way for the WHO scientists to dislocate couch potato's shoulder in 3 seconds flat. So people just go on and on talking mad shit that can never be tested and declaring they are right, and will Monday morning quarterback for the rest of time.

I read today that in the USA 38% of hospitalizations are under the age of 50. How many of those turn into deaths if there are no hospital beds available?

I see some people getting crazily draconian about isolation measures, which is garden variety fear gone stupid, but for sure I'm not trusting any of the know-nothing quacking that's exploded on the internet ...


"how little weight"


I've read that some states, like Florida and Texas, aren't really doing anything to prevent the rapid spread of the virus, which is insane given the number of people in those states that fall in high risk categories. Does anyone know what's really going on there? Links?


Per the SeaTimes -- The director of surgical business operations at Harborview is hoarding pita chips in her dishwasher? Seriously, this is what's wrong with our country and public health system.


Given The Stranger's reader demo, this should be a headline.

Hey, idiot young people: New reports are showing that 38 percent of the people hospitalized in the U.S. are adults aged 20 to 54. Anyone can get this and it can be bad for anyone.

This morning MSNBC reported there are cases now in children in the US as well.


From the Washington Post: The coronavirus is killing far more men than women. Upwards of 70 percent of deaths in Italy have been men. The question is: Why?

"I'm automatically attracted to older men - I just start infecting them, it's like a magnet. Just infect. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything," the Virus said. "Grab 'em by the bullocks."


@14 Christ. So now you’re a eugenicist too?

Why don’t you listen to what epidemiologists ARE saying right now. Instead of having imaginary conversations with straw epidemiologists.

And THEY are the ones recommending the shelter in place and social distancing protocols. Not one of them is saying “let nature take it’s course.”

Jesus fuck. You will have to live with who you are after this is over. And right now? You’re an asshole is saying “eh, I don’t care let people die.” Congratulations. You have revealed who you were all along.


@24 more men smoke, for one. More men have hypertension as well (also, see: smoking). Probably lots of reasons. But those are likely the big two.


@22 yeah, but I bet most readers of the Stranger are OLD. They want a younger audience. And for events calendar stuff it’s young. But I guarantee you most actual readers are over 40. That’s why it’s dying out. The over 40 crowd doesn’t spend.

Look at in here. Almost every commenter in here is over 35. The twenty somethings are out fucking. They don’t give a shit about what Mudede or Dan Savage think.


Herd immunity is an interesting topic, and (despite his perpetual anger) I don't think @GermanSausage is wanting folks to die. It would be nice if @Profesor_Hiztory could engage in less heated discourse as this would be an interesting discussion otherwise.


Great News about China.
So how many tens of trillions of dollars did 'they' shit away?

Those damn hicks.
Why can't they deal with this responsibly and safely like Seattle?


China is still fighting covid, they just managed to slow down the spread enough to get it under control. The vast majority of chinese citizens have not been exposed, and until there is a vaccine they will remain susceptible.

This is going to play out throughout the entire human population. It’s still an active epidemic and it will be with us for at least a year, probably longer. We’re just trying to spread it out enough to keep our healthcare system from crashing.


I've gone to several of Don Youngs public meetings, they go like this.
Someone brings up a specific issue. He yells about "the Government" and "Washington". Then some asshole (me) reminds him that he is the longest serving member and he had the opportunity to vote on that bill (unless he was shooting something in Africa). Then he yells about the "lower 48", then some asshole (me) reminds him that he is actually a Californian and starts a "Born here not flown here" chant. The he mutters something and wanders off.
Really wish Forrest had taken him out but Alaskans really don't want to be represented by a real Alaskan, we like having Californians and Ohioans represent us in DC.


"what's going to happen to the total length of that curve when you don't flatten it?"

That sounds more like a mathematical question (and a trivial one at that). The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, which means that the flattest curve has the shortest curve length. If you look at this graph, for example,, you can see that Japan has the flattest curve as well as the shortest. Italy is the worst, and will eventually have a very long curve (caused by the very high spike in cases).

If you want a more precise answer, you will have to use calculus, and in my case, it has been a while. I'm not sure why you (or anyone) would care. I see no practical application for that answer.


@32 You are looking for the Arc Length.


@5: Yeah...nothing like offering "three yuks and a raspberry" to an anthem of hope and possibility. God forbid anyone play any song remotely like that in a time of cataclysmic despair. What would you PREFER to be played "Material Girl"? "We're In The Money"? Or maybe just a medley of right-wing pop idol Morrissey's bleakest hits? Or that one from The Bloodhound Gang the troops used to play while they were blowing shit up in Iraq?