No space for this when youre social distancing!
No space for this when you're social distancing! Lyndon Stratford/Getty Images

Over the past month or two, I found a few at-home workouts I could get finished in 20-or-so minutes. They require no other gadgets except for a mat. Before I had one of those, I used a towel (I do not recommend this). I had gotten into a nice routine until routine was thrown out the window about two weeks ago because of COVID-19.

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Contrary to how it's marketed, working out isn't just about losing weight. For me, whenever I get around to doing it I generally feel better the entire day and—I'm not being intentionally corny here—more alive.

The problem is that I haven't been doing it. Now, I'm starting from scratch again and my body feels like soybean milk that doesn't have the wherewithal to congeal into tofu. Moving it in any kind of intentional way is committing to a little pain. That's hard. So, let's do it together.

Alexis Ren's Abs Could Crunch Diamonds

I am giving you permission not to complete all of this video on your first go. I am giving you permission to bend your knees when you do vertical crunches or put your hands under your butt when you do scissor kicks. Relish the little break the toe-taps give you midway through. Marvel at the plank twists. This video is hard! But it's versatile. My abs scream every time I do it no matter what. But, the more I do it the less impossible it seems.

You Feel This One in Your Legs

Cardio is a necessity. I do this video whenever I can't bring myself to go for a run. If things take a turn for the shelter-in-place worse this will become my new jog. On its own, though, it works more specific muscles (god, I forgot how hard squats are). Also, the weird plank burpees she does at the end are crazy.

Not Really a "Work Out"

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Yoga is harder than it looks! This won't get your muscles rock hard or whatever but I've found this video really wakes me up in a nice way. If you don't do any exercises, I suggest stretching or yoga. There are a ton of guided videos for those. You'll find you feel really good after.

Okay, that's it. That's really as many videos as I know—I'm not an expert. I may have to dive deeper into the bowels of fitness YouTube soon. If you have any exercise videos you swear by, please share them with me.

Anyway, I've been using writing this post as a means to further procrastinate so I guess I'll do these exercises now.