COVID-19 Could Throw a Wrench in a Tax Amazon Initiative



Thank goodness for Amazon. I am very dependent on their deliveries.


Why? Why wouldn't it make it a priority? Amazon is making hand over first on this pandemic while the rest of our society is being destroyed. Amazon could pay out tens of billions in taxes (or cash assistance to those affected) for years and Jeff Bezos would still have more money than he could spend in multiple lifetimes.


What is carbon-free construction? No concrete? No power tools? No glass? No steel? Do the workers bike to the job site? How does it work?


@2 It’s enough to make you wish death upon them (again) I’m sure Sugartits.

Personally I’m thanking Amazon for 100,000 new hires.


“Who thought a public health crisis could endanger lives and the democratic process?”

Ah yes, like the reduction in car tabs we all voted for.


Electronic signature gathering? I can see that ending well. Tim the Enchanter's signature-gathering companies could charge another of his campaigns a buck apiece for signatures on one of his Astroturf initiatives and make him a millionaire, without him lifting a finger.


You know who has the technology and resources to fix this? Amazon, that's who.;)

@6 Kudos for pointing out the unintended consequences of a seamless and easy online signature gathering alternative. Eyeman would be introducing 2 or 3 ballot initiatives each election cycle.


Q:How many Millions of dollars has Amazon given to fight Covid-19 compared to the City of Seattle?

A: Millions. The city has given ZERO.

The City has given ZERO to fight the virus, they are only saying you don't have pay anything until this all blows over and THEN YOU HAVE TO PAY IT BACK. Nothing is forgiven, the taxes still must be paid at the end of this pandemic.


I think it's a bad idea that Private business is put in the position of protecting the health of the Citizenry. But Government either does not want to or can not due to idiots in office, hence Private Business steps into the void.


Gosh, who was it who wanted to make government small and weak enough to drown in the bathtub?
I'm totally blanking on the party affiliation of the perpetrators, some of whom might still be in office, but I'm sure you didn't vote for them, now did you?


@4 Sugartits? The misogyny is high but the creativity is low. Only minor sympathies for you. Doesn’t even rate an “ouchy”


@1. And especially Amazon delivery drivers, first and foremost.


Leave it to notorious self-promoter Sawant to find a way to get her name in the headlines during this crisis.