This is excellent.

And being done elsewhere, too:

Many NYC restaurants, with fewer customers, have been giving food away or selling for discounts for an increasing number of locals without proper access

Chefs across the US are transforming their restaurants into relief centers for laid-off restaurant workers

Two other ways to contribute (taken from restaurants in Oregon that are doing this):
-- if restaurants are not in any way working to feed people and have gloves they can donate them to health care workers.
--if restaurants are not feeding anyone in any way and have food they need to get rid of (instead of throwing away) they can give it to food banks or other organizations working to feed people during the crisis.

And even more ideas seen reported on:
A distillery makes hand sanitizer
A restaurant sells toilet paper


They kind of owe it to the community. The place charges like $300 a plate and when it burned down they begged for handouts instead of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.


@2: Wow. That's the spirit!!


A great and noble idea, and many thanks to them, but am i the only one who wishes they were at least wearing hats, if not masks?


Thank YOU!!!!!!!!! This article is making me tear up a bit.

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