A Message to the City from Ben Gibbard



Could you put a sentence in about the actual request? There are a lot of people that will be scrolling past this story with the time to watch the video.

Request is to donate extra tents or sleeping bags you have to that address.


@2 -- Yes, I can do that.


@2 - Yeah, he did warn us that the dude would keep singing until people donated something.


Thank you, Ben Gibbard, and bless you for sharing your music during these stressful times of uncertainty. We're all in this together. Let's get through this together.


We love you Ben! Play "Your Bruise"!


Great song and message aboyt donating tents and sleeping bags to the Aurora Commons. Those of us with places to crash are the lucky ones. Imagine those who don't have smartphones or depended on the crowded streets and the generosity of strangers and service workers to make it another day. They are also our fellow Americans and maybe now we can all empathize a bit with each other across socioeconomic status, class, ethnicity, and race as we get a taste of the struggles they savor each day.