I'm surprised Trump did not send a cruise ship since he thinks using them as floating hospitals is a good idea.


Join the Navy and feel a man .... and another and another.


@2 - happening now, as you pout:


Keep in mind that while the medical staff on this ship is military mostly USNR, the actual crew, those ho run the ship are civilians, not civmars, but, merchant mariners ho are agreeing to take lower paying jobs to operate this ship.

So when you see that white ship with its big red crosses, thank the Union seafarers of the MEBA, SIU and MMP


Thank heavens----a Navy hospital ship in Washington State's dire time of need. May those who need medical aid the most receive the care they need.


@5 Merchant Seaman: Thank you for pointing that out. Thank you, members of the USNR, Union seafarers of the MEBA, SIU, and MMP.


That's the ship Trump promised to New York City a few days ago. So he's welching on Cuomo? As I local, I'm glad its coming but geeze, everything that comes out of the Presidents mouth is the purest bullshit.


@8: No It's not, the U.S. navy has two hospital ships, one on the west coast, homeported at San Diego Naval Station, and one on the East Coast homeported at Naval Station Norfolk VA.

Seattle is getting the West Coast ship while NYNY is getting the East Cost ship


"When they go low, we go high" is great justification for Democrats being doormats for Republicans. Hows that worked out for everyone?


I hope it ties up at Pier 66.


@1 Kokonut Kenny & @11 Doofus in Shoreline: Pull your ignorant heads out of your clueless MAGAasses, already, you hopeless Putin sock puppets. Provided you can actually read above a third grade level, I highly recommend that you review comments @5 & @8 by Merchant Seaman.


@11. Yes indeed, kowtow in the sand to his fordship.


@12 Nah, Pier 90 so Magnolians can enjoy the view.


55% off Americans agree


Yeah, Inslee has been a favorite politician for many years. I saw him years ago walking by himself, on the overpass to Coleman ferry doc, where I shook his hand.
He didn't ask for this crisis, but he is trying to help WA citizens.
Unlike you-know-who, and his pathetic henchmen, who only care about protecting his ego.



Arguably quite shittily. But who's to say being conniving, spiteful dicks would necessarily work any better. Us Dems (rightfully) pride ourselves on being the far far more virtuous and upstanding option within our (horribly flawed) systemic structure. Embracing morally bankrupt principles and tactics like those employed by the GOP would surely alienate a significant portion of our base, and could conceivably land us in the same pluralistic state we currently occupy, or worse. Not necessarily saying I disagree with such a strategy, but at least we can take some amount of pride in not being repugnant shitheads as the world burns.


@16 wrote "55% off Americans agree."

You guys are off alright, no argument from anyone here.


@16. How convincing! And how many off-kilter Americans did you interview in your most credible non-Slog news? I trust they utilized Wilcoxon vs Mann-Whitney to test the null hypothesis? No, wait; Kolmogorov–Smirnov! That settles it!


"-- A new survey by ABC News and Ipsos shows that 55% of Americans approve of the way President Donald Trump is handling the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Those numbers are the reverse of what they were a week ago, when 54% said they disapproved of Trump's handling of the virus and only 43% approved."

Our President is leading a grateful nation thru this crisis.
He is our FDR, our Moses.
Thank You Mr President.


Unlike our pathetic fuckup loser of a Governor.
What a joke, parading across the country running for President when his own state is totally unprepared and on the verge of collapsing into the mire.
Alternately blaming the Federal Govt for his own fuckups, then begging President Trump for help.

Inslee; the Losing Never Stops



This ABC News/Ipsos Poll was conducted March 11th to 12th, 2020 by Ipsos Public Affairs KnowledgePanel® – a division of Ipsos. This poll is based on a nationally representative probability sample of 502 general population adults age 18 or older.

Well, there you have it. A majority of 502 americans aged 18 or older in a handpicked corporate leading questionnaire within 5.1% points speak beyond a reasomable doubt for all the 330,000,000 Americans because people's opinions are so consistent and dependable and override all history and critical thinking in a moment.

FDR and Moses were known socialists, so I suppose you actually approve of socialism now?


@23. "The losing never stops." Is there no line of projection you won't cross? Shamefully handled.




King County Charter Section 840 Anti-discrimination was just amended to include “gender identity” but it is missing “veterans”
If you are a veteran and feel discriminated against King County Social Justice and Equity office won’t field your complaint.
King County law doesn’t allow military medics to transfer EMT certificates.
That disastrous COVID-19 hotel in Kent is now being run by military veteran volunteers with no treatment or insurance provided if they get sick, and must self quarantine for 14 days after volunteering after King County failed.
Seattle treats the military and veterans like dog shit. Then when you really need them who are the first ones you run to? King County doesn’t deserve military aid. You will get it. Just know if you had any moral or intellectual integrity you should decline the help.

And before you mount your high horse and try to lance me with bringing up “gender identity.” You should know that they held public meetings for comment on changes to be made to the King County charter and having read the charter I advocated for the inclusion of “Gender Identity”, ”Veteran Status”, and ”family care status.” I noticed when only one of the three got added. The fact I have to split that hair should tell you something about misconceptions military service brings.


@27. Gender identity is not mutually exclusive with military service benefits because EMTs are subject to municipal license restrictions.

If there is a problem with how our country fails to honor its housing and lack of tricare/usaa and VA treatments, it is a systemic federal failure and some obscure provision inconveniencing volunteers who happen to be veterans by happenstance does not confirm your self-serving illogical narrative missing the forest for the trees.


“ include “gender identity” but it is missing “veterans”. If you are a veteran and feel discriminated against King County Social Justice and Equity office won’t field your complaint. ”

Corporal Klinger is safe then.


I'm pretty sure veterans aren't a protected class anywhere in this great country, so maybe take it up with, i dunno, your Congress critter or that president guy (aka Typhoid Donnie)?


USNS Mercy should dock in any city but a sanctuary city. The mayor and council should be forced to make a choice about how important a hospital ship is; leadership is about tough decisions.



I know many undocumented people that are nurses and doctors. You may need their help before too long.

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