State Death Toll Reaches 95, Harvey Weinstein Has Coronavirus in Prison



Xina dear, I have two very dumb brothers-in-law, and both of them voted for trump. Both of them now despise him. That’s just anecdotal, of course, but I find it very interesting. They haven’t changed any of their generally retrograde policies, they just have turned on trump.


@121: More than anecdotal, that defines a subset. Those in 2016 who wanted to take a gamble on Trump and thought he would "pivot" to being a professional president. They're totally exhausted now, and want a change.


Fly, pelican! Fly! Come onnnnnn, pelican!


After getting intravenous doses of Vit C/ or just the chewable type, the next hint is to breathe thru your nose. Seems there is some oxide in there which acts as a first defender against microbes.


Back to the election. I hope the Bernie voters won’t throw their vote away, if he doesn’t get the Nomination. Yes he’s old, aren’t they all, Trump included, he’s the only one talking sense about issues which effect the most no of people. Look to his record of service and don’t expect perfection. He should get it, he should become President.
Middle America though want Biden, because he implies a return to normalcy. Bernie, like Trump, is a wildcard.
Whichever man gets in, chances are they will die in office with such stress. So it’s the VP who will need to be a good one.


I'm honestly bewildered that Trump is throwing away this opportunity to be a tee vee hero President. You'd think he'd pounce on it - bring in some writers from Hollywood to script his part. But instead, he goes all in on heck of a job, Brownie.


Maybe we should just start calling it the Boomer Flu and thinking of it as nature's way of forcing the Boomers to stop ruining literally everything about life on Earth and fucking off so we can finally start cleaning up their mess.

It basically only kills Boomers, so this might be a godsend. Think of the long game.


@130: I know. When you watch old clips of Trump on talk shows that comes across. Was he so sinister all along or did something put him over the edge?


I can't wait until the coronavirus moves into the old folks' facility called the West Wing.


Trump is taking his cue from Woodrow Wilson:

How the Horrific 1918 Flu Spread Across America


@131: In other words, you have a death wish.


Funny boy @131. Don’t be so sure. Younger people have died from it as well. How do you stay so nasty and intellectually one dimensional for so many years? Cultivate it I guess.


140 Jar Jar Binks was the Phantom Menace btw


@RonK 107: I just checked to see if you were that 404 troll.


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China is not the model for universal healthcare. They buy up our baby formula in Australia, that’s how much health concerns China’s dictatorship.
Look to other western democracies. They have universal health care and Capitalism still drives their engines.


@73. I finally quit smoking too (for the better, I hope). After two weeks, I don't even know where I live now! Somebody tell me, who am I?


Also, how the fuck are we going to be able to vote in the general if the COVID persists until then? How do you vote in quarantine? Low SES people will be even more disenfranchised, and we cant have people not being able to vote from fear of crowds. Shit, we dont have the infrastructure to deal with this yet, and I dont see the Trump admin doing anything to enhancd voter safety whatsoever. Shit, we need to deal with this issue ASAP


Calm down and man up ladies. No one likes to see the men running around on deck screaming like school girls.


@151. You first, 'sugartits.' I am just saying there is an urgency to secure our elections, because self-isolation doesn't quite jive with standing in public libraries and school gyms and shit to wipe your grubby fingers all over voting booths where lots of elderly people congregate. And if online voting and mail in voting is somehow less secure, and given that we have unchecked foreign intervention in our elections, securing the mere ability to vote safely is priority number one if you ask me. Otherwise, all the fervent anti-Trumpers will be unable to show up. And that is due cause for concern.


Garb dear, all of Washington and (I believe) Oregon are vote by mail. Assuming the postal service is and government are still functioning, we should be fine locally.


@154. Okay. I mean, I have voted here before, but Texas and many states are still on the ol DRE scroll and punch voting machines and require voter ID. I am not sure to what extent they have mail-in ballots.

Anyway, thanks Mrs. Vel-DuRay. I will remain calm as best I can.


@149 -- Well, you are NOT (anymore!) the Marlboro Man.

Probably not Joe Camel, either.


Re: Mail In Voting in WA:

Washington also has Accessible Voting Units --- pollling places set up for those who need to vote in actual person.

Accessible voting units (AVUs) are available starting 18 days before Election Day, until 8 p.m. on Election Day.

For specific dates that AVU voting is available at your county elections department, see voter dates and deadlines.

Every county must have at least one AVU at each voting center.

AVUs must be wheelchair-accessible and screened from other voters to maintain privacy.

An AVU presents your ballot on a monitor. You select choices by touching the screen, using a select wheel, or by using a tool. You can use headphones to listen to the text and prompts on your ballot.

Most machines can also be fitted with sip-and- puff tools.


@155. Hah, I just smoke grass. But yeah, I guess there is some tobacco in some of the blunts I have smoked that arent doing my nicotinic receptors any favors. Cheers to not having emphysema!


The Russell 2000 is now in Bear Market.

The Dow and S&P will be soon.

Sell all fossil fuel investments, all gold, all bitcoin.

Oh, and wash your hands with soap and water. DO NOT use anti-bacterial soap, it literally creates superbugs that we then can't treat.

Make sure you actually filled in the party you voted for in the absentee ballot or they WILL NOT count it. Even if it was a write in. And you do have to sign the mail-in ballot.

Here endeth the lesson.

When are you going to start a new thread?


@158 "There are far more dangerous things to worry about than Corona."

Like terrorism. We spent almost $4 Trillion dollars invaded two nations and spent over a decade fighting a war over 3,000 American deaths on 9/11. To this day we spend orders magnitude more on "preventing" terrorism and military defense than preventing just about any other natural disaster or health crisis.

You keep coming in here spreading all sorts of complacent nonsense. From your nonsense about how "we can't calculate fatality rates because we don't know infection rates because we can't test for every infected person." When the exact same thing is true for the Flu. We don't test at ALL for the flu. We use exactly the same models for both the flu and this new virus. The fact is this new virus IS more deadly than the flu and the only way to prevent it from getting more deadly over time is pre-emptive action.

So. Tell me what is your lifetime probability of being killed by a foreign combatant or terrorist? Almost nothing.

Now, tell me what is your lifetime probability of dying from a communicable disease? Pretty fucking high by comparison.

It absolutely worth spending time, money, effort on a public health crisis BEFORE it becomes critical. If nothing else but to learn how to deal with one that does have a 15% + fatality rate.

Complacency is just another form of a panic reflex.


Complacency IS Complicity.


Terrorism eh? Good thing we put the Taliban back in charge after our soldiers defended our contractors long enough for them to get fat off the poppy hog and rare earth elements for decades, all for the Sacklers to ride the opium wave of black blood flooding our streets with prescription pain pills made lost soul junkie campers. Gotta love that war on terror, I mean drugs, I mean Americans by multinational thugs devoid of any sense of national pride or identity.


I'm starting to entertain the idea that The Lord may have brought this plague upon us to rid us of Trump. The way it is looking we might not even have to wait for the election. If the stock market continues free-falling he might have an aneurysm.


@165. The regular flu strains have killed more people because it is already rampant in the community and has a far larger sample size, but in proportion to total cases and deaths per capita, N-COVID is still deadlier, until we get vaccines out and ye olde herd immunity.


But but but... Italy has universal healthcare!?!


Right on@167!

And also I'd like to add lots of other stuff I'm pulling out of the cushions of my Monday morning quarter chair even though I never took a snap. Or a graduate seminar in epidemiology.

I mean who ya gonna listen too, all the super hard working crazy smart people who have dedicated their lives to this stuff, or an antisocial paranoid asshole spouting anonymously on the internet?


@168. In Italy, a homeless man can get a bone marrow transplant for free, as can everyone else.

However, Italian hospitals didnt have enough ICUs and cooperation from their citizenry to contain the virus at the onset.


Im listening to my girlfriend and my sister, both doctors, one in Milan in the hospital that had the first COVID pts, and the other a gerontologist. I'd say my vantage point is quite credible.


Ah, 169's just Projectin', Garbby.
Slash/burn if ya know what I Mean.
If only they had Something anything to add...


@171 your grasp of credible science is quite good. Your grasp of numbers in relation to user names? Not so much.


“ But one thing you get wrong. The normal flu is way more deadlier than the Coronavirus.”

No, it’s not. Why do you keep saying this? No credible epidemiological authority agrees with you.

The mortality rate in Wuhan was 5.8%! That’s higher than the last strain of flu. But this is misleading because there was a spike in pneumonia cases over one month before they officially tested or recognized a new virus.

And which flu? The Swine Flu? The Spanish Flu. The thousand other strains that were deadly as hell when they first entered human population? You don’t even know what you mean when you say “flu.”

You are at least 20 times more likely to require hospitalization from SARS-coVID2/COVID19 than the last strain of flu. This is a fact. It often causes viral pneumonia, which is very rare in most common flu strains. Even with the elderly.

20% of the people tested in China required some sort of breathing support. Require ICU treatment. This is not true of most flu strains.

It simply cannot be less “fatal” if you need ICU treatment. It’s only less fatal if they know what it is. And there are a whole host of people who got, died, and were never tested or diagnosed. That will continue.

And you understand that viral pneumonia is no joke. Being classified as “recovered” doesn’t mean your life is daisies. There is very often permanent lung damage.

Quit making up bullshit.



From Johns Hopkins CoVID-19 information page:

“ ... Doctors and scientists are working on estimating the mortality rate of COVID-19, but at present, it is thought to be higher than that of most strains of the flu.”


167, if you’re going to say stupid shit that conflicts with every piece of credible reporting on the covid outbreak you should at least cite your sources, so we can laugh at those, too


@167 is proof that Darwin was right.


If we're ever going to solve this problem we need those tax cuts stat! Maybe start with a deduction for Au pairs and household staff.


" In Italy, a homeless man can get a bone marrow transplant for free, as can everyone else."

If they survive the horrendous waitlists and corruption that are rife in Italy's system.


179, Right?? Who wants to wait for a free bone marrow transplant when they could never get one, right away? Think about it! I haven’t.


@ Which’s is why cancer survival rates are higher in the USA than Italy.


@181. The point is that healthcare, up to and including extremely expensive procedures, is affordable in Italy. Italy is a fraction of the size of the USA, as is its economy, but at least its citizens aren't crushed with a lifetime of debt and can get treatment for their basic needs without going broke.


Ziggy! Al! What am I doing wrong? Why haven't I made the leap yet?


On the upside, traffic has been great.


@180: Indeed, why pay for a life-saving bone marrow transplant when you might get one for free if you're willing to wait long enough!


@185 Wait times are more a function of available donors than healthcare infrastructure. That being said, and especially in the South, who you know plays a big factor in the quality of your care, mostly due to the mafia and, yes, corruption.


“survival rates are higher in the USA than Italy”

Well. This is totally meaningless unless you know what the rate cancer rate is in each country.

The US has a MUCH higher cancer rate (352.2 per 100k) than Italy (290.6 per 100k) in the first place. The US ranks fifth highest in cancer rates (Australia is first).

So. Why is that?

Well. Smoking, probably.

And other nations have better preventive socialized healthcare. Free colon cancer screenings for one do a fantastic job of preventing cancer from occurring at all because they can remove pre-cancerous polyps. Free smoking cessation for another.

And seeing how Italy is a relatively poor nation it’s not surprising what their rate of survival is. But they get less cancer than Americans.

And it also matters what cancer your talking about because Canada has a higher survival rate for leukemia/childhood leukemia directly because parents can afford the years of treatment.


@188. Careful, you might confuse the folks who think in binaries and double down on irrelevant data and hearsay with your astute fact checking.




Free Access to Coronavirus Coverage

The New York Times is providing free access to our most important updates and most useful guidance on the global coronavirus crisis.


All five major markets are now in Bear territory - Dow, S&P, NASDAQ, EU, etc

Time to stick a fork in Trump, he's not getting reselected.


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This website is a fantastic resource, very reassuring to understand the statistics as they relate to epidemiology. Read the symptom stats - so nice to know what happens and when. Spoiler alert: you get it for 5-7 before the pneumonia sets in if it is going to, and it probably won't.


Pro tip—Total Wine still has EverClear 190 in stock. Sanitizer, drink, and nail art solvent all in one


You know what would stop this?

Free shit!


"All Schools Closed Until April 24" Really?

• "Governor Jay Inslee has closed all schools, both public and private, in King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties, through April 24."

Hmmm. Are there Other Counties in WA.
I seem to remember there being like 39, or so.

I won't have my money spent
on shoddy Headlines
will I?

@194 -- Everclear's a fine stove fuel, too.


@195 as of this afternoon the fed's gonna print 1.5 trillion to prop up the banking system, so the presses will certain be lubed up and ready to fuck


6 weeks of spring break, you heard it correctly. I'd recommend state and federal parks, beach trips, ski trips, keep 1.5 metres distance (5 feet for you guys).

Asian and Indian markets also went Bear, so until Trump and Pence resign, and there's a vaccine (2021 at the earliest), and tests are done (UW cranking out 5,000 a day by next week, lots of work for MDs and grad students in BioChem), get used to Trump Failure.

Or you could shut down fossil fuel projects statewide like Greta says. She's right about that, you know. You can now buy electric trucks, cars, and SUVs in this state, so get in gear (ok, turn the ignition or press the button or say "Siri, run my car to the ski hill" or whatever).


Canadian scientists have vaccine candidate. NOTE: this will still take 12-18 months from this point before it's deliverable, but possibly could fold it into a late October/November version with a moderate formulation. Major concern is side effects and how effective it is. Rushing it decreases effectiveness and increases side effects. Might find only old people can get the first version (and family of infected people, to stop the spread).

Now, go have some back bacon and maple syrup and thank Canada for having a functioning health care system that is single payer and cares about people not profits. Eat out at a local restaurant.


Ok, folks. I’m fucking bored of this quarantine.


How ironic that the thing that killed capitalism was Trump and the thing that saved it is Canada.


You would think Trump would wait until the stock markets close before holding a press conference. Every time he opens his mouth on the subject, the markets tank by 6-7 percent. And for this one, he has to think on his feet instead of reading a Steven Miller screed off the teleprompter.


The "national death toll" is at a massive 41! Laughable, right? Until it happens to you or one of your family and then it's not so hilarious, is it. Better safe than sorry! Donate to the Stranger and tip everyone you come into contact - OVERTIP! Those hourly workers and contract workers and those without paid sick time are the ones who worry me. Be safe!


131, no offense but fuck you.


Because there is no widespread testing capacity, we have no idea how many people are already infected. Until we know who is and who is not yet infected, we do not know who to treat to prevent the further spread. Instead, we are encouraging voluntary self-quarantine, which isn’t going to work; people get bored after a few days alone in a room, and are going to break their quarantine. People need wages to pay rent and bills, people need to go out and buy food. Whatever expectations you have of people choosing to hide in their homes until the outbreak is over to contain the illness are fantasy. This is especially so, as people who are asymptomatic spread the virus more efficiently than those who have symptoms.

An uncoordinated response is the same thing as accepting defeat. Hope is not a strategy.


All higher education statewide is now remote instruction until April 24.

Good thing I coded all our systems to allow remote data entry.


"The New Yorker has made its
coronavirus news coverage and
analysis free for all readers." --the New Yorker


"The New Yorker has made its coronavirus news coverage and analysis free for all readers." --@theNew Yorker


@207 -- wtf . calling for killing the president sets bad precedent prolly why it's illegal


@131: You first, Boris S. Theodork. Feel free to croak at any time. That would eliminate a big trolling mess.
@204 randommonkey: Agreed and seconded.


@207: I'd prefer that Trumpty Dumpty, Dencey Pencey, and the entire Evil Empire become fatally inflicted with coronavirus in mid putt, at Mar-a-Lago. Then suddenly, giant mutant alligators en masse rise out of the muck that was once Florida, chow down, and Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren take over as President and VEEP of the United States and we wipe out MAGAvirus, too.


Killing anyone is a terrible idea. I’m okay with deporting Trump, as more of a tit for tat, but outright murder, no, can’t do it.

There’s always a line. And I draw that line at murder.

As for giant alligators, have you ever noticed that Pam Roach kinda is a giant mutant alligator? I mean, wow. That lady could sure use some cold cream. There’s no reason to let your skin go like that. Moisturizer’s cheap.


@212: I wish I could live in a Hanna-Barbera cartoon like you do.


Boy, if ever I needed proof of how bad things have gotten in Seattle, 212+ comments on a single thread is sure it. Lots of really bored people stuck at home.

Take care, everyone!


Durkan's cracking; a bit of humanity seeped in.


Thanks, China.


@Sausy -- thanks!
I stand corrected.
(you seem calm.
should I be

"Calling for people to be executed for their crimes is protected speech."

Need they be Convicted first?


@218 sure, but oughtn't calling for lynching style murders get one 86'ed from this message board? It seems like if you did that from a right wing and or white supremacist perspective you'd rightly be immediately banned. But if you do it from a Marxist perspective? That seems to be acceptable. It shouldn't be. All this murder talk is loony bin crazy talk.

I mean people all over the place in these threads are expressing that specific people and groups of people should be extrajudicially murdered. I made too many cracks about another users self-professed aversion to butt sex, and got banned to pixel ghost purgatory for that. I should have just gone with hoping people were dragged from their apartments and beheaded I'd still be a real person. By which I mean an anonymous voice behind a stable fake name, so you know, not even remotely a real person at all.

Anyway I shall study the acceptable format for wishing people murdered and maybe make that my brand for a while.


I'm sitting on a shit ton of cash, have platinum healthcare and can't wait for this market to bottom so I can hoover up my golden retirement future. Meanwhile, how's everybody doing? Feeling healthy?


@222: Are you referring to mental health? Get well.


JT Cornball had such a huge twat
Compared to it
Seattle’s a minuscule dot.


He once caught the Clap at a race
They say you could see it from Space


I concur, Rocky.

Murder's okay, long as they hate the target?
As many Whackos as there are, why test Fate?

The shoe will be on the other foot soon anough.


He claims he's much Richer
(I doubt that's the Picture)
as a human he's a bit of a waste.


Go Italy. Music, where would any of us be without it.
Long as they shut down during siesta times.


@213 Wandering Star: Could you please tell that to Donald Trump / Mike Pence, Brett Kavanugh, Mitch McConnell, Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas, and the entire GOP every tie a doctor risks his or her life trying to save a RAPED AND FORCIBLY IMPREGNATED WOMAN'S LIFE???
And these white male misogynists are hellbent on outlawing abortions. Yes. my feelings stand. The only way this global pandemic has any chance of slowing or ending is by all the evil forces--Trump / Pence in particular---get coronavirus themselves or start losing family and loved ones of their own. Many other commenters have made similar posts and I agree.
@214: ...said the resident troll, binge watching Speed Racer. I'd watch the carbs right now if I were you, sugarlips.
@216 Corydon: I'm not bored. I'm telling the truth. How are you doing?


Isn’t Cornball the name of that guy Biden got into a fight with at a pool?


@208, @209, and @210 kristofarian (re my comment @212): Donald Jackass Trump, Mike Pence, ad nauseum all deserve to go down in Trumpty Dumpty's Mar-a-Lago swampland for all the global damage he's done and fully, proudly, and stupidly denied. I'm pretty sure you and I and many other commenters can agree on that.
@228 LavaGirl: Yes--music--where would we be without it? May music, the blessed universal language, never die. I played my piccolo, C and alto flutes and piano tonight, and will be back at it again tomorrow. Music, cats, my sweet little VW and the good people in my life are what keep me together. Movies--classics--mostly comedies--make for healthy distraction, if only momentarily.

Please everyone stay healthy, warm and safe.


WHY couldn't that toxic Pigfucker-in-Chief test positive for coronavirus?!
When is this !@#$%^ EVIL going to STOP??


Right. The real problem here is Bernie Sanders, AOC and their unconstitutional soft coup. They are treasonous traitor and they and every one of their political followers should be dragged by the hair out there homes work and schools and be executed in the street. Firing squad is too good for them; cut all their necks with piano wire and leave the where they lay as.a warning to all the assholes on the fence or who sat by letting our country be taken.


See? @234 is perfectly compliant with the Stranger's defacto policy around murder speech
and death wishing: if it's political and tied to law and policy in some way it fine and doesn't get deleted or banned.

Perfectly reasonable, and might I say fun? And good for America on the level of discourse.

You death-wishers from the Facebook fake news wing of the far left can go ahead and use that one as a template if you fancy! Fun!


Have a good day everybody. Personal stability is the ultimate rebellion in chaotic times.


@222: But please start buying stock bargains now!


@31 "Music, cats, my sweet little VW and the good people in my life are what keep me together."

Sandwiched by unhinged death wishing upon white male Republicans, specifically and in general.

If this is together I'd hate to see apart.



Hedge funds.


@239: Absolutely, Gordon Gekko.