State Death Toll Reaches 95, Harvey Weinstein Has Coronavirus in Prison



@216 I'm a very bored person stuck at work. No one is out shopping, but we're still here waiting!


Who, exactly, is going to enforce any curfew put in place? How is that realistic? People will not do the right thing, they are panic hoarding toilet paper FFS.


@232 I don't believe for a second anything we're being told is the truth when it comes to the pig fucker in the White House. That being said, I do believe even COVID-19 is incapable of contaminating him. He's that much of a disease. Sadly, he's clearly a vector given all of the people who were with him at Mar-A-Lago who have tested positive.


I'm optimistic we'll "flatten the curve" and have a V shaped recovery by fall.


People go outside in warmer weather. That decreases the rate of transmission for respiratory illnesses during warmer months, as the infected droplets disperse over larger volumes of air, decreasing their concentration per breath taken in.

During colder months, people are indoors. Every sneeze and cough increases the number of infected droplets in a given volume of air, and therefore, the concentration per intaken breath.

Thus, we will see a drop as warmer weather comes, and an increase once the colder weather comes back.

Seattle typically sees a cold snap near St Patrick's day followed by increasingly warm weather, until the fall. Expect a brief rise in cases in the coming days, and then a decline shortly thereafter. Come the fall, if you are in a vulnerable demographic, move South.


@118, social distancing will not be difficult for Seattle. Everywhere else, perhaps.


@235 if would solve all of America's problems if every single person who has ever used the word snowflake as an insult was rounded up and had a cattle bolt gun pressed to the temple. That would clip off all the destructive freedom fucking pig fuckers on one end, and most of them on the other. Goddamn I wish that would happen.


Everybody calling for people who they disagree with to die, shut the front door and watch this video:


@234, @235, & @238: Is your onset of flaccidity and receding hairlines bothering you sad, little trolling incels that much? Take some deep breaths. And wash your hands.
@242 & @243 xina: SO true.


250, 251,

Can Dr Zulu cure Swiftress?


Guys, cmon. Is this gonna be how you are going to talk to each other as we all wait for whatever it is we wait for?
Instead of ragging each other, share some facts. Always up for learning new things. Takes my mind off the disaster, be it fires, floods or viruses. Managed all three down under this year already and it’s not even the end of March.


Not virus facts only though. Yes we know. It’s a dirty fat virus which can kill.


I do not desire for anyone with whom I disagree to experience death, and the hands of this virus or by other means.

Auntie Grizelda is a fan of Shakespeare; I am not- I prefer Dostoyevsky.

At the end of a Shakespeare play, everyone dies. At the end of a Dostoyevsky novel, nobody dies, and yet everyone is miserable.


@254 & @255 LavaGirl: Ragging? No--I'm staying indoors where it's warm (low temps are in the 20s!), and trying to remain as healthy, enlightened, and calm as humanly possible. May good common sense prevail from all this. May music never die.
@256 Wandering Star: Shakespeare? You're way off. You're into prolonged misery? Not me. I want the pain and suffering to end--and those accountable to get their just deserts. Actually I am a fan of Stephen King, Stanley Kramer, Blake Edwards, and John Hughes for starters.
You must think like Gene Wilder's iconic candyman, Willy Wonka, in the title role from the 1971 David Wolper children's film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:
"The suspense is terrible---I hope it will last."
And you can't read Dostoyevsky in the can!


Stanley Kramer’s On the Beach captures the Seattle mood. It’s the end of the world.

As for Stephen King, I adore his politics but not his novels. They all seem like the same book, albeit with different characters and place names. At the same time, the author himself is an excellent person, truly worthy of admiration.

Neither Kramer nor Hughes wrote, to my understanding, they were directors, not authors. I’m not a fan of the latter’s work. Something about seeing a passed out girl getting raped portrayed as some kind of victory for the rapist just doesn’t sit well with me.

Now, if he’d have shown Prince Andrew getting raped, that would have been much better. Shut up, your highness, and bring me a turkey pot pie.


@258 Wandering Star: Oooooooookay. You've got me at John Bender. Bang. Regarding director John Hughes, I'm really thinking more of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Sixteen Candles, and Uncle Buck.
I disagree on Stephen King's writing. To me, he has an expert way of storytelling that keeps me hooked. Somehow, on one page, i may be left feeling nauseous--then on the very next page suddenly laughing hysterically at King's bone dry, sarcastic wit.
I love movies, and there quite a few well made ones based on King's novels. The Shawshenk Redemption (1994) is one, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.


“Of all the arts, the most important is cinema” - Lenin.

I share your love of the silver screen, although for myself it is not so much the medium, or the genre, so much as it is the teller of the tale. Some of the most impressive works I have seen have been cinema verite, such as the works of Dziga Vertov or Claude Lelouch. Raw feed is also entertaining. Euronews has a segment called No Comment, where a cameraman just points at a scene and broadcasts live whatever gets in front of his lens, unedited, uncut, uninterpreted, unfiltered, live. I saw segments from the siege of Sarajevo that drained all the blood from my extremities as I watched, an experience Mr King has never replicated. Perhaps that’s because his demons were imaginary, and the ones I saw on that screen, all too real.

King the man himself would make a skilled pundit. His hot takes on politicians of the day have always impressed me. As an author, I guess, I find him at the same level of John of Patmos, crude revenge fantasies that failed to impress me much after I exited my adolescence, even if both men have huge fan bases.

If I wanted a revenge fantasy, I would turn to Dumas. One does not need to imagine supernatural forces when human beings are so much more terrifying than any angel or devil could be.



@261: Ooooo---don't get me started on revenge fantasy! My two all time Stephen King-based revenge film FAVES are Carrie (Brian DePalma, 1976) and Christine (John Carpenter, 1983).


Revenge fantasies are rarely good viewing. They strike me as juvenile, impotent rage, the sort of thing one expects from a teenage boy who has been grounded, hormonal angst ridden dreams as embarrassing as junior year death poetry.

“Someday, I’ll get you” is really just a crock of shit.


The most effective game theory strategy is always tit for tat. A revenge fantasy is like a stutter made during such a strategy, one where, after being slighted, one gets stuck on one’s tits or one’s tats, unable to move on.

Our President is an example of this. He is obsessed with revenge, he wastes vast stretches of his life seeking it, planning it, getting in, dreaming of it. I don’t think he can make love anymore, he can only cum thinking about getting even.

I, unlike he, do not masturbate with my fist so tightly clenched on my dick that it bleeds before it comes. I prefer a feather touch, gentility, to make love, not to hate fuck. I prefer to stroke gently both the strings of my instrument, and the thighs of my boyfriend.

To quote the great prophet Chuck D., Make love, fuck war, peace will save us.


@263 Wandering Star: Carrie and Christine were just that: "I'll get you" teenage revenge fantasies about bullied teens getting even with their tormentors. Were you never bullied in public school? Lucky you. I wonder if Stephen King ever was.


Oh, I was bullied relentlessly. The difference between us is, I grew up.



@264: I'm really not interested in your sex life, Wanderer.
@266: I grew up, too, WS. I know the difference between a movie and real life.
At least I don't try reading Dostoyevsky in the can.


"auntie grizelda" can talk all the shit she wants, but it's obvious that she'd the auntie grizelda this article, written by a relative (both remain completely anonymous, no outing here!), is referring to.

Her relative shows her to be a perfect icon of the Facebook dupe, getting tricked over and over by devisive Russian fake news, working up into a murderous rage, unreachable by reason in her black-and-white go-team-kill-team lather. It would be funny if it wasn't the same propaganda-sucker dynamic that time and again has led to mass political murder.

So yes, I try to make her look silly, minimizes her to the clown she is so that her poison doesn't get any traction or validity. She's a pathetic goof, but more than anyone here howls about murder and death to her enemies. But notice now her newish measured tone? If she sticks to that, and stops the murder talk, then it was worth being banished to pixel ghost land.

Read the article (again, no one outed, just references screen name)! It tells the perfect story of a stubborn and slightly dim person, deeply needy for approval and a sense of affiliation, who just marches right into the the Russian's hands.


Kaiser Permanente will start clinical trials for a COVID-19 vaccine candidate. This will still take 12-18 months from this point.

If you are already part of KPG, and a risk candidate or a control, you could probably participate. However, know that early versions have high failure rates and high side effects. This is how we tune vaccines (lay speak).

In general, however, you should wait until much later. And wash your hands with soap and water.


@kristofarian (lol)
Why do you Write
in Such a fucking Unreadable Style
are you Stupid? unemployed and Unemployable?!

your comments are the
ones that Read like Nonsense
at the Pleasure of the very very Few.

Time to change the Way you Comment, Kristofarian.


not quite as EZ
as it Looks,
eh, windy?


Ignore desperate attention trolls.


@276 Ever been to an arts and crafts fair and been cornered by some aging hippie spouting off gibberish while you look at his shitty collection of Nepalese doodads for sale?

Welcome to kristofarian's stall.


I find his Puerile Projectionisms
quite Amusing! Plus (+) it
Always Pwns
it's elf.

so there's that


Oddly enuff
it always



I don't like Trump, but I also don't like misleading bullshit that was also the same fucking bullshit nonsense they lobbed at Obama.
"Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves," Trump told the governors during a phone call, The New York Times reported. "We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Points of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself." - Trump
That is not saying FUCK YOU STATES GET YOUR OWN VENTILATORS, it is saying lets do all that we can and do what you can yourself. For fuck sakes I am embarrassed to be a liberal these days with politicizing a fucking virus


Thanks, Stranger. These Updates are as concise and complete as anything I've seen.



Needs its algorithms tweaked; it can't tell the difference between politicizing a virus and criticizing the political response of politicians.


All signs point to Trump having rejected the WHO test kits because LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics et al private corporations had to make a profit off their own kits. Fascism kills.


By my back of the envelope calculations, that $1.5Trill equals about $4500.00 per American, which sounds like a nice amount to tide ppl over for a month or so


Guess slog PM must be on hiatus. Bummer. Hope shit's back to normal soon. Hugs.


@272: Don't you have some remedial 7th grade Math homework to catch up on?
Make a doctor's appointment soon, too, while you're at it. MAGAvirus is known to rapidly kill vital brain cells. Your latest garbled word salad demonstrates that you desperately need what little you've got left.
@287 joemama: I'm really sorry. Times are very uncertain and stressful for so many of us.

Everyone stay healthy, warm, and safe. May common sense prevail.


Oh gawd, these designer face masks people are wearing now, some ads here on Slog, are absolutely cringing.


I braved going outside and grocery shopping today. It was so beautiful.
EVeryone stay healthy, warm, and safe. And wash your hands.


@290 your MAGA comment directed at me could not better illustrate the point of the article about you!

I'm probably farther left than you are politically, and certainly not a racist like you (as the article reveals). You're a dimwitted dupe who the Russians own, and your cries for blood based on misinformation are the root of evil in our time.


"He [hair Furor] then called Boeing 'the greatest company in the world... '"

Yep. Boeing took trumpfy's TRILLION POINT FIVE Tax Cut /Handout
and spent their fair share on STOCK BUYBACKS, VASTLY
Enriching their Managers' Stocks /Options.

You mean, they didn't spend it on Improving Boeing?
'Improving Boeing'? How Quaint. Gawd, No.
They gotta Get It Whilst They CAN.

And now?
It;s all GONE.

Not to Worry, Citizenry!
Fake "prez' gonna give them yet
another MASSIVE Fucking HANDOUT.

Whilst We the people are all gonna get a Check for

Don't spend it ALL in One Place.


@299 kristofarian: I remember George Dubya's supposed "Big Tax Rebate" for the masses upon his inauguration in 2001. G.W.'s quote to the 99%:
"Go to Disneyworld!"
Yeah, right. As if a mere three hundred bucks would cover travel expense round trip from SeaTac to and from Orland, Florida and home again!


@299 kristofarian: Agreed and seconded. MAGAs are truly suckers. I am reminded of George Dubya's "Big Tax Rebate" for millions of U.S. citizens upon his inauguration in 2001, after he stole the election from Al Gore. Florida's highly defective "hanging chad" voting system and the electoral college fully screwed up the 2000 general election. G.W. Bush's big quote to the "unwashed masses":
"Go to Disneyworld."

Yeah, right, Dubya. As if a mere $300.00 is truly going to cover the traveling expenses of a cross-country flight to and from Orlando, Florida from SeaTac. Imagine how the world would have been if 2001 had been Al Gore's rightful inauguration, winning by the majority of the popular vote.


News You Can Use: It's not a real panic till there's a run on the banks.


"People are going to keep needing food.
It’s such a weird feeling when you come to work.
It’s like walking into a minefield."

We were elbow to elbow at Freddy Meyer's today.
Only heard one sneeze, off in the distance.

Perhaps my timing could have been Better.
And they were out of it anyway.

Oh, and the Library, scheduled to close (for weeks) at 5pm sharp today was aleady closed at three as well. (I don't blame them; sometimes sick people who have nowhere else to go go to Libraries. I don't blame them either.) I was gonna stock up, pandemically...

But, the Co-op did have
the spice I was looking
for so Score.


This will get a lot worse. More than you all realize.

Keep social distancing, hold stream parties with friends, wash your hands with soap and water.

It's not for you, it's for your mom and dad and aunts and uncles and grandparents and your friends relatives and those of your friends with hypertension, cardiac risk, pregnancy, diabetes - those are the people you do it for.

We KNOW that it's been spreading for months. The lack of testing and no antibody tests so we can say you were already exposed and are now immune is the problem.


for real, the folks at the grocery stores are amazing right now. they are facing the same fears and crisis as everyone but are amazingly pleasant, helpful and patient. all jobs are important.


All you mother fuckers jogging and openly defying social distancing in San Francisco, I personally hope you spontaneously combust and your tainted genetics leaves the gene pool forever. You are going to overwhelm my family and the hospital system with too many patients to bed and make them unable to care for themselves from overwork. I am aghast at the infinitely selfish and stupid cuntfucks that blink and smile at the camera as they veer ever closer to heavily breathing oblivious fuckwits trying to prove something to fate. You are fucking pond scum, the nadir of humanity.


I think published anti-vaxxers should be prohibited from getting any vaccine that may become available. It's only fair, wouldn't you say?


These are indeed, seriously perilous times. Everyone stay healthy, warm, safe, and wash your hands consistently.
@302 spunkbutter: Please, spunky---I don't need anything more to worry about. Besides, I just got notice from my bank that their lobbies are closed, but drive through, phone, and online banking services are still available. I'm so glad I have direct deposit.
@307 spunkbutter: Anti-vaxxers would just scoff at getting a CONVID-19 vaccine, anyway, even if there was a possibility of saving lives. But for public health's sake they should certainly remain home and / or quarantined.
I'm glad I had my two recent shingles vaccinations are taken care of, and that I got a flu shot last fall.
How are people living in the San Juan Islands getting around if they work on the mainland (and vice versa)? It looks like no long distance road trips for my VW and me anytime soon.


@302: Given that there is the FDIC, I'll put that in the list of things not to worry about right now.


@306 oh calm the fuck.down panic boy. It's okay to go outside and exercise according to the Bay Area lock down order. Just keep some distance. Your probably 1000 times more likely to get the bug picking up take food out than running past another runner on the sidewalk.

The effect of people going outside is bupkis on the spread of the disease, positive to mental health. Stop demonizing people totally unnecessarily.


I apologize for losing my cool, but not for the earnestness and sobriety of the underlying message.

We are united as a world in this global pandemic. We must not let paranoia and panic override our solidarity. It will take global cooperation to see this through.


Hey, here is an idea. Why not supplement the WHO test kits with our corporate ones? Why would we not make use of any and all kits that work? They are not mutually exclusive.


So this is the apocalypse. I’m trapped in my own home on the Eastside. Suburban strip mall hell, indeed.


"To stop the spread of the coronavirus, state and local governments have shut down as much of communal life as possible. People are also social distancing, staying out of public spaces to slow transmission of the disease.

But this has destroyed demand for goods and services, putting the United States on the path to a recession that could easily become an outright depression.

Washington is, finally, working toward a response. But even the most ambitious proposals are nowhere near powerful enough to actually stop the coronavirus from destroying the economy.

To do that, policymakers have to go beyond stimulus or bailouts for select industries. They have to take responsibility for economic life on a scale not seen since the New Deal."

"In forcing people to stay away from each other, the outbreak has made our mutual interdependence clear. This, in turn, has made it a powerful, real-life argument for the broadest forms of social insurance.

And for the party that pioneered American social insurance, the party of F.D.R. and L.B.J., it’s an opportunity to once again embrace direct state action as a powerful tool for preserving and promoting prosperity.

If the era of small government is over, and it is, then it’s well past time for Democrats to seize a moment that belongs to them."

Here's the top Reader's Pick coment:

"Maybe it's time for the Banks and the 1% we bailed out a decade ago to bail out the 99% this time around.

We should rethink the nature of the economy. Let's not bail out the airlines, let's nationalize the airlines, if they need a bailout then we own them, we take back all those stock buybacks we subsidized.

Let's think about everything that should be public; municipal wi-fi, etc. Any other ideas?

All of a sudden the Republicans and the 1% want socialism when times are bad, let's keep it when good times return."

--PNBlanco, Montclair, NJ 5h ago


@311: That was loosing your cool? Compared to the explosive temper tantrums around here that was as loud as a cat jumping from an ottoman onto a shag carpet.




Markets are now below where they were when Trump took office. Wasn't that about the only thing this guy might have been good for?

I can guarantee you that if we'd advanced to a third term of Obama's economic policies, slow and steady real gains, not Trump's ridiculous corporate borrowing bubble, everybody's 401k would be looking a hell of a lot better right now.

It's no wonder people are freaking out - deep down even his supporters know the guy is a total incompetent when s*** gets real ....


Is there a 4th page with comments? Seems like it, but the links not working for me....


The USN is indeed calling up reserves to crew its two hospital ships, the medical staff ill be military while the operating crew will be merchant mariners employed by whichever company has that contract, now, seafarers will come from the MEBA, SIU and MMP


The latest news from DOD is that the USN is calling up reserves to crew its two hospital ships, one is home ported in Norfolk VA. and one in San Diego CA.

The medical staff ill be military and the operating crew ill be merchant mariners hired by whichever company has that contract now, and called from the MEBA, SIU, and MMP halls


@314 Your 16-year-old daughter is a slag.


Seattle expert estimates 20,000 novel coronavirus infections in the U.S. now

Updated March 14, 2020 at 4:14 pm

By Sandi Doughton

Seattle Times staff reporter

"A Seattle expert is estimating about 20,000 people in the U.S. are now infected with the new coronavirus, nearly 10 times more than the roughly 2,300 confirmed cases.

"Trevor Bedford, a computational biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, posted his estimates in a series of 13 tweets Friday night. “I could easily be off 2-fold in either direction, but my best guess is that we’re currently in the 10,000 to 40,000 range nationally,” he wrote."

If the actual number of cases is 10x the mortality rate drops to a tenth of the current estimate.
If there are 40,000 cases that drops the mortality rate to 5% of the current hysterical figure.
Both figures well below the rate for the common flu.

And in fact, they are finally going to realize some day that people have been getting and surviving this virus for months already, before CNN and MSNBC decided to shit their pants about it.



Is this comment thread still working? Let's find out!

EDIT: Fixed. Go about your business!


@305 guesty: Agreed and seconded. I am fortunate to be on a still running bus line as well as be able to drive my VW, and that local stores are within one mile in each direction, and good people surround me.

Everyone stay warm, healthy, and safe. Wash your hands often.

@315: Good. From now on, you can consider me like a cat jumping off an ottoman onto a shag carpet. That should officially settle any heated argument you may be tempted to start with me or anyone else out of sheer boredom, sugarlips. Meow.


@323 it matters less what the mortality rate is right now and more that 15-20% cases require hospitalization. That has held steady.

Christ almighty. Do you not get what is happening? Because Trump drug his feet and didn’t want bad numbers we’re way behind. We are not even testing critical cases. People are in the hospital right now with symptoms not being tested. We are already close to overwhelmed ICU’s. Already.

The whole point of all the social distancing is to slow it down. If you don’t we’re fucked.

Then all of a sudden you’re going to see your fatality rate. When we can’t take care of typical cases that we could a week ago that’s when people start dying. Because the healthcare system breaks down. It’s not just COVID19 cases. It’s everything. A surgeon can’t do surgery if he’s sick, dumbfuck. Chemo patients can’t get chemo. It ALL breaks down. You have no idea because you’ve only lived an unchallenged entitled life outside of real crisis. But this is the real deal. And YOU have to sacrifice.

Christ almighty. You trolls. You are the problem.

Epidemiological experts are driving the policy finally. After three weeks of the Troll in Chief and now you want to just pretend everything is fine? It’s not fine.

Every crisis rightwing dipshits do the same thing. Any preemptive action is too much. And if it works you point and say “see it wasn’t so bad.” And when we don’t do preemptive action then after you squeal nobody did enough.


@314 -- I agree. It really is time to start talking about nationalizing companies, and I would start with Boeing, for several reasons:

1) It is essentially a monopoly. The only competition for most of its jets is Airbus. One trans-European heavily subsidized corporation versus one wholly owned U. S. corporation sound OK by me.

2) It has lost whatever mojo it ever had. The problems go way back, as I'm sure any Boeing engineer will tell you. They stopped trying to make the world's best airplanes, and focused on squeezing that extra dollar at the end of the quarter. There is nothing of value left from a corporate standpoint (unlike plenty of American companies, that still have a soul).

3) It is, and will be heavily dependent on the U. S. government. It can't just go back and make airplanes again. It needs the U. S. to buy up the weapons that keep it in business. It needs to have government trade lawyers bargain on its behalf. It also needs the U. S. to bail it out. Not to protect the jobs of those on top -- but to protect the highly skilled workers (engineers and machinists) that have been screwed by the corporate heads for so very long.

Nationalize Boeing. In the long run we will be better off.

Oh, and just to be clear, I wouldn't nationalize the airlines (or most corporations in the U. S.) although I would regulate them a lot more. But Boeing is a special case, which is why it should be run by the country. Like Amtrak, in a generation folks will forget that there really was a private company (or companies) doing that sort of thing back in the day.


@323 -- All those dead people in Italy (475 today) are just overreacting.


Will Melania wear her I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U? jacket in the PSAs or will she do them naked? Either way, no one is going to listen to or care about whatever she has to say. She is a bigger piece of shit than her husband, because she chooses to be with that psychopath so she can be rich and pretend she's not an immigrant who came here illegally and used her naked body to get an "Einstein" visa. Be Best, Melania, and STFU, you know, something your shit bag of a husband is incapable of doing.


Over 600,000 people die in Italy every year.
You are the one overreacting.
Grow up.

Everything is far from fine.
Policy makers acting based on hysteria, terror and panic are destroying our economy.
Even if this virus does the worst the panty-wetting crowd are shrieking about it would not constitute a major national crisis. You are terrified weak backboneless infants with zero character or courage or fortitude. Real crises and challenges, including actual public health threats, will absolutely face our nation in coming years. This is not one. Not even close. And yet segments of our nation are folding like a cheap card table before even this non-crisis gets started.
Your weak shallow civilization is crumbling before your eyes.
Once you are gone America can get back to what made it great, exceptional, worthwhile.
In the meantime we must endure your Harry Potter Mandrakish screeching.
You will not be missed when you are gone.


@330. You are no American, nobody would talk disparagingly about "your weak shallow civilization" crumbling and it's people being cowardly in these inflammatory terms of false manliness and toughness through negligent complacency, then hoping for some kind of Mad Max power struggle to make it great or something. And you aren't even arguing consistently with yourself. Your attempt to sow confusion wont work if your doublethink cant even consistently contradict itself in the same claim. You weakminded fool.


Excellent Call, Garbby.
(Some of?) Our resident Schlog Trolls
are NOT Residents of this USA:

"Your weak shallow civilization
is crumbling before your eyes."

"Once you are gone America can get back to
what made it great, exceptional, worthwhile."

You betchya, Putin, jr.
Shit like Slavery and Lynchings
and far "right"-wing Terrorism and
Women can't Vote and as far as the
Gays, the Infirm and anyone who cannot
benefit the Holy Plantation Owner in some way is
Unnecessary* in unbridled Capitalism's /the Kleptocracy's
total Domination of OUR Civil Society.

And what better time than in a fucking Pandemic
for these probably Very Well Paid Trolls to prosper
by sowing Division?

*not worthy of Healthcare
much less the time of day


Speaking of Making Americ White Again:

"Idaho’s legislature hasn’t addressed the coronavirus.
But it has passed 2 anti-trans bills this week"

"While a state passing legislation that would seem to be unconstitutional is worrying in the best of times, Idaho lawmakers’ focus on this issue — again, it has passed two anti-trans bills in two days — amid the coronavirus pandemic is a matter of concern.

Although the state only has a handful of coronavirus cases so far, Idahoans are still allowed to congregate in bars and restaurants without restrictions, something at odds with guidelines from both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the White House.

In a time when people are concerned for their own health, and as the US — and Idaho — sees a growing number of confirmed coronavirus cases, the state’s focus on further marginalizing a tiny community with little political power comes across as increasingly petty and small."

"Increasingly petty and small."
Protecting the Patriarchy at ALL Costs.
Way to Go, Youdaho.


I had to venture out this morning for an appointment & so I did a little grocery shopping...
PCC was pretty normal- a few bare shelves, looked like the t.p. aisle had been ransacked (I thought those stories were apocryphal, but apparently not) and the meat section had one bare display case, but otherwise...
So then I had to stop at my local small-town sad grocery store.
Different story there.
No t.p. or paper towels, beer aisle was 1/3 normal inventory, the processed cheese and canned food shelves were stripped.
Middle America hunkering down with shit food, Fox News and cheap booze. Tsk tsk.
Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.


“ Over 600,000 people die in Italy every year. ”

Congratulations you made the startling discovery that humans are mortal.

Oh. Well. Gee. Almost 300 million die globally. So I guess we just abandon all healthcare efforts entirely?

No need for hospitals or health insurance at all! Because this dip shit sock puppet googled a number! Why bother with any disease control. People die anyway.

I don’t understand what you get out of this. If the Stranger goes under what the fuck will you do with your miserable life? You have a very bizarre obsession with logical fallacies. How you’ve made it this far in life with no critical thinking skills really is a testament to liberal social policies and entitlements. I mean that alone may make me reconsider them.

Those are rhetorical questions. I won’t read any reply.


@330: Wash your filthy hands and get a vaccine for MAGAvirus as well as CONVID-19 already, you deranged little Putin sock puppet.
@331 Garb Garbbler: You nailed it for the WIN. Bravo and Kudos.
@332 & @333 kristofarian: Agreed and seconded. WTF is up with Idaho, besides MAGAvirus running extra rampantly? I think there should be a vaccine for toxic masculinity. What to do when all the schools are shut down and the textbooks are all printed in RepubliKKKan Texas?
Their restaurants and bars are all still open?! It's as kallipugos @334 said, quoting actor John Vernon as Faber College Dean Vernon Wormer, to Stephen Furst as Delta frat boy, Kent Dorfman, a.k.a. Flounder: "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
How the hell is anyone living in remote, rural areas, like the San Juan Islands going to get supplies, much less transportation and medical care?
@334 kallipugos: Bravo and well done on the Animal House quote. I nominate you, Garb Garbbler @331 and kristofarian @332 & @333 among winners in this comment thread--one of the longest in recent Stranger history.


There are two Americas;
one of Americans who believe in, are inspired by and strive to live up to the ideals that made our nation great,
the other- populated by cringing whining American'ts- that long ago abandoned the values that keep us free.
That civilization is dying before our eyes, going out crying and blaming and fearful and angrily demanding one last fistful of handouts as it swirls around the bottom of the crapper.

We won't miss you when you are gone.


Yeah those beaches, man, always doing whatever they want.


@334 - Nobody likes that organic, vegan, gluten-free, recycled toilet paper sold at PCC.


Be a damn Shame when all those Disbelieving Geezers Take One for Darwin whilst they laff so hard at pwnig them damn dumb Libs. I shall shed a tear and maybe doff my domecover as those multiple miles of hearses pass, and think of trumpfy's, FOX's and Rush the Oxymoron's Complicity and how Very well off they all are.

The bigger damn Shame is how badly they'll be Clogging up and bogging down our Nation's soon-to-be-Maxxed-out Hospitals and, in so doing, heavily increasing the Death Tolls for innocent bystanders, unlucky enough to hafta Compete with utter Stupidity. And maximum Hubris.


@340: Oh. So my local Co-Op should still be in pretty good shape, then, with the exception of its shelf supply of paper products. Speak for yourself, sugarlips. Meow.
@341 kristofarian: It's a mixed blessing that my doctor is declaring my recommended surgical procedure an elective at this point. I can't imagine being in a hospital or in the ER right now. I really feel for healthcare workers everywhere. I know I'M ready for my "biological clock" to run out.



That is so sweet of you to say, auntie. Thank you for sharing your good thoughts and feelings.


@329: Just because you want to trash (more than trash) the First Lady doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way. A lot of Trumpists love her and will listen to her; and if that creates a healthier population, why in the world would you want to even think of disrespecting it?



I just loaded my knickers. Do I have it???


Mr President;
Washington represents two percent of the American population,
20 percent of the COVID-19 infections,
and 61 percent of the fatalities caused by COVID-19.
It is clear that we fucked up big-time and we need someone to bail our sorry asses out.
Little did I dream, as I spent the past years criss-crossing the nation running for President, that I had left my state so woefully unprepared for the challenge we face.
Gawd, what a dickless sorry-assed piece of shit Governor I turned out to be.
Please send the Navy.


@347 -- You do realize that virus first took hold in Washington State, right?

Do you really think that each state has their own version of the CDC? If Canada invades the U. S. and takes over Seattle, are you going to blame the state militia, instead of the federal military?

Jesus, what a moron. This was a major fuckup at the federal level, not the state level, and Washington State has handled the situation better than a lot of places (which is why other states have now passed us in terms of cases, and will soon pass in terms of deaths).


Meanwhile, the NYTimes reports:

"Coronavirus Stimulus Package Spurs a Lobbying Gold Rush
Some industries are in dire need of a bailout. Others see a rare chance to win special breaks at a moment when the fiscal spigots are open."

Capitalism! MAGA!
Aint America wonderful?


@347: Pull your head out of your MAGAass, you clueless little Putin sock puppet. And stop misconstruing FOX-TeeVee as a reliable news source.
Washington State is leading the nation on slowing the coronavirus CONVID-19. Meanwhile Trumpty Dumpty is laughing, spewing its usual nonsensical garbage on Twitter, and its equally inept partner in crime, Dencey Pencey thinks all can be cured by the "power of prayer". As IF.
@348 Ross: Agreed and seconded. Well summarized.


@347 Is that you, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump? Why are you wasting time here with us plebs, instead of working hard to get bailout money for your hotels and resorts, like your fellow blood-sucking parasites, er, I mean Big Biz CEOs are doing? Better hurry to grab the money before the bailout-trough is all hoovered up by them! Hurry, hurry, times-a-passing!


It is interesting to note that in Italy, mortality rates from coronavirus CONVID-19 are twice as high in males as those in females. While urgently needed medical research is being done, vaccines will not be made available in eighteen months, medical supplies are scarce worldwide, and there is no cure.
We're all in this together. May good common sense prevail for us to get through it.


@337: You shouldn't be so mean to Republicans sweetie.


@353 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Seems to me if you're not going to stay home and go out and be in a large group then when you get sick you can feel free to NOT seek medical help. I mean if you are too good for following the stay the fuck home rule, then you are obviously too good to be treated when you get sick (because you were fucking STUPID)!!!!

A 34 year old guy just died after going to Disneyland and Universal in Los Angeles earlier this month, so all of the people who believe they cannot get sick and will not die if they do really need to pull their heads out of their asses.


*could not die


@356: *would not die