State Death Toll Reaches 95, Harvey Weinstein Has Coronavirus in Prison



@366: Because of the narrownesss of trails, hikers tend to naturally have save distances between them as they go single file zig zagging up to the top of, like, Poo Poo point. The parking lots could have clusters of people, but so could also the top and where the views are.


@367 -- If a trail is really crowded -- like Mount Si crowded -- then you have groups of people walking together, whether they want to or not. These are people often breathing heavily, thus sending little droplets into the air, for others to inhale. People who walk together (four across, for example) have probably already exposed each other. In contrast, someone waiting, patiently, to pass another hiker, may be exposing themselves to someone new. You also have dogs, which often brush up against people. I'm not saying it is the most dangerous environment, but it isn't benign either.


The answer to the headline question is simple.

There are two (2) pandemics occurring simultaneously. The first is a disease outbreak. The second is a stupidity outbreak.

Seattle appears to be ground zero for the stupidity outbreak as well.


Democrats and Progressives and disillusioned Independents and Moderates, it's time to grow a proverbial pair and show your teeth.


I am not suggesting you hurt anyone or lose control, but that you show you are serious about effecting real change and won't be bullied and pushed around anymore.


Leftist have absolute control in Seattle and California and NY;
yet they have done nothing about their own carbon footprint, have the worse homeless problems in the nation, the greatest income inequality, huge underachievement in their black communities.
Their Hollywood and Media Elites are the worst abusers of women.
Leftists talk a good show but don't do JackSquat.
Show your teeth?
How about stfu...



Struck a nerve, did I? Forgive me if I don't take your stance on the moral high ground seriously, as you advocate genocide and eugenics and white supremacy and everything America stands for, which is a more perfect union. You repeat anti-American and anti-NATO talking points, you are clearly in league with Putin's Russia, Iran, and North Korea, and you advocate self-destructive policies embodied by the right because you know they are going to soften up our country. Yours is an attitude of concern trolling and vengeance, but you are so transparent because you cannot help but leak your butthurtness in every post against anyone that threatens to convince people otherwise.

But yes, let me take it from you to lecture me on American history, which is one of constant struggle against the evils of the global economy that commodify human life and invade and destroy nations in order to reap the benefits of war and imperialism. America is not guilty, but we strive to improve ourselves by displacing the globalist actors that use our labor and workers in order to advance their selfish ends with no regard to the consequences. Your consistent use of the term leftist without really understanding what the means is meant to rally the ignorant masses in fear and anger, but in truth you are all a bunch of submissive scumbags who only know how to follow bullies and enforcers. You have no dignity and no principles other than destruction and false morality that you appropriate from a man who emphasized the highest in care for each other regardless of appearance.

And please, you are the ultimate coward who hides behind a million sockpuppet accounts and doesn't have the pride to even acknowledge his own faults before dumping on everyone else. And you're about to get your ass handed to you when coronavirus reaches your country because they falsify everything and have ever since Stalin. It is up to real freedom fighters to liberate this world from the lies and profit driven division that you parrot like the sniveling coward you are. We will overcome you and see the world into a new age of prosperity and morality that cares for its people and ensures they have ever greater freedom and the right to make mistakes and learn from them.


America is guilty* of many sins*, but not without trying to improve itself. Elites of any political faction are guilty of corruption and abuse of power, but that is why we must regulate it within reason and emphasize the common good within the parameters of functional capitalism, not runaway crony patronage that amounts to multinational neo feudalism. While people may clothe themselves in good deeds, it is unsound to assume that every person who supports a certain policy is automatically a monster. The way you reason is demogoguery, binaries, black and white thinking with no room for reality that people make any of a million choices to guide their lives. But when people are left without oversight, with negligence, the ultimate result is the loss of civility. We must bring our world back into balance, and we will when this mess is over with.


*And against everything America stands for in principle, if not in fact.


Holy shit-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---I love beaches and our blessed surrounding of nature. But it's as everyone who is sane says---stay out of crowded and confined areas! The coronavirus CONVID-19 is a global pandemic. Climate change is real. Social distancing is a MUST. Everyone stay healthy, safe, and sane.
This reminds me of the big tsunami scare we had back in 1986 that went largely unheeded.
A major earthquake in Japan was supposed to have sent a major tsunami across the Pacific Ocean, threatening everyone on the West Coast. People in my hometown of La Conner where I grew up were evacuated from our homes from the local fire departments and emergency crews--especially those of us overlooking Deception Pass, Whidbey, Hope, and Skagit Islands, and the Kiket Island Peninsula. So what did millions of people down in coastal California do?
Heyyyyy--surf's up, dude! Let's par-taaayyy........!
Despite California's statewide warning to avoid the coastline, that's exactly what a bunch of people did.
They wanted to go "see" the tsunami and possibly catch the big wave on video recorder. Fortunately for those of us on the West Coast, the Big Tsunami Scare of '86 turned out to be a false alarm.
What a shame that the crew of the NASA Space Shuttle Challenger weren't as lucky.

I wonder how many are all so eager to go "see" coronavirus CONVID-19 for themselves?
Come on, people. May common sense prevail over curiosity at the boiling point of no return.


Note: don't post a ranting response to a troll like I did. I think that's what they want. Keep your wits about you, even when others lose their patience.


why are people at the beach? why are they packing the lowland hiking trails? hmmm, maybe because irresponsible media outlets are giving folks wonderful ideas of where they can go to get outside and "away" from others?


374 etc

"genocide and eugenics and white supremacy and everything America stands for"
What a sad opinion you have of America.
You filthy loser.

America is, head and shoulders, the greatest civilization that has ever inhabited this planet.
Not because Americans are better than (or even different from) other people;
but because, historically, the Ideals we admire and have tried to live up to are superior to all other.

America, and Americans, are not perfect.
But there is enormous good in the American people, and has always been; and our systems of government have allowed us to grow as people and as a people, and be a beacon to the planet.

True American's recognize and cherish that reality and their nation.

Toxic Leftist American'ts hate and reject our nation and the values that make it great.

ps it is so pathetic to see clueless terrified mental midgets blaming "Russia" when confronted with realities that blow their putrid world view apart.
You pathetic weak fearful clueless babies....

Democracy and self-rule are not easy, it is a business for adults;
The Left is a whining shrieking toddler blubbering with snot and tears streaming down their red faces.
Our nation and civilization really need you to grow up.


@Jenny -- "America is, head and shoulders, the greatest civilization that has ever inhabited this planet."

Some'd beg to Differ:

See: A People's History of the United States
See also:


Scathing Feedback from the Newsroom, the link referenced in my comment above:

"We (USA) lead the World in only three catagories:

Number of incarcerated Citizens per capita

Number of Adults who believe Angels are Real

and "Defense" spending where we spend more than the next 26 Countries -- COMBINED -- 25 of whom are our Allies."

It's only "news" if you haven't heard it
and obviously you either haven't or don't care to.
That's on You.


@380 -- "You pathetic weak fearful clueless babies..."

Without Projection you tighty ass far far FAR
"righties" would be totally Voiceless.

Speaking of 'growing up.'

Now, please, tell us all how "well" your hero
is "handling" HIS Katrina/Panfuckingdemic?

He is, without a Doubt, America's Biggest Loser -- according to our very own IRS.

When only ONE percent of the Citizenry is kicking the 99%'s ass that isn't 'Winning.' That IS Fascism.

How much are they paying you?
'Cause you are obviously NOT in the 1%.


@378: Indeed, never reply to a 404. It just encourages cyber-rot spewing that litters up the comment thread with off-topic rage.



Very Well, Thank You.
Our President is doing a great job.
And polls reflect that increasing numbers of Americans are recognizing and appreciating The President's Herculean Efforts on our behalf.

He, and We, face two challenges;

first, the: China Virus-
so far this has gone very well;
less than 29,000 cases,
28,000 considered mild;
700 serious cases and 350 fatalities.
In a nation of 350,000,000 people this is a, literally, statistically immeasurably small impact.
The president has marshaled the nation's resources and boosting production and availability of needed supplies.
Thank You, Mr President

The second crisis is must more threatening, and more intractable and difficult to address.
That is the panicked hysterical overreaction to the virus,
and particularly the virulent hatred of the Left and Leftist Propaganda Outlets (that parade as journalistic enterprises)
The President has courageously called these villains out, but tens of millions remain enslaved to and complicit with their evil negative destructive attacks.


Garb Garblar in high dudgeon is a thing of beauty.

And yes, ignore the 404s. Plus, they get especially annnnnnngry if we talk about them behind their backs.



I'm with you, Garb! Good stuff.

Yeah, ignore the 404s. They're like a fart in the wind, only shittier. Pathetic, really.


@385. I was tired and didn't edit my thoughts correctly from the anger I was having at Trump's continued negligence and endangerment of my family, some of who are hospitalized and may die soon (I pray not), as well as the woman I love more than life itself at ground zero in Milan meeting the hellscape she is surrounded by each day with sober stoicism. Unlike you, who is absolutely terrified and is seeking reassurance and peddling the Big Lie and telling people to stay calm as you encourage people to cause even more harm and danger to this extremely real and visceral crisis that you are hiding from in ruralia and blaming on hysteria that if anything is triggered from the government doing harm on its people, whatever beef you have with this straw man characterature of the worst of the bad apples of your decided opposing faction defining the rest of hundreds of millions of decent people just living their lives, you turn that all into numbers and statistics instead of the logical conculsions those facts imply. Yoy are unable to draw logical conclusions and face the basic fact that you are not hurting leftists by advocating these policies, you are harming the healthcare industry and allowing the spread of a virus that will do far more damage to the economy in the long run than the instant cognitive dissonance you relieve in minimalizing reality because it is only beginning to play out here. Italy and Spain are proof of what happens without the drastic measures we are taking. You calling it the China virus is not christian and extrenely harmful to stoking racist tensions and diffusing the fear the MAGA crew has as their bubble shrinks and becomes more vocal and terrified and violent, but viruses do not discriminate by race or party line or nationality.

The first duty of all Americans is to the truth, and the pursuit of justice. Just because we have had to deal with the worst of the human condition and to defend it against continuous backsliding into the worst and most inhuman realities, doesnt mean we should ever give up on the Constitution and fighting for democracy and the right to defy authoritarianism. And that means being open to disagreement and listening to each other and joining together in times of need, not turning this country against itself and laughing as the world burns. You are the joker watching the prison ships and waiting for an explosion, but it will never go off so long as good people remember the essence of self sacrifice and the love for their neighbors and the golden rule, none of which you advocate despite your self deluded claims otherwise. I hope one day you can overcome whatever horrible things happened to you in your life that made you lose your sense of compassion.


Recent reports Sen. Rand (R-KY) has tested positive for Coronavirus.
There's some serious karma there- wasn't Sen. Rand the only Senator who voted against the initial funding in response to this medical disaster?
BTW - I wish Sen. Rand, and all Senators and Congress members the very best of health. This is not a time to wish ill on anybody!



@389 Yeah and he got tested despite having no symptoms. Meanwhile people who are sick and doctors and nursers who are sick - all people who DO have symptoms, cannot get tested. i guess we know where all of the tests are and who gets access to them.

How one woman fought to get her husband tested while her state was applauded for having no coronavirus.


Yes, xina, I saw that CNN article about the WVa couple. Very appalling. I hope some good comes out of all of this, but money rules everything - and everyone else be damned!
I wish you the best. These are very anxious times.


SOCIAL DISTANCE - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody


I'm really worried about the possibility of increased domestic violence. People are stressed and scared, many are out of work and most are forced into isolation, and/or staying inside together most of the day. There will definitely be increased conflicts; and a lot of the regular protective mechanisms, school, counselors, teachers, doctors, police, social workers etc. are less available, or not around at all to help! I'm frightened especially for the kids and people who are suicidal, and vets. The mayor, and city council, and governor need to figure out how to mitigate this problem, maybe set up a special crisis hotline or someplace people can call for help, or tele-talk to counselors to de-escalate their anger when they feel like they're about to lose control.

God, I wish we had a real president instead of that fool in the White House. Obama or Clinton or even Bush would all be better, since they actually care for the people, even if they are flawed in some ways. I don't think Trump cares at all how many die or suffer, as long as the economy stays good enough, (or he can lie and blame someone else for its collapse), for him to get reelected.

Sometimes I almost think this is a judgment on us, on our greed and horrifying callousness towards the poor and those less fortunate. I guess the Jesuits were't boasting when they said if they can get you before you're seven, they'd be able to brainwash you for life.


A zoonotic virus for our cruelty towards nature and our destruction of the planet and other species.


Vietnam, population 97,095,584 as of March 2020, right below China, and one of the very first countries to report infections, has 20 current active cases of COVID-19 infections, including 10 Vietnamese and 10 foreigners as of March 9th, 2020. Total number of infections 89, no deaths!

How did they do this?


If you're interested in the size of a the USNS Mercy, here is a photo of her sailing next to an aircraft carrier


How to feed the hungry, protect health professionals, aid refugees and support service workers during the pandemic


I found this info. about Vietnam's response on a travel website to SE Asia, (although they are still calling Vietnam, Camodia and Laos Indochina (!!!), so caveat emptor):


Vietnam has responded well to the Covid-19 epidemic from the very outset, preventing its spread, WHO says.

The World Health Organization said in a statement Saturday that the first days of the outbreak, when China had detected just 27 cases of the acute respiratory disease, Covid-19, in Wuhan City, Vietnam’s Health Ministry had already issued prevention guidelines, including close monitoring of border areas and steps to prevent possible infections among people.

When China confirmed the first death caused by the new coronavirus on January 11, Vietnam quickly tightened medical control at all border gates and airports. Visitors’ body temperature was checked on arrival; and anyone showing symptoms of cough, fever, chest pain or breathing difficulties were isolated for testing and strictly monitored at medical facilities.

Apart from a hotline to provide the public with needed information on the disease, Vietam also established 45 rapid response teams at major hospitals across the country to deal with suspected cases of new coronavirus infections.

Vietnam has also been doing a good job in monitoring and quarantining those suspected of contracting the virus and in treating infected patients, ever since the nation detected the first infection cases, the WHO statement said.

So far, Vietnam has recorded 16 cases, of whom nine have been discharged from hospitals while the rest are all in stable condition.

"Early detection, early isolation, and active treatment is extremely important," WHO said.

The UN health agency said it highly evaluates Vietnam’s ability to address urgent public health issues, including emerging outbreaks of infectious diseases.

For Vietnamese and visitors here, life goes on ...

(Updated 13 February, 19:00)

All the 16 infected cases found in Vietnam related to direct Wuhan contact and have been placed in field hospitals. There are 7 cured and leave the hospital so far including the first patient who is from Wuhan with a complicated medical profile. Others are all in stable situation.

The reality on the ground is that the Vietnamese government have taken preventative action to help contain the virus:

Health screening at airports and land borders;
No flights between China and Vietnam;
No entry for travellers having visited China the last 14 days;
People coming back from China are quarantined in isolated hospital for 2 weeks;
All suspected cases or anyone who have contacts with infected patients are well supervised by the medical staff in medical centre;


Regarding sex, masturbation is the safest. That should be welcome news to Ballard residents.



NY and California are drastically cutting back on who they allow to be tested;
they are embarrassed by how high their tolls are rising and how it highlights how poorly they are handling the situation.

btw 90% of people who think they have symptoms and get tested do not have the virus.
The Panic runs deep in some circles.

Seattle is losing the Mercy to California.
NY, California and Seattle; the trifecta of incompetence...



California and NY are restricting who can get tested, even folks w symptoms will not be tested unless it would change their treatment.

Of people who think they have symptoms and get the test 90% do not have the virus...


@397 the virus dies about twice quickly in hot humid climates. That's enough difference for the dots to not easily connect.


I am sorry for posting such intense things and potentially exacerbating tensions when I should be encouraging calm and cooperation. As much as I am angry at Trump, he is at least doing some things right now that he has no other choice. And as much as I disagree with 404, he has a point that excessive worry and hysteria is self-indulgent hypnosis. We must find the strength and patience to adapt to reality and see this through. Remember that there will be a vaccine, sick people will develop antibodies when they recover and eventually we will build up resistance and herd immunity and life will return to a new normal. There are worse things to endure than being under house arrest; we should live each day for what it is and not be smothered by worry or fear of things that we do not know will happen. We should take this as seriously as it deserves and cooperate, and despite what I have said in frustration, I wish no ill will on any Trump supporters and hope we can reach common ground because we are all in this together as Americans. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Bless you all and may you find patience and serenity.


@388: Thank you for your eloquent words. And I'm very sorry that this is hitting so close to home for you.


Wow, Rattlesnake Ridge was Crowded
they oughtta have one of those little ticket machines down at the parking area and before you go up, you hafta take a number. And if said number ends in a three or in a seven, you WILL have COVID-19. Or are the odds even higher?

Dancing with the Devil.

We've become a ship of Fools
with a fools' 'gold' 'president.'


People's knowledge is only as "good'' as their sources:

“Rupert Murdoch Put His Son in Charge of Fox. It Was a Dangerous Mistake.”

“The 48-year-old Lachlan Murdoch stood by as Fox News hosts played down the danger of the deadly coronavirus to their viewers . . . for two crucial weeks in late February and early March, powerful Fox hosts talked about the ’real’ story of the coronavirus: It was a Democratic- and media-led plot against President Donald J. Trump.

Hosts and guests, speaking to Fox’s predominately elderly audience, repeatedly played down the threat of what would soon become a deadly pandemic.

The person who could have stopped the flow of misinformation was Ms. Scott’s boss, Lachlan Murdoch, the chief executive of the Fox Corporation. But he wasn’t paying much attention.

The 48-year-old heir to his family’s media fortune was focused instead on buying a streaming company called Tubi for $440 million, a person who has spoken to him said. The acquisition would drive 'long-term growth,' he proudly announced in a news release on March 17.

That same day, the number of coronavirus cases in the United States surpassed 5,600.”

Murdoch's Covering his Bottom Line
was more Important than any
impending Pandemic

Therefore they're

END Fascist Ownership
of OUR Airwaves.


Posts are not showing up.
Sup, Stranger?


@395 iseult and others: The VA has the VA Suicide prevention / Crisis Hotline at the following toll free number for veterans in distress and / or those concerned about veterans: 1 (800) 273-8255. There are very helpful people to talk to 24 / 7.
I have been in physical pain (not CONVID-19 related; it's inherited and chronic). I have been in VA therapy for service connected PTSD. Often just being able to talk to someone ---even at 2 am is helpful, because I don't bother my neighbors or older siblings. I feel strange being among the elders in my family now. Both my parents, both sets of grandparents, and all my aunts and uncles are gone.
Music helps keep me together. Online contact is not the same as face-to-face, but helps keep so many of us connected and hopefully out of harm's way. In the warmer weather I hope to get my car out of storage soon. I don't suppose it would be to travel further than short distances within my community. I only go to the store(s) and my pharmacy for groceries, household items, and prescription and vitamin supplement refills.

Thank you and bless you, Ben Gibbard, lead vocalist of Deathcab for Cutie, for sharing your music. I plan to buy CD packing and bubblewrap to send copies of my music at the local USPS, and play / practice at home. My apartment building is so quiet---not much is said, but I think my surrounding neighbors are grateful for what they hear in the daytime and early evening.

Everyone stay healthy, safe and sane. Stop buying guns and hoarding toilet paper! May common sense prevail over this pandemic.


Funny, remember when we were told not to shame gay men for their lifestyles, but go for a hike and suddenly ... boo on you!


Harvey Weinstein is in prison, infected with coronavirus.
Do Trump, Pence, and the rest of their Evil Empire need to get infected, too, in order to finally wake up?



Also funny, for folks who lived thru AIDS on the blood and guts healthcare frontline, is how totally different the public reaction to this has been.
AIDS would have been remarkably easy to snuff out with some quarantines and basic Public Health 101 measures.

414 We need to protect ourselves and masks alone won't do it. The Coronavirus is actually taking lives now. Please don't panic, just prepare. Use these precautions and you won't have to worry about catching it or any other viral infection going around including the flu. Holistic options are available and best for prevention as well. #coronavirus #flu #immune