Slog AM: More Warnings About Seattle Parks, Boeing's First Coronavirus Death, and Concern About Trump's "Destructive" Daily Briefings



Regarding "Yesterday's death toll was unusually low in Washington, which has one reporter crossing her fingers," I'm looking at that Karen Weise tweet and then that Seattle Coronavirus Updates tweet, and this brings to mind something I've been wondering for a while now.

Is there a chart anywhere of the daily COVID-19 deaths in WA? I'm talking something similar to the "Daily New Deaths in Italy" chart at

To me, that is the most critical tally of where we are now in this war. I suppose Seattle Coronavirus Updates comes the closest to providing that if I just dig through those tweets.


The picture of the frisbee players may look innocent but they still could be exchanging the virus through the frisbee. What if it hits the ground where someone spit.


@1 There is this chart of the US cases (current/status/outcomes) with a list of each by state underneath (it's updated twice daily and you can see yesterday vs. today)

Johns Hopkins also is tracking and you can find the US information there, too.


I've been watching this one from the UW, some 90% of the testing in the state goes through them.


All over the US, people are crowding together and ignoring social distancing, because we're Americans, and goddammit, America, we're a bunch of fucking dumbasses, led by the biggest fucking dumbass of them all in the White House.


@3, I've dug through these pages myself and haven't quite been able to dig up the WA daily deaths.

There's also this page from The Upshot on, which has a "Deaths by state" graph which comes so close:

The problem is, the graph shows the cumulative number by day, and it doesn't show what each day's numbers were.


The state park campgrounds are closed. But the state parks themselves are open. So, for example, if you want to go for a walk at Saint Edwards or Lake Sammamish, you can (just be socially distant and practice sensible hygiene).


@5 Agreed. And really not sure what will stop people from behaving the way they are behaving. Risk of serious illness and death doesn't seem to have an effect.

Trevor Mankin, a Lutheran pastor in Seattle who’s had COVID-19, was alarmed at how easily the virus spreads.

On March 1, Mankin visited a friend in a hospital, who he’d later find out had COVID-19. Though he had taken all the right safety precautions — he wore a gown and face mask, and washed his hands thoroughly — both Mankin and his wife felt run down just a few days later, and tested positive for the novel coronavirus on the 11th.

Before his symptoms really kicked in, Mankin stopped by his office to pick up some files. The next day, his secretary went to work. Though he had no contact with her — other than her touching the doorknob or him coughing in a room she later entered — she got COVID-19.

“It can spread so easily,” Mankin said. “It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re in contact with a person or not.”


At this point, I'm wondering if more people will die from the mass suicides caused by the isolation, depression, anxiety, and total economic collapse than from the virus. This is the endgame of our national nightmare, and there's no cavalry on the way.


Teamsters also released a letter calling for Inslee to issue the Shelter IP order, to protect all workers.


The play areas in my neighborhood parks were still busy yesterday with kids running around and using the equipment as if nothing changed.


@13: So President Trump is lying?


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Someone is maintaining this list of daily stats from the department of health website. Something I check every afternoon after they publish new numbers around 3pm.


@12 -- I went by the playground at Maple Leaf Reservoir park yesterday, and there was a sign there, saying it is closed (no one was playing). I went by a different (smaller) park, and there was no sign. It had a couple people playing on it (way less than normal). My guess is the city is getting around to putting up signs everywhere, which should help.


@16, thank you! That's exactly the information I was looking for.


Ross @ 17
Further south play areas were quite busy. There were also posts in the neighborhood fb page, complaining about busy activity in a bigger nearby park.


@19 - Because China can forcibly have people in entire cities remain locked down, and they did. Their healthcare system covers everyone, and their experience with previous coronaviruses made it much easier for them to test suspected carriers. Their surveillance state made it easy for them to trace contacts with carriers.

We will do none of those things, and in fact, we lag almost the entire world in per-capita testing. We can't even trace contacts of TB patients very well, and that's an uncommon ailment. You also have a ton of Trumpers going around licking doorknobs and greeting one another with mutual face-rubs just to own the libs.

So, we're doomed.


@19 because the US is literally a fraction (population wise) of the population of China, yet we have already reached more than half the cases they have (and today they reported new cases and new deaths). The US also did nothing for two months and is still struggling to get people to stay home because Donnie Dumbass keeps lying to everyone.

People believe hundreds of thousands will die here because that's what the science is saying, especially if we don't stem the flow of new cases. More to the point, if doctors treating the sick are not getting the equipment they need as they still are not and the number of beds and ventilators needed to take care of the severe cases are not available (we don't even have a fraction of what is needed should even one hot spot, like NYC, end up in the tens of thousands of cases needing hospitalization) we are going to see far more people dying.

All deaths and illnesses could have been prevented if the pandemic teams and protocols had not been destroyed, the CDC official in China not fired, and Trump and his administration had not ignored all intel and refused to do anything until the stock market bottomed out (that's all he cares about). He laughed at the Governor of Massachusetts when told MA could not get its hands on any PPE because the feds were outbidding them and he smirked smugly when told Mitt Romney had to be quarantined because of Rand Paul. This is all a big laugh to him. His daily pressers are nothing but lie fests and a way for him to get his hit of narcissistic supply.

We all better hope everyone is wrong and there will not be hundreds of thousands of deaths.


I really didn't understand why everyone is so freeked out until I watched some of those presidential briefings. Fuck oh dear what a shitshow. I thought our president was a moron, turns out he's fucking psychotic. All he had to say was "Were have the best people and they are taking care of this. Its going to be beautiful." but instead he shit himself then yelled at reporters to get off his lawn.
We're about to get a taste of the ol' Puerto Rico treatment. Be ready to bow and cheer when he tosses you a roll of Bounty.


19 we can’t lock people in their homes on a whim for weeks on end and we lack the infrastructure to constantly screen people for symptoms, also death rates are per infected not per the entire population and we expect more people to be infected in the US for reasons described above — italy should be your metric not china bc they have the same barriers to social control as we do

It’s wild that people continue to not understand what is going on right now but this is what happens when media outlets are more concerned about the economy and the president’s image than their audience getting sick and dying


@23: Not dissimilar to how Herbert Hoover reacted to the depression before FDR came in in 1932.


You're spewing so much shit you singlehandedly are causing a TP shortage...


I’m A Doctor. The U.S. Response To Coronavirus Has Been Nothing Short Of Criminal


Surgeon General Tells U.S.: 'This Week It's Going To Get Bad'

Adams also noted that COVID-19 seems to be acting differently in the U.S. and other countries than it did in China, where it was detected in December. In an important shift, the virus seems to be affecting young people at higher rates.

In New York, the epicenter of the disease in the U.S., Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently said that people who are between the ages of 18 and 49 represent 53% of the state's cases.

"It's important for young people to know, you can get this disease, you can be hospitalized from this disease, you can die from this disease — but most importantly, you can spread it to your loved ones," Adams said.


@ 23, 25
prez' initial approach was very similar to that of Reagan's back in the 80's, hoping the disease will remain mostly in gay/black/libral bodies and municipalities.
I can see him joking about sending Biden/Sanders/Trudeau and so on to Seattle, just like our folksy hero joked about sending Qaddafi to SF.


13: Your comment reminds me of those morons who don't think the government should have an earthquake response plan or early alert system because they're so badass and tough that they can survive anything including their house collapsing on their head. Guns and MREs are gonna protect them when Armageddon comes because like all idiots they think themselves indestructible. If your comment is serious, you're the perfect candidate for infection. Gotta show those liberal pussies they're your a man by getting infected.


13: Your comment reminds me of those morons who don't think the government should have an earthquake response plan or early alert system because they're so badass and tough that they can survive anything including their house collapsing on their head. Guns and MREs are gonna protect them when Armageddon comes because like all idiots they think themselves indestructible. If your comment is serious, you're the perfect candidate for infection. Gotta show those liberal pussies that you're a man by getting infected.


@29 - So noted, as you’ve repeatedly made similar commentary before.



Don't forget the US is a country that had a 21st century measles outbreak because some people think vaccines cause autism.

Ignorance and misinformation will kill us all.


Trump's lies about malaria drug chloroquine's efficacy to treat COVID-19 has killed one man in Phoenix and put his wife in critical care! Yet he repeated the lie today and made up a story about how it saved someone. Just.horrifying!