Corona is having an unexpected resurgence.
Corona is having an unexpected resurgence. Warner Music / ZYX

I spent the weekend self-quarantined at home, just like (I hope) all of you. I did not play frisbee at the park. I did go on a very long walk accompanied by the little germ group I live with, but we didn't contribute to any crowds or lick any doorknobs.

Instead, I played Animal Crossing for two days straight—it's a game the world is currently obsessed with but I doubt has pierced the consciousness of the Slog commenter cohort—while my boyfriend* finished making a self-quarantine themed playlist. It's really great.

The whole thing is seven-plus hours long. I recommend you play it and dance around your house and try not to think about how many more days of self-quarantine you have ahead of you. Here are a few songs on the playlist that I really love:

The Specials' "Ghost Town" is about the urban decay of the U.K. in the early '80s, but it really applies to Seattle (or any major city) during this coronavirus shutdown. Play it and lose your mind a little.

I'm pretty sure I had COVID-19 at the beginning of the month for two weeks. I'll never know because I couldn't get tested, but what I do know is that Peggy Lee's "Fever" spiraled through my soupy brain while my temperature climbed past 103 degrees.

If you're on a conference call with your coworkers and can't blast music at the moment, just watch this on mute. No one dances around their house quite like the Mary Jane Girls.

Robyn won't shut up about how bad she wants to go to the beach on "Beach 2k20." She's like, "Should we call someone? Let's go party, baby!" I'm sorry, Robyn, but we can't come through and go to that cute place on the beach you keep talking about. I don't care if they have really nice food. People are dying.

Last highlight: Corona's "Rhythm of the Night." In my coronavirus biopic, this is the track that plays while I'm coughing up a lung, alone, in the middle of the night. The beat slaps in time with my coughing. It's very draggy.

Okay! Go listen to the playlist! My break is over. Time to go back to the news...

*My boyfriend's name, by the way, is Marc Castillo. I wrote about him for our queer issue once. He also wrote for our queer issue once. He works at an antique shop downtown. It's shut down until the city comes back to life.