UCSF and related hospitals are now postponing non-emergent surgeries and elective surgeries in lieu of the sickest patients, which may sound like common sense, but remember that doctors and nurses and medical staff alike may need the reassurance those procedures bring, despite being put on the back burner, in order to keep it together as pressure mounts to continue fulfilling their duties. It is no longer permissible for them to be overwhelmed with wishy washy or even directly harmful responses from our government that can't find its ass with both hands. This will ramp up to usustainable levels unless we have a fluid and concerted and unanimous response if we don't want to turn into Italy. Hazard pay isn't going to cut it, we need a national, if not multinational response. YESTERDAY.


Like most of the world, we sleep walked into this one, which is weird because with Ebola we seemed better prepared and coordinated. Ive heard that the lack of federal planning and coordination was part of the problem, but our response has been lacking. At lease we will be better prepared for the next pandemic in a few years (if we learn our lesson) I hope you residents get a good contract, now is not the time to short change our docs.


Fake news. Residents (already paid more than senior medical attendings) are holding the UW hostage by refusing to treat Coronavirus patients until their union gets even more tax dollars. It’s never enough. Talk about Hypocritical Oath. Get to work.


Fuck you Adami. Hating on UW for some fucking bullshit is real mature. This is a fucking hit piece. "five, six, seven emails a day with information that would change hour to hour." Hmmm no fucking shit is a novel virus that is infecting the area with unpredictable results, you talk shit about them not being on top of things but they were literally updating you "too much" according to your ridiculous Stranger circle jerk. You're a fucking Resident that has a particular training regime, should that be interrupted for a "patient zero" when at the time we didn't know how fucking serious it was? Seriously this is some hindsight bullshit aimed to hate on UW while this guy is working for the federal fucking government. The VA has what? Three Coronavirus patients? Get the fuck outta here


@4. And what the fuck are you doing you cocksucking asshole? Go put your money where your mouth is and help out the medical community before throwing stones. Otherwise eat shit and die.


@5 ok I was vulgar and I apologize but you didn’t say one mother fucking thing about what I said just giving me shit because he’s a healthcare worker and I’m not so fuck me I can’t have an opinion and UW is obviously evil and screws over their Residents who are lining up to work there meanwhile Adami makes no real argument as to why they are inadequate other than a personal anecdote that doesn’t prove shit. UW does amazing work for the community you pretend to care about.


@6. That's fair. Perhaps next time we can voice our opinions without slathering them in unhelpful vulgarity against those we disagreement, and I can save my limit breaks for the real boss fights.


"UW does amazing work for the community you pretend to care about."

I am working remotely in San Francisco to support my family, but my job is to listen painstakingly to horrific 9-1-1 calls and sort through infinite Bates stamped medicsl records of every freak accident, malpractice and neglect, overtreatment, undertreatment, and freakshow they throw my way from Vancouver to Port Orchard to Bellingham to Wenatchee to the Tri-Cities to Spokane, as well as Oregon and Idaho cases, and to take that whopping shitshow and persuade stone-hearted insurance adjusters whose job it is to pay out as little as possible despite their contractual obligations so the most unfortunate and forgotten of this great PNW can be made an iota more whole, TBIs and fatalities and more pain of all ages than you could stomach in 50 lifetimes.

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