Young Muscle Sub Wonders Where the Young Doms Are (Spoiler: They're Sheltering At Home)



Have we really gotten to the point that social distancing means no dating and hooking up for sex?

99% rhetorical question


Yes, we have. Rub 'em out for the time being, kids. Unless you have a 6'6" dick, of course, in which case... have at.


Good you keep reinforcing What The Fuck is going on, Dan. One gets the feeling, Many Aren’t Listening.
I always enjoy your answers to other gay men. No stabbing around in the dark there! Oh I forgot, you like to stabbing around in the dark, shy man that you are.


You sound like a sex bomb, LW. Young and well built. I get it with the private/ religious school. Time they did away with those.
Please stay home for now, let your fingers do the talking, catch up online ONLY at this time. Please.


"Muscle Subs" would be another great band name.


This muscle boy needs to play once we’re given the okay. He sounds like he knows what he wants just doesn’t know where to get it


22 year old muscle sub?

Can I have his number?


@5 Absolutely. Not a bad sandwich restaurant concept, too


Is there a Recon app for straights? Fetlife isn't designed as a dating app.


Raindrop @1, yes. Social distancing absolutely means no dating or hooking up. Only spend time with someone you are "covid bonded" with, ie, an existing partner who is low risk, able to isolate themself from other humans (particularly higher risk ones, such as elderly relatives), or get used to cybersex. Think of this as a societywide closing of the bathhouses. Yes, that seems awful for single people, and it is -- but being cooped up with rambunctious children, a partner who is abusive or just plain incompatible for cohabiting with, or roommates whose movements you can't control are also pretty awful. We're all suffering but we all have to follow the rules.

Slomo @8, I would definitely buy a sandwich from Muscle Subs. :)

TheMs @9, it's not designed as one but can be used as one. There are many groups that are set up for, or encourage dating. You could also try going to munches, which are listed on Fetlife.


I could probably refer LW to at least three young gentlemen with any of whom he'd make a good match. I hope he isn't asserting that involvement in sports necessarily entails masculine-specific toxicity, even if in his case it correlated. (I'd have thought leading with the religious school would have been better.) It likely contributed to what will attract the partners he wants. I'm sure he'll learn in time that many people have sexual tastes that seem "weird".


Anecdotally, I've found that most men don't seem to overcome our toxic society's anti-gay guilt and shame around their desires for sex with other men, especially desires that may be considered fetishes, until their late 20s or early 30s. Hopefully this is changing for the younger crowd. If the LW is open to partners those ages and beyond, he'll have zero problems finding men eager to bend him over and dominate his sweet, tight, muscular ass.


We could give better advice if LW would include a couple pics. JS...


Dan: I'm so happy you were explicit. I had to highlight them. I looked in vain at the CDC for advice. To summarize what you wrote (relative to my sexual desires/needs):
A. On having sex "(After the lockdown is over! You shouldn't be hooking up with anyone you don't live with right now!)"
B. "But no hooking up in person with anyone right now."
C. "and don't put the older folks in your life at risk."