A "Glimmer of Hope" in Washington, But Stay-at-Home Order Could Be Extended



Good comments and counsel from the Guv.


We're now #1 in cases (more than China). Just shy of 14,000 new cases today (this site is actually updated twice a day, so it's not clear if it's 24 hours or 12). All we have to wait for now is how bad it will get and whether or not we will outpace Italy in the number of deaths.


Trump telling everyone to get back out there and live their lives, nothing to see here, will ensure we become #1 in the number of deaths, too. Remember everybody, go to church on Easter Sunday!


@1 Rright. Look at it. And nothing in this supports your consistently insane remarks about reopening the schools. Maybe ask your imaginary epidemiologist to interpret the data for you.


This proves social distancing is necessary-and it proves it will need to go on a bit more.


@6 what the fuck is wrong with you? All your bluster and rebellion and it only two two weeks of a little inconvenience to awaken you inner Nazi. We see you. We know who you were the whole time now. You giant god damned phony.


If you want people to stay at home longer Inslee needs to put a hold on rent payments so people can save that money for food until they get a new job and pay it back.

I don't want free rent; I'm fine w/ a 6 month rent moratorium and then the tenants who did not pay because they don't have a paycheck would work with the landlord to repay the back rent. I am not suggesting nor asking for Free Rent. California lenders are letting homeowners apply for deferment so do the same in Washington if it isn't already done.


Gov. Inslee also mentioned (paraphrasing here) "...defeating this virus in our State."
He also wants to prevent additional fatalities due to this pandemic.

I hate to mention this, but, NEITHER of these goals are attainable.

What Washington needs to achieve in this "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" request interim, is (1) bolster medical readiness and (2) boost our system {read: add beds} sufficient to keep the inevitable surge of Covid-19 cases from displacing the chronically ill that our system supports currently.

Our ultimate goal is to limit preventable deaths from system overload to pre-Covid-19 rates.

I just wish he and his speech writers could do a better job in this messaging.


Good work Gov. Inslee and my fellow Washingtonians. Let's keep it up!


Yeah, I think Urbanism and density as political hobby horses are dead in Seattle. Pretty obvious our brave single family home owners are the saviors here.


@11, I tend to agree. Today's report shows 15 deaths since yesterday's report. That's not good news, but it's not bad news either. Fifteen ties our high number. The thing we desperately need to avoid is seeing an upward trajectory of deaths.

This said, Inslee's got to look for more tools in his toolkit. He's got to get creative. We as Washingtonians have to get creative as to what we pressure him on. Right now, the bolder, the better.

Along these lines, I agree with @9. The state needs to do something about rent payments. The City of Los Angeles is already doing such a thing for both residential and commercial renters. Just because Kshama Sawant is for something doesn't mean there's not a kernel of a smart idea buried somewhere in there.


Lololol. Good one.


Seoul has way more density than New York City. New York City is more densely populated than any city in Italy. Tokyo is more densely populated than Seoul. Hong Kong is extremely dense. So is Singapore. Louisiana now has the fastest virus growth rate, and it has very low population density (http://luminocity3d.org/WorldPopDen/#7/31.288/-88.945). There is not a very strong correspondence between virus deaths and density.

There is an extremely strong correspondence with governmental fuckups and virus deaths. The U. S. fucked up big time, and is still fucking up. We don't have nearly enough tests, which means we can't even track this shit (the way that South Korea did). New York City fucked up worse than Washington State, although Washington State still suffers from incompetence at the national level, due primarily to the incompetent president.


@15 Yes, but where would you rather be stuck during a pandemic? In your rabbit hutch with hundreds of other rabbits or sitting in my garden reading The New York Times on a sunny day, chatting with neighbors?

Korea, Singapore, China also imposed police state monitoring of virus carriers.

Willing to do that?

I am.


Thank you, Governor Jay Inslee, for your updates on the CONVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and your superior leadership. We, the citizens of Washington State are fortunate to have your guidance during these stressful times. Hopefully by November we will again have an actual president and the current mess in the White Trash House will finally be hauled away in a dumpster before willfully committing any further crimes or global damage.


social distancing works


Governor: you're right. Lives must come first. To be sure, most citizens want a vibrant economic recovery, but not if it means unduly risking lives. Let's find the right balance--but not by casually compromising protection from the coronavirus.


@16 -- You are missing the big picture here. I would rather be in Taipei or Singapore right now than in Detroit. Sure, you can find lots of big houses with big yards in greater Detroit, but the area is struggling with a pandemic. Thousands have been stricken, and there is a
stay-at-home order (like there is here). In contrast, there are far fewer restrictions, and far fewer inflected in Singapore or Taiwan. In various countries it is like when Obama was president, and Ebola started to spread. The U. S. took a leading role in helping to train other countries to deal with the problem, and they quickly snuffed it out. Yet most Americans barely even noticed.

If Hillary Clinton was president, life in the U. S. would be like it is in Australia. International travel would be heavily restricted (or eliminated). Testing would be thorough and government response quick and effective. The main reason life sucks in this country is because Trump was elected president.

And one big reason he was elected is because suburban voters preferred him. Life is fucked in America right now because we are too suburban, not the opposite.


right, "density" - who wouldn't love to live in a jail cell apodment and share a kitchen with a bunch of strangers? sounds great.


@17 blip: I'm certainly glad to live at least 3,000 miles away from Trumpty Dumpty.


so if Jay is so awesome why is his state the worst in the Union for virus deaths?

it is pretty pathetic to see hum finally home begging Trump for help after spending two years frolicking all over the nation on his ego-feeding fool's errand


@24 must live in Florida, where all the lack of social distancing has made them the highest infection rate in the Nation, only behind Louisiana.

In the real world BC, WA, and CA all are not increasing deaths beyond earlier rates, even with increased testing.