A Message to the City from Ken Jennings



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Ken- all due respect, but please don't play dress-up again.


He's so freaking great.

I also thought he was gonna win the recent tourney. His original run was far more dominant than Holzhauer's, if only because he played in the traditional manner of selecting clues in order, rather than hunting daily doubles a la Holahauer (and I don't fault JH for doing so. I'd surely do the same thing if I ever made the cut to play.) But if Jennings had employed that same strategy? Holy hamburgers, he might've lasted for half a year.

Anyway, thanks. Always enjoy seeing/hearing from him and this was a great message.


Re: costume?
It'll make trump
even More jealous.

And Thanks
for keeping
(the rest of)
it Real.


smart folks can be just as clueless as the average Joe, evidently.

These generations' response to this total non-crisis;
cowering terror, whining hysteria, economic suicide,
will distinguish it as one of the most pathetic in the history of humanity.

Silver lining is it will sweep away a lot of the social detritus dragging down our society and leave us much stronger in it's aftermath.

America is brewing a case of Social Explosive Diarrhea,
soon we will be able to wipe the remnants off our asses and flush the toilet...


I hope the format of the new programme works better than the last one they tried with what seems to be mostly the same panel. Maybe the change of host will help.

I wonder how Mr J would do as a Chaser or an Egghead, or on Only Connect.


If only we could have something this empathetic and intelligent come out of our Presidents Mouth (and actions).