Remember, if you are a link in a contagion chain (or a node in a contagion tree), there's no telling how many deaths you might be responsible for.


I live in Oregon. I appreciate the PSA. Too many people are just doing whatever they want and not staying home. Meanwhile 65 new cases today. I do want to know who knows 600 people, though (especially in Oregon where the population is, what, just over 4 million)? Even when I was young, able bodied, living and working in NYC (in the music industry where socializing was 90% of my job) I didn't know 600 people. Meanwhile, people who live in my building (12 unit condo builiding, half owners, half renters) just returned from Florida where they spent the winter. YAY. /s


@6 Yeah it is, but why would anyone with any sense travel from Florida (a hot zone), to Oregon (not yet a hot zone), knowing they not only are likely of bringing back the virus with them, but also spreading it to any number of people along the way? And one of them is disabled with either a heart or respiratory disease. She is at high risk of dying if infected (and coming home she'd have to go through Portland where most of the cases in Oregon are).

As for you statement about me not being in any more danger than anyone else, I didn't realize you are an M.D.! /s

I am in a high-risk group (progressive, degenerative neuromuscular disease, already use a CPAP (for central sleep apnea which means it is caused by a malfunction in my brain due to my illness) so my respiratory system is already compromised - and CPAPs apparently spread the disease so if I get sick i can't use it).

And my caregiver is my 70 year old mother who has heart disease (genetic/inherited), both of which put her at high risk should she get sick. And since she has to go out of the house and get food and medications when needed, if she gets sick, I'm going to get sick and the odds of us dying if we get COVID-19 are extremely high.

Then again if my mom and I die, you and all the trolls here would be really happy, wouldn't you? I mean, even if COVID-19 didn't exist the odds of me being dead sooner rather than later are extremely high. I just turned 48. I was 35 when I got sick. Instead of getting full ALS where you die in 2-5 years, I got a slower, "less fatal," version where people have about 20 years, if they're lucky. I'm 14 years in and after years of progression am just now losing my ability to walk, completely.

I realize people (like Trump) believe my mother and I should sacrifice our lives or his wealth. The Nazis called the sick and disabled "useless eaters" and killed them first. I do not want to die from COVID-19. I have made my peace with how I am going to die from the disease I have, but I REALLY do not want to die from a virus decimating our country SOLELY because Trump, his administration, and the GOP congress members who knew are craven, soulless, murderous shit bags whose depraved indifference to human life has no bottom.

My Life Is More ‘Disposable’ During This Pandemic
The ableism and ageism being unleashed is its own sort of pestilence.


Stop moving the goalposts, raindrop. You said "in danger in" not "in danger of." Your own high-risk status is regrettable but does not give you the authority to dismiss anyone's concerns. xina said "why would anyone in their right mind travel to a hot zone" not "come back from." And you can't be "sure" anyone is sensible and practices social distancing, my friend's mum with lung cancer smokes even when they have her on oxygen.


Nope, she said travel from. You get one. Everything else, you're off base, she has a right to be alarmed.


@11 We are all in this together, which makes people's total disregard for others so alarming. My neighbors returning from Florida to this building puts everyone who lives in this building at risk - and most of the people who live here are old and retired (a number of them in their 80s). Who knows how many people who live here have underlying health conditions. This makes them all the more vulnerable to getting COVID-19 and all the more vulnerable of dying from it if they do get it.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says between 100,000—200,000 American COVID-19 deaths now possible.
Even 100,000 deaths may be, at this point, a too-optimistic scenario. Republican-led states like Florida continue to resist stay-at-home orders despite clear evidence that they are on disease trajectories similar to current hotspots; emergency supplies continue, even with months of warning, to be rationed due to scarcity.

Bodies are being stacked in refrigerator trucks in NYC and the nursing manager at Mt. Sinai Hospital there has died. Nurses are wearing plastic garbage bags. The shitbag in the WH is murdering New Yorkers because Andrew Cuomo won't kiss his ass. And the ONLY reason he didn't quarantine NY/NJ/CT isn't because he was advised the better way was to have the CDC put out a strong travel advisory, it's because HE CAN'T QUARANTINE ONLY THE STATES HE HATES. He either declares martial law and locks down the entire country under the military or he doesn't.

He wants to punish and murder CERTAIN people while saving his base who he believes won't die and will be enough to keep him in office. Of course this is all bat shit insanity because Florida is going to see an obscene amount of deaths, as is Louisiana and who knows how many other red states - again ALL due to his very deliberate choice to do nothing.


@13 I am not pouting. I am expressing an opinion. Go fuck yourself.


@7 xina: I am really sorry to read about you and your mother. I remember you had mentioned your CPAP diagnosis in an earlier thread, but I didn't know about your mother's heart condition.
I hope everything gets better for you soon. Hugs, positrons, and VW beeps to you, your mother, and everyone in Oregon.
@15: ....says the troll who should really be watching his sugar intake.
Rainy, Rainy, Rainy.........


Xina, wishing all the best to you and yours!

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