Who are they going to rent to after they evict?


Funny (and by funny, I mean NOT AT ALL FUNNY) how people elected to work for the people always only work for themselves. Gotta love our fake democracy and the wealthy who will do anything to make sure they keep all the money and all the power no matter what. What exactly are they going to do when the majority of their workforce dies?


Well. Now the economy is dead again. After how many years now of skyrocketing rents, gas and even simple groceries, the basic working class who contribute at least 75-80% of the revenue in our economy, are fking flat broke ass broke.
So, businesses flatlined right after, no surprise there, and then chronologically, the Corona reared its ugly head for us all to blame something other than overcharging for necessities on. The bug did it. I agree. Our politicians who are in charge of oversight commitees in DC who must audit the big giants mover and shaker businesses in our world, actually invest in them, it was revealed months ago in the news somewhere. Kind of hard to regulate or "keep things fair" for the little guy when your portfolio stands to lose valuable profits if these companies dip in the stock market.
Oh well.
Who cares.
We're buried in our phones now. And that's where they got our attention this time round using twitter, drudge, msn and youtube telling us to Stay Home.
Real or not, we believed everything about this newly modeled strain and here we are bored and broke.
Hey landlords:
The virus ate my rent check
Har har


"lawyers, doctors, farmers, and comfortably retired corporate stooges are really the only kinds of people who can do that." Maybe a part-time legislature selects for the wealthy, or maybe not.

Another way to look at this is that people serving in the Legislature are generally elected because they have made a case that they have some expertise to offer. In our society, by the time people get to that point, they are often professionals, college grads, those well-established in business or a trade, etc. And those are exactly the kind of people who generally own their homes in this country (at least in this part of the country - I would bet the answer is different in, say, Manhattan). I would submit that THAT is why there are not a lot of renters in the Leg.


@6 - if the virus ends up eating your landlord's mortgage check, and he/she gets foreclosed on, your house will be bought by an investor or (gasp) a REIT who will very likely raise your rent. So be careful what you wish for.


@4 - I have been wondering whether I ought to specify some preferred pronouns as is becoming so common. You've answered the quandary - henceforth I shall be "your Lordship," or "his Lordship."


Don’t you people have parents to help you or were they fuckups too?


@12 - get with the program. This is 2020 - you need to be selling a scam cure for coronavirus. Jeez.


The burger flippers buy: those overblovated iPhone11x's, Under Armor crap, and North Face Michelin man jackets, and crappy gristley Chipotle garbage wraps, and all the other "empty statement" commerce.
Quarantine in place, STUPID.
AND, so glad your kids are driving you crazy!
Because you Are crazy.


@2: xina for the WIN!


Here's a thought... sick of landlords? Sick of paying rent? Buy your own house. Don't rent from them. That'll stick it to them.

Owning real estate and then renting it out is a very, very longstanding practice.


@8 and @18, thank you.

Like a lot of people, I struggle to save. I bought a house in Seattle 25 years ago and am renting it out because I had to leave the region due to health reasons. I rent out the house at a price that covers my mortgage + property taxes (you're welcome--I don't live there anymore so you benefit while I do not) + property manager fees + maintenance and repairs. I take no profit from it at this point (although I hope to when I sell it). So, if my tenants stop paying their rent, I'm screwed. I don't have deep pockets. "Yeah, but there will be a mortgage moratorium too" you say. Bullshit. Not a national one, and since the bank who holds the note on my house isn't in WA, why would they give me a break?

Meanwhile, I am more than willing to work with my tenants. I'm glad evictions have been suspended. I wouldn't evict my tenants due to this anyway. If necessary, I will figure out a way to make it work until they can pay. But it's going to hurt, bad. My own bills and finances may be ruined as well. If you're cheering for people like me to feel the pain, believe me, we're going to. All of us are in this together. Stop demonizing people just because we own property and rent it out. Exploitation happens and should be punished and stopped, but not all owners do it.

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