Meghan McCain Rails Against Jeff Bezos, Says Essential Workers "Should Have Their Pay Doubled"



Be careful.
Could be that what she is really attacking is the Washington Post.


Wtf? Hardcore Republicans* are suddenly Dems?

Oh, that's right -- it's an Election Year
so on 11/4/2020 they'll all laff and say
Just Kidding! and we'll all LOLOL and
say, yeah, we all Thought so! That's funny.

*Where did they all (allegedly) get those 'hearts'?



@2: The joy of projecting is that you always have a comeback.


Well, hopefully more Republicans will come to their senses because of this mess. That could be one positive take away.


This would be an exploitable moment for a Machiavellian D.
Wish we had a few cold, cunning, calculating masters of guile.
Much as I enjoy the ethics of this generation of strong women in Congress, ie AOC, Porter, Prayapal et al, it would be great to have some politicians of yore who could seize this moment and drive legislation.
Sick leave, family leave, minimum wage, overtime, collective bargaining, workplace safety, there are multiple possible areas of reform possible which the current left is too inept to capitalize on.


She'll look back at it a year from now and say "See, this is how I always thought Socialism was; a bunch of loud mouthed, obnoxious people screaming for everyone to be taken care of and for all to have that safety net that the rich always took for granted!"


Well, golly gee! If Meghan McCain is telling Jeff Bezos what he should be doing, I am sure he will get right on it!!!




Xina, please... you know I always enjoy your posts (or at least I always read them)-
but the all-caps thing...ugh.


Jeff Bezos has enough money to build robots to collect the merchandise from the shelves. All Amazon workers should work from home. Safety should be Jeff Bezos' main concern, not profit.


"Safety should be Jeff Bezos' main concern, not profit."

That'd be a Bingo, but to be a Billionaire*
ya gotta focus on what's IMPORTANT
and it AIN'T the silly little "workers."

*possibly Thee RICHEST MAN ON THE fucking PLANET
Share it with the "workers"?
In god's name
why on Earth
would he do
a foolish


how many white-collar amazon workers would stand with their co-workers? 1%? 10% . they are just as greedy and guilty this as JB. sure, they can rationalize it pretty well.


I am an Amazon employee. Everything you hear about the horrible working conditions, including apparent lack of concern about employees is true. Social distancing is ignored by management. Employees are forced to work within close proximity of one another. Amazon is a greedy, horrible company. I applaude. Chris Smalls, the Amazon employee who organized the walk out. I hope that Amazon customers will sacrifice their "wants" from the absolute needs and order via another source and boycott Amazon. As I have stood up to management in an effort to protect employees and myself, there has been an attempt to "push me out", including denying me a promotion that I was approved for nearly a year ago, for reporting managers who were stealing front line employees, who are also the lowest paid employee's, time worked, by deleting hours via computer. This has been going for quite some time. I have been "punished" and aggressively harassed by management, including the most senior manager at our site. I have requested that Amazon act in "good faith" toward employee's health a d welfare and promote social distancing. I finally had to choose between my health and safety, or the peanuts we're paid. I chose my health and safety and have not returned to Amazon. I chose to not be in the midst of a potential coronavirus cess pool, and as other emoloyees, have no income at this time. It's not if, but when numerous other Amazon locations will be contaminated, while Jeff Bezos probably literally bathes in a dry bathtub overflowing with the billions of dollars he has made off the backs of Amazon employees, including the lack of concern for Whole Foods employees. Shame on you, Mr. Bezos. Thank you Meghan for speaking up about this. Thank all of you for finally seeing through Amazon's lies to the public. Thank you Mayor de Blasio and Attorney General Letitia James for requesting an investigation re the firing of Amazon Employee Chris Smalls. Thank you Sens. Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Bob Menendez, and Sherrod Brown for attempting to hold Jeff Bezos responsible and accountable by writing a letter to him regarding protection of warehouse workers. I wish I could tell you that effective safety measures have been implemented in "good faith". Chris Smalls, you are a hero. I believe you will move on to greater and better. I understand the plight, as I have fought the same monster gor some time now. I am in a different state, so we've not met, but I shall attempt to reach out to you soon. Customers of Amazon, please consider us - the front line employees and ask yourselves whether you really need that item via a company such as this, and ask yourself where else you can purchase. We're exhausted and disgusted by the treatment and greed from Amazon. Enough is enough. Please stand with us.


@13 Cool story bro!

Now, if you learned to use paragraphs properly maybe you’d get that big promotion.

The big strike yesterday?

Barely 100 workers out of nearly 450,000 US employees. Seems the workers have spoken.


@Testiculate -- Have you heard the News?

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi and senior Democrats plan to hold a telephonic news conference on Wednesday morning to outline their infrastructure priorities, ranging from expanding rural broadband to rebuilding the nation’s roads and waterways.

Mr. Trump endorsed the prospect of an infrastructure program on Twitter early Tuesday morning, saying that given low interest rates, it should be 'VERY BIG & BOLD, Two Trillion Dollars, and be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our Country!'

Finally -- It's gonna be
Infrastructure Week
in trumptopia!

I bet You're (you and your glass balls're) Excited.


Also@14Troll -- More BAD News for NeoCons:

"AMY GOODMAN: The White House is now estimating that between 100,000 and a quarter of a million people could die from the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of those most concerned about exposure to the highly infectious virus are workers on the frontlines of, well, grocery stores and delivery services.

This is in addition to all the attention to the doctors and nurses and the staffs of hospitals across the country.

On Monday, workers who fulfill orders for Instacart staged a protest to demand better working protections and hazard pay.

Also Monday, Amazon warehouse workers on Staten Island walked off the job. Amazon fired one of them in response, and we’ll get his response later in the broadcast.

Amazon says they fired him because he wasn’t doing social distancing.

He tells a different story. On Tuesday, Whole Foods workers organized a national sick-out protest demanding double normal wages for workers as hazard pay for working on the frontlines during a pandemic.

This comes as three workers at a large UPS facility near Boston have tested positive and two dozen more have been quarantined."

Much More Bad News for Neocons @