I know you see it.
I know you see it. Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

There was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Idaho: Looks like it hit near McCall and Stanley. The Weather Channel writes that there were no immediate reports of major damage or injuries, but it was one of the strongest earthquakes on record for Idaho. I lived near Boise for ~10 years. I didn't think earthquakes happened over there!

For a round-up of today's biggest COVID-19 headlines: Click riiiiiiiiight here.

There's been a lot of attention on the videoconferencing app Zoom this month: As Rich pointed out in Slog AM, lawyers are concerned about the app's security flaws. The app also has a bit of a porn and Nazi problem. As Sam Morrison writes for Recode: "Zoom’s best month could also be its worst."

Speaking of videoconferencing: Watch this art.

Do you need to take a trip far away from today's headlines? Take a plunge and read about a submerged and ancient forest that could "conceal medicine of the future."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's approval ratings are soaring: Higher than Trump's. People are calling for Cuomo 2020. That's a fantasy, but his popularity isn't: "A Siena College poll of New Yorkers, released on Monday, found Mr. Cuomo with a 71 percent favorability rating," writes the New York Times. Those numbers are a 27-point spike from February.

The more pressing issue: Cuomo's nipples. What's going on under that shirt, Mr. Cuomo? Dan Savage investigates.

The NFL, hungry for viewers, starts serving up content for kids: They will be adding a "kids-focused broadcast" on Nickelodeon. Details are vague at the moment.

A high school track coach in Des Moines, Washington, was charged with "four counts of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes" last week. “He had female athletes change (clothes) in his classroom, he invited students to his house, he delegated his duties to students, he inappropriately touched them, made overtly sexual and inappropriate comments to them, and talked to athletes about their bodies in a sexual and inappropriate way,” wrote a prosecutor in the charging papers.

My favorite headline of the day: The Townspeople Went Inside To Shelter. Then The Goats Arrived.

Recycling ain't it: "In 40 years, less than 10% of plastic has ever been recycled."

Hunter Harris read Woody Allen's memoir so you don't have to: Here are the footnotes.

Gas prices are tanking: In Florida, regular unleaded gasoline averages $1.97 a gallon, but I don't recommend driving around Florida right now.

Did you see that hail? The weather in Seattle has been so weird lately.