Slog AM: The Pentagon Needs Some Direction; Abortion Is "Essential," Judges Rule; This Sports Announcer Keeps Getting Sent Sex Tapes



Trying to slip something in here before the thread goes to hell as usual…

Regarding your "Take a Break and Read a Fucking Poem" series, I know this doesn't quite constitute taking a break, but doesn't today's poem have to be "The Wasteland"?

"April is the cruellest month…"


I've always enjoyed April Fools day and never thought of it the way Nathalie described.


Occupy your home.


"a capitalist dick-measuring contest for brands"???????????????????
C'mon Nathalie, there are no April Fools greeting cards, no flower buying promotions, no massive ad campaigns for jewelry, no April Fools sales at Walmart. It may very well be the final non-commercial secular celebration we have! Having said all that, it is a lame celebration and most people never participated anyway.


@4 -- NPR had some good ones, though. My wife came back excited one day to tell me that the Boston Celtics were about to sign a tall Irish player, but he wouldn't sign unless they pronounced the team "Keltics". It was a clever gag, and I probably would have fallen for it if I wasn't a bigger basketball fan.


The Pentagon obviously should send those ventilators to a warehouse in New Jersey, where the rest of the ventilators we send New York are hanging out.




"Happy April Fool's Day: There will be no April Fools today. I mean, c'mon, read the room. The holiday has turned into a capitalist dick-measuring contest for brands anyway so I don't think we're missing out on much." --NG

You just made my Week.
Happy 4/1/2020!


I'm unaware of a major US holiday that isnt a capitalist dick measuring contest


"Sorry, a pandemic is no reason to outlaw abortion:"

That's gonna upset our
local BABY KILLERS! troll.

Ever changed a zygote's diaper?

WHOSE Body is it ''mooching'' on, anyway?

The Patriarchy's? Puh-lease. Also,
Pro-Lifers, please don't kill anymore
OB/Gyns. We're running a little Short.


How about the Pentagon send them to California where the feds sent all of the broken ventilators, if they wont send them to NYC, which is the most in need of them. Not really brain surgery. Make a goddamn decision and do it.


Oh how nice @7, just a clip of very loud profanity to start our day.


@12. Oh, loosen up Rainy, don't be so bloody Prussian.


What is the urgency?
What possible harm could a tiny clump of undifferentiated cells do?
Gawd, The Left are terrified of anything these days.
Why, their Terror sensors are smoking burned nubs at this point....


@11. Give em a break. The Pentagon is only good at deciding where to send arms for profit. Saving lives for free? They're out of their element.


'What possible harm
could a tiny clump of
undifferentiated cells do?"

Maybe ask the murdered healthcare providers
murdered by Pro-Lifers that question.

Besides -- wtf's it gotta do with YOU?
You proud of Fake "prez's"
of Pandemic Response?
How Many Lives has HE cost US?

Where's the Out Rage?
Your 'principles' are ... Interesting.


it’s truly depraved that our courts need to intervene so women can get reproductive medical care during a fucking pandemic


Most folks can make a moral distinction between an 3 day old zygote and a five month old fetus. The left & right wing crazies can not. Think of it as the argument from natural science. If it looks like a yellow bellied sap sucker, it's a yellow bellied sap sucker. If it looks like a human, it's a human.



Yeah, it's pretty entertaining when you realize you've bitten on one. A decade or so one of the mountain biking magazines I read published a short blurb-ish piece on some new emerging trend off the coast of southern California in which some extreme boundary pushing kids were "underwater mountain biking," using scuba gear and launching off coral reefs and whatnot. I recall being mildly annoyed by it all before realizing the date of the publication (it's helpful too when it's not a daily issue and so you may not actually be reading it on the 1st.)

They published a few of the angry responses they received from readers who were appalled that they were actively promoting such a stupid and potentially environmentally harmful activity.


@8 and @10 kristofarian: Agreed, seconded, and I know, right?
Nathalie, you made my day. Thanks!
@17 blip: It truly is. This entire criminally inept, neofascist orange nightmare regime should be quarantined, and have to beg in the courts for Viagra coverage.




Son of a...


@21 so should pregnant women get stimulus checks for their fetuses?


every period is involuntary manslaughter, every load is mass murder


@25 In the second case, there is arguably the rights of another person to consider. What right to life do you think this fetus {insert photo of five month old fetus sucking thumb} have? Any at all?


@27 if the fetus is a person then it is a minor, and parents can make heath and legal decisions on its behalf just like any other child under 18


Where do people get the idea that women are waiting 5 months to get an elective abortion?


@28 That's correct. But, assuming that you're pro-choice, do you want to agree that the same parental rights that would apply to a child would also apply to a fetus?


The Rights of the Rapist! Christ! I'd nearly forgotten about the poor Rapist. He MUST have Full Parental Rights because it's Biology, pure and simple: The Father IS the Father. Would you deprive a child of it's father's Love? If yes, then You must be an Animal.

Tortured thinking leads to torturers and forced birthers & is all about The Patriarchy. Last I heard, the Bible is NOT The Law. FUCK the Patriarchy. Or, rather, they can stop Fucking US. It's about fucking Time.


People are naturally inclined to want some sort of cut-and-dry, objectively infallible morality to guide their decision making, and so are understandably drawn to the "all life sacred" mindset. But such thinking is fraught with innumerable holes and slippery slopes, and so fundamentally untenable. We as a society have conclusively established and demonstrated that we're utterly incapable of caring even for those infants and people who were conceived of lovingly and deliberately, and so it's perfectly understandable, or even incumbent upon us to make unfortunate and,quite often devastatingly sad provisions for those who've not done so.


The only ones that see the abortion issue as cut and dried are the fanatics at each extreme. But starting from the premises that all life is precious is a good place to start any discussion.


Baseball has fanatics.
People who call other
people fanatics are
always fanatics
even if my say-
ing so makes
me a fanatic.


@30. No, because I personally don't believe a fetus is a child. And there are already too many children who have been born who need help. I am pro-abortion, not pro-choice.


@35 Thanks for the laugh. Be safe


@37 No doubt. The best thing the poor can do is not breed more. I say create free ‘Fed-abort’ clinics in every trailer park, barrio and ‘hood in America. Free rims or an xBox for every fuckup you don’t pump out on society. It’s not a human after all, just a future moocher taken off the welfare scrolls.


Planned Parenthood certainly does their part.
They abort black babies at 3X the rate of whites,
Hispanics at 2X the white rate.
Their founder, Eugenics FanGirl Margaret Sanger wrote that "consequences of breeding from stock lacking human vitality always will give us social problems and perpetuate institutions of charity and crime."