Fact Check: Trump's "Nobody Knew" Claim Proved False, Yet Again, This Time Via Comic Book



Not only did "nobody know about pandemics," but then Trump on March 14th "...felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic..." Then a few days later he went back to "nobody knew that this was going to be pandemic" business.

Yes. He contradicts himself daily. But. The contradiction just shows you the 4D chess Trump is playing.

Trump both "doesn't know " and simultaneously "knows" like the superposition of a quantum particle. He exists in two places at them time. He is particle and a wave. He both totally incompetent and all knowing.

Trump is the Schrödinger's Cat of presidents.


I can only read the phrase "No Ordinary Flu" in Sade's voice.


Just like no one knew about 9/11 despite the intelligence warnings. Republicans willful and malevolent ignorance continues to get people killed. Strange stance for the pro life party.


Now that Trump has apparently been brought to heel, we need to spend more energy on finding solutions than immolating in outrage fatigue.

Very poignant and visceral work. Comics are high art.


This may be of interest to readers:

Hidden Brain (NPR) --- March 23, 20207:05 PM ET -- audio, 1 hr.
An Unfinished Lesson: What The 1918 Flu Tells Us About Human Nature

The interviewee is a Tacoma, WA historian . Very interesting stuff indeed.
To wit: Did you know the "Spanish Flu" started in a KANSAS Army base?


Whoa. Was the US still pissed at Spain for that whole Philippines/Guam/Puerto Rico/Cuba/etc business, or what?


David Lasky is a genius. I'm one of his many, many friends. I'm glad to see he's getting more well-deserved recognition. Dude has skills as an artist and storyteller.


@6 - King County has dramatically slowed the growth of COVID when compared to almost anywhere else that's been seriously hit. You're full of shit.


I will write a comic about an earthquake. Then I can say that I totally predicted it when an earthquake hits.
Now if the comic actually had March 2020 as the time frame and talked about a flu from China I would give them a little more credit. But predicting a major flu isn't really predicting anything. You're just saying what is obviously a forgone conclusion.


I'm with #10...what is the point of this?


We point out that if King County knew the virus was coming they did a shitty job of preparing and get deleted?
Evidently a major existential health crisis is no time for inconvenient truths.
So get back to whining and bitching that Trump isn't giving you what you want, you awesome prepared Leftists, you...you are sooooo much smarter trhan everyone else.



Well Trump is in good company on this one...because it seems (aside from China) that none of the European countries were ready for this!

Do all the European countries have all the masks, gowns, ventilators, stock piles of things for a pandemic?

Did all the European nations build field hospitals ahead of time say in January...or even February?

Did they have their hospital ships all togged up ready to go?

Did they nationalize their private industries?

Now is not the time to play Monday morning QB. Its time to get into gear, fix the problem, not the blame.

There will be plenty of time for The Stranger to fix blame.

I'm not a big fan of Trump, but I simply can't abide "jaundice journalism"


Just imagine if Fred and MaryAnne McLeod Trump had both been irreparably sterile?