You're not gonna get free rent. Give it up.


@2 It is fun watching all these armchair socialists sitting in the corner and furiously masturbating during this.


Well sure free rent.
But don't forget free weed and free groceries and hookers ought to work for free too.
And I'd like a free car, while we're at it.
A 4Runner. With big tires. Army green. With racks on top.


This is the first time I've ever seen a writer from the left address the takings clause.

The takings clause is a giant issue for many of the more pie in the sky ideas on the left. Additionally, almost all very leftist ideas in housing.


damn, you're right;
we forgot Netflix.....


Before anyone doesn't pay rent, they need to not pay their phone bill, cable/internet bill, any streaming services bill, car payment, credit card bill and any other discretionary bill they have. Tighten your damn belts before you start messing around with your shelter.


Good thing our state's tax system is not based upon sales tax.



ok, we're screwed.


2: Yes, but we will get some more homeless people for you chud-sympathizing Democrats to bitch about every day.


Now that all of The Stranger's stories are just summaries of articles they find in other news outlets, is there a point of coming to this site anymore? I can get that bigger and better on Reddit. I mean, the précis is a cornerstone of journalism, but you usually don't see it used in every single fucking article an outlet publishes.


EvErYtHiNg sHouLd JuSt be FreE -- every fucking moron that can't see where we're heading. The economy that we knew is fucking over. Totally collapsing. Every transaction has to be renegotiated. Noboby thinks they're entitled to free rent, but in the middle of a GLOBAL crisis of a lifetime, I think we can waive the fucking rent for a bit. The takings clause and corresponding state code are predicated on normal circumstances. This is far from normal territory.
The only reason there isn't widespread unrest now is because they've managed to keep the supply chain intact and they're printing a few trillion out of thin air.


Also just an editorial note or proposal about the headline here (which is hard to read). Perhaps "Constitutional problems hinder/impede/stymie calls for rent..." ?

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