Slog PM: Bill Withers Is Dead, Powell's Books Is Called Out, Fox News Is Sued



Powell's. So what? We patronize Washington independent booksellers. We don't go to Portland or Powell's to get books.




An Angel Soft Angle Cake.


The sister paper Portland Mercury makes me wonder if anyone is reading it. On page one of their blog has no comments save a single one on one story and 9 one about rent control



Yeah, I live in Portland and will read a hard copy of the paper, but rarely visit the blog. Pretty sure it's one of those things where nobody goes to the blog b/c it's not popular, but it can't increase it's popularity b/c nobody goes to the blog. I tried commenting there once or twice, but got caught up in needing to register a new profile. Given their ownership, I was surprised my registered slog profile didn't carry over there and wound up being too busy/lazy to register a new one.


Your readership is regional and Powell's is a PNW institution, for better or worse.


@5, Yeah, seems funny to reregister to a sister paper but that's how it set up. But compared to The Stranger that has more than needed comments it's funny The Mercury hardly gets any and I mean virtually none by comparison. And like the Stranger they have been online for years and went online only at the same time. I don't know but very little or no comments on stories to me means who's reading?


“Ain’t no Sunshine”. Doesn’t get much sweeter than that. Thanks Bill W.


Guillotine sounds like a fun weekend project. Hi, Kshama! Step right up!


Oh, poor Switfy --
once again you
have it 'zactly

Billionaires taste like Chicken.
(Democratic!) socialists taste like


@9 Socialists taste more like Hungary. Democracy! Who knew? Here, take a few Bolivares for your trouble.


Trump is behaving like a despot and Republicans are enabling him.
Despots typically come to a bad end precisely because they have systematically dismantled normal judicial processes.
The guillotine is a very colorful evocation of the extra-legal fate awaiting those who methodically loot the public treasury and destroy norms and conventions.
It could be the fate of a Qaddafi or a Mussolini or a Caesar, any one of a number of unkind ends.
But since we are modern, squeamish people perhaps it could be similar to the fate of the Shah- sent abroad for 'treatment'.
Personally I like keeping guillotine language in play- maybe it moves that Overton window a smidge.


/seen online/

"Evilungelical ChrISIStians declare Prezirapist AntiChrist their supreme Messiah,
Gawd replies with tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and a plague."


@Switfy -- So, you're saying We the People are Too Stupid to differentiate between Good socialism and Bad? Dammit, Switfy -- you Projecting. Again. We don't gotta for all out Totalitarianism, dummy.

Why does the so-called "right" always
choose The Worst Possible Option?

God let us Hope there's a Cure.


@12: Whew, were in a pandemic - not a plague, so there's still time.


@13. Critical thinking defies demagogic binaries and apparently encourages children to disobey their parents and God by extension. It was part of the GOP platform in 2012 in Texas to literally discourage critical thinking skills. We can see the damaging effects this has had on the world at large.


@15: Glad that you found an old reference that you could extrapolate into something to add to the conversation.


@16. An old reference? It is literally part of their platform and I was living in Austin at the time. Critical thinking was made into a devil term and a liberal conspiracy. It is no secret that they hold these views if the very platform singled out "critical thinking" as a threat. Why can you not draw conclusions that are intuitively obvious without rejecting the evidence in front of your own eyes?


"Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority."


As if Jesus Christ was supposed to accept fixed beliefs and refuse to undermine authority.




10: What's funny about you is you're a basically a hard-right Biden supporter. Miss the old Cold Warrior age much?


@19: I don't discount that fundamentalist craziness, but it's hardly anything new. The world does not have a lack of critical thinkers because just look at the advancement in every discipline in just the past five years.

The only problem we have is with those who claim that others are not thinking critically because that amounts to a solution in search of a problem. Or, at worst, a growing population of egomaniacs who think they know what all the answers are at the expense of revolutionary ideas and input they refuse to entertain.

In other words, have more faith in your fellow mankind and womankind.


@22. I don't know everything, and I am often wrong; that's why I always post things that let other people do the talking for me. Meanwhile, I know that an individual is smart; people are stupid, and that the masses are being deceived from the top down by their leaders who are clearly ignorant of science. Why? Because I worked at the Texas Legislature and watched their proceedings and I know what they peddle to the masses, and what those people do with that they are told. I've had 42 jobs and have worked in nearly every industry and heard from all kinds of people and trained in science and healthcare and have hands on experience in microbiology and physiology and my peers are NASA kids and my family are doctors and my girlfriend is currently fighting this thing every day in Milan Italy and I spoke personally with fellows in Bergamo who are swamped in the worst case scenario. So, excuse me for not having faith in people who minimize the severity of this and ignore the real case studies for an opiate of the masses and blind faith. It's not good enough. I may not be the smartest person, but I keep well informed and refuse to let a bold-faced lie stand without being challenged.


I thought he was illustrating your point beautifully


For all of you die-hard Cliff Mass fans out there, check out his blog post from March 13 on CV-19.
Usual Mass pablum, absolutely in sync with his climate-denialism-lite approach. Scolding all of you alarmists and fear-mongers.
Cliff reassures us it is really nothing to worry about, we should hurry and re-open schools.
As an example of what he calls alarmism he gives a screen shot of a headline from the Times from March 11-
"Without social distancing, state death toll could hit 400 by April 9"
That headline is turning out to be prescient and Mr Mass now really looks like an idiot.


The 6Ps: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance


It's about fucking TIME FOX TeeVee execs got their sorry asses sued for misinformation.
I'd love to give Trump, Pence, Jeff Bezos, and all their yes men a swift kick in the balls.
May they all go broke.

@9 kristofarian, @11 kallipugos, and @12 Original Andrew: Agreed and seconded. Well said.


@27: That would hurt immensely, and be a very cruel thing to do.


@25 If you are relying on a meteorologist for public health advice, you are doing it wrong.


@29. I'll remember that next time we get hit by an unannounced hurricane.


But if rainy quits lecturing
where on Earth will I get
my (pearl-clutching)
Lectures? Didja
ever think a'


Remember, don't try to 3D print guillotines.

They need strong Pacific NW beams and timbers, and steel grown in Spokane (uses less GHG emissions).

Sharpen twice, cut once.