Inslee Cuts $445 Million from the Budget in Anticipation of Massive Revenue Shortfalls



No income tax. No compromise.


Amazing what this State must do when it runs out of money.


@2. That's a pretty stupid sentiment. Retail sales tax is what 70/80% of the state general fund.

How much do you think that has declined? 30%, 40%, 80%?

Oh yeah... the state is constitutionally prohibited from running at a deficit.


Well....I guess The Stranger, Sawant & Now Morales are right.

We need to run these big, nasty capitalist business out of town. If we work together, we can irritate them, smear them and keep threatening to tax them in a devious, putative manners..

-- head tax, special income taxes, wealth or asset tax.....etc.

While we are at it, lets get that Damn Cruise ship line out of our local waters. I'd just order them sunk on sight.

Sure it will reduce our tax revenues further, reduce commerce and money coming into the city, it will surely get rid of jobs ...but we'll be what we've always wanted to be:

A Socialist Paradise where everybody is lowered to a common level....everyone is equal in terms of how much they make and earn.

Meanwhile over in Bellevue...they will sleep well tonight, smiling gently on Seattle as the wealth, jobs, revenue and taxes pour in by the bucket. Its little wonder why these large companies are looking elsewhere to do business.

With a city council and mayor like we have...who needs enemies!


"A Socialist Paradise where
everybody is lowered
to a common level."

If by 'lowered to a common level' you mean three people won't Own More Wealth than fully ONE-HALF the Entire Citizenry, perhaps you Are on to something there, Mistrial.

Count me IN.


6 edited apologies

If by 'lowered to a common level' you mean 3 people won't Own More Wealth than fully ONE-HALF the Entire Citizenry, perhaps you ARE on to something there, Mistrial.

carry on


Key here is not only that the revenue shortfall will be "massive," but that no one really knows how massive. This could be wind up being far worse than even pessimistic projections would suggest. Jay Inslee is a compassionate person, and he would only make these cuts if he felt there were absolutely no alternative to doing so. Again, just as in the shelter-in-place decisions: bleak or bleaker. He'll undoubtedly take some heat from the left for lacking compassion, but I'm not sure he has much choice, especially given how unpredictable the situation is. Armchair-quarterback denunciations and solutions are all well and good; Inslee has to deal with here-and-now budgetary numbers. Those numbers are not looking good, and they could get a lot worse. And Seattle's won't be pretty, either. Some tough decisions await Jenny Durkan and the council. Blame is easy to come by; valid solutions and political consensus to get something done are not.


We don't need no education....


@6 kristofarian: Yeah--sign me up!
@7 kristofarian: Fear not, kris. I knew what you meant. :)
@9 xina: ...we don't need no ...thought control.
No dark sarcasm the classroom......
Teacher, leave those kids alone!


Maybe if we beg and plead and meme the shit out of his bald head, Bozos will grace us with his munificence.

Our regressive tax structure sucks shit.


@11 spunkbutter: I know, right? Bezos is among those already dying of MAGAvirus.


I'm very impressed with Inslee. I thought he was kind of an empty suit at first, but this crisis has shown he can step up and make the tough calls. I was really surprised (and delighted) when he chopped the supremely silly 'State Office of Equity'.

If there was ever a symbol of Democrat-dominated Olympia bloat and overreach, it was that fatuous little bagatelle. Pointless and redundant, it was A Solution in Search of A Problem, and you know it would've been staffed with a bunch of Professional Victims, looking for 'Oppressors' to rail against.

Now look at Seattle, where our 'Boulevard Bolshevik', Kshama Sawant, never being one to let a crisis go to waste, sees instead another opportunity to levy another onerous tax on Seattle businesses. The joke will be on her (and us) when companies like Amazon and the rest throw up their hands, say 'fuck this shit', and decamp to Bellevue. Then Seattle will become 'Detroit-by-the-Sea'. At least the property values will go down. So. Much. Winning.

The gravy train is officially derailed, kids. We have no more time or money for fluff like 'Equity Offices', rainbow crosswalks, and programs that attract vagrants from all points of the compass. It's back to basics. Deal with it.


Hate to say it but I think it's time to take the half-loaf (or maybe one-100th loaf/) and institute the one-percent flat income tax the state constitution unambiguously allows. Do I like the idea? No, because it makes our state's inequitable tax structure even more so, but it's preferable to massive budget cuts that will inevitably hit the poor the hardest despite whatever efforts are made to soften the blow. (And I don't think Amazon is going anywhere, regardless. The much-touted HQ2 turned out to be essentially a giant bluff, and now they're building a massive new facility in a region whose local taxes make Seattle's seem like a pittance. Taxes matter much, much less in serious business decisions than conservatives imagine they do.


Our regressive state tax system is a problem, but not because it's unstable during a down economy. The most regressive systems (for example, a poll tax that's the same per person) are the most stable because everybody has to pay the same amount no matter what. Compare that to something like a graduated capital gains tax that can fluctuate tremendously year-to-year because of stock market performance. Very progressive but not at all stable.


@13 Got to agree. I voted for Inslee but thought he was the soggiest of milquetoasts. However, he's really handled this crisis well, especially since it started here.

Now he's doing what's needed to keep the state finances in order.

A"State Office of Equity"?


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