The president has a question.
The president has a question. Sarah Silbiger / Getty Images

Over the weekend, the Queen of England gave an address that was calming, reassuring, grounded in facts, aware of history, and instructive.

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Meanwhile, on Friday night Trump fired "the intelligence watchdog who validated the Ukraine whistle-blower complaint." His name is Michael Atkinson, and his actions helped kick off Trump's impeachment. In response to this and other recent moves by the White House, Noah Bookbinder warns: "Dictators around the world are using the pandemic to tighten their control."

Tump also used his Sunday coronavirus briefing to again push an unproven drug: "Mr. Trump’s recommendation of hydroxychloroquine, for the second day in a row at a White House briefing, was a striking example of his brazen willingness to distort and outright defy expert opinion and scientific evidence when it does not suit his agenda," writes The New York Times. "'But what do I know? I’m not a doctor,' Mr. Trump added."

A State Representative from Ohio is ready to make a "crimes against humanity" referral over this:

How did Trump become fixated on hydroxychloroquine, anyway? Giuliani.

But hey, the skies are cleaner: "Beginning with China’s national lockdown and intensifying with the World Health Organization pandemic declaration on March 11, emission levels of key pollutants like nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and others have decreased," Crosscut notes.

What would happen if America tried to hold an election in the midst of a pandemic? We're about to find out in Wisconsin. "The obvious option is to vote by mail," writes the Washington Post editorial board. But Republicans who control the Wisconsin state legislature have "refused."

Another sign that Washington state is flattening the curve: We're sending 400 ventilators to New York and other hard-hit states.

Rudy's declares bankruptcy: "In a bid to save the company and the jobs of its 600 employees, Capitol Hill-born Rudy’s Barbershops has filed for bankruptcy and is seeking permission for a quick sale to raise cash it needs to continue after its business was wiped away by the COVID-19 crisis," writes the CHS blog.

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Closed indefinitely: Boeing's local factories, which means, according to Dominic Gates, that "thirty thousand Boeing employees on Wednesday must start taking vacation or sick time, or apply for unemployment."

Why is "We'll Meet Again" back on the charts? Because Her Majesty closed her address with it. What even is "We'll Meet Again"? Here you go: