Slog AM: Trump Asks Self and Nation: "What Do I Know? I'm Not a Doctor..."



Trump / GOP defenders? Any cure-all #MAGA insights when the USA greatly needs it?


"We'll Meet Again" famously plays in the ending scene of Dr. Strangelove, as nuclear bombs detonate and the world ends. What is the Queen trying to tell us?


I liked the part in The Hit where a gangster, played by Terrence Stamp, has turned state's evidence against his partner's in crime and when he finishes testifying and is leaving the courtroom the defendants all start singing "We'll meet again."


This trumpworld obsession with hydroxyquinolone is like the tide pod challenge but dumber and with people getting killed. Trump said something stupid a few weeks ago and now we have self-anointed “experts” all over tv pushing snake oil because trump can never be wrong about anything. For years we’ve ridiculed north korea for this kind of silly shit, yet here we are.


Vera Lynn, born in 1917, is still alive today.


To the hysterical "Ladies of Slog™", time for some stiff upper lip.


@4: How is the Rx for Lupus "snake oil"? It's already being prescribed for Covid-19 patients regardless of what Trump is bloviating. Please correct me if I just happen to be wrong.


@7, Because it’s an rx for lupus, not covid. It may actually work but we need randomized controlled trials w/ a placebo group to show outcomes are significantly improved with treatment. Anything less than that is anecdotal and anecdotal is not science.

Drs using it as a “try anything/nothing to lose” treatment under their direct supervision is one thing but Trump is saying he would consider just taking it as a preventative. People have already died trying this! It is grossly irresponsible and any tv drs lending their credibility to this are doing the public a huge disservice.


@7 - you aren't wrong. It's a commonly used treatment for autoimmune diseases and malaria. And any FDA licensed physician may prescribe it for both on-label and off-label use, including the treatment of COVID-19. Of course with high demand for the drug right now supplies are being reserved for hospital use.


@8 - an idiot died by ingesting aquarium parasite killer. Not by taking the drug mentioned by President Trump. You are FAKE NEWS.


SlogAM; aka your daily dose of Trump-Haters' Bile

Much of the nation remains in the grip of a crippling ailment;
Trump Hatred Induced Derangement;
which poisons their all and every interaction, thought and action.\


I wonder if Trump will mourn his followers?

Texas Woman Who Claimed COVID-19 Was ‘Media Driven’ Hoax Dies From Virus
“MAGA”: Karen Kolb Sehlke, a Trump-loving woman from Texas is dead from COVID-19 after claiming the virus was a “media driven” hoax.
In a sad, cautionary tale of willful ignorance and hubris, Karen Kolb Sehlke is dead from COVID-19 after claiming the virus was a “media driven” hoax “controlled by the radical people in powerful places.”

In a long-winded Facebook rant Sehlke claimed that “our government is under attack from within” while comparing the coronavirus to “the impeachment hoax” and arguing that those who take the current pandemic seriously “panic like sheep.”


...and 36% of physicians world-wide choose it as their preferred treatment for Covid-19.


7 here is the other part of the problem: lupus patients will suffer

10 lol you don’t even know what you’re mad about


@14 - just mad at the lies, that's all.


@12, "a Trump loving woman from Texas is dead."

It's good to get some good news in these dark times.


You have noticed that Covid focuses it's lethality in Blue communities,
haven't you?
Blue states top the list,
and in Red States it is the Blue cities where fatalities are concentrated.

Haven't you noticed that whatever Lies you attack Trump with turn around to bite your asses?

Like when Pharaoh, enraged at the plagues, orders all first-born Hebrews to die, but a cloud of death instead kills all the firstborn of Egypt, including the child of Rameses....

What calamity will you next call down upon yourselves?


@15, well then you should apologize, since the chloroquine Trump has recommended for people to kill themselves with is the same compound used to kill aquarium parasites.


15 lol. There is not a single clinical trial demonstrating its efficacy as a treatment for covid.

It’s weird that a guy who paid $100 for a ben shapiro coffee mug values his feelings more than the facts. Maybe you should fill it with your tears.


I’m sure that the courts will have no problems processing 80 million bankruptcies in the next three months or so. Should we be concerned?


/seen online/

"Recessions have characterized ALL Republican administrations for decades. Most have been rooted in failure of oversight of financial institutions and industries, and massive deficits triggered by huge tax cuts designed to make wealthy individuals and corporations richer.

Reagan's recession was triggered by massive tax cuts, then lax oversight of the S&L industry.

George H. W. Bush had a large recession in the early 90s, again triggered by huge tax cuts left over from Reagan.

Clinton cleaned up the economy and left in 2001 with a U.S. budget surplus.

George W. Bush caused the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, as lack of oversight of financial institutions led to runaway fraud by those institutions.

Obama cleaned up the economy, restored a measure of oversight; the stock market rose from about 7500 when he began, to 19,800 on 1/21/2017.

Now Trump. Trump's recession has elements of all these, but adds a corrupt, evil character with no regard for Americans' lives, health and safety. It has been magnified by his psychopathy, incessant lying, deception, attempts to rewrite history, finger pointing, conspiracy theorizing and lack of grounding in reality. It has, as well, been abetted by hordes of greedy, corrupt and malignant Republicans whose only goals are more money and power, plus tremendous desire to harm those who are least able to defend themselves.

These crises all happened under Republican administrations. It wasn't that the country was simply unprepared, it was purposely crippled each time due to incompetence, malice, and greed. Each time a Democratic administration had to come in and fix things. There were three pandemics that occurred during the Obama administration and those were handled expertly, all while keeping the economic recovery from the 2008 recession going - well enough that it took Traitor Trump three years to finally destroy it, along with vital parts of the government. And now the Republicans, through Trump, have openly admitted that they're trying to sabotage all elections so that they can continue to destroy the country and the people in it while they find ways to profit from the destruction."


Interesting to note that if Edward VIII had not been uncomfortable being King as a gay man and didn't need to hide behind a marriage of convenience with Walis Simpson to abdicate the thrown to his brother, Elizabeth would have never become Queen.


12 Look at it this way: trust-fund boy trump cut off family health insurance to his own family members during their legal dispute over dead daddy's money.
This included trump's young sickly, epileptic nephew who required regular care:
"Donald retaliated by withdrawing the funds that were meant to pay for the healthcare of his nephew's ill child."
So trump is the guy who will let his own sick nephew suffer and die without a care in this world. You think a voter is anywhere on his list of cares?



Just as well the Queen didn't roll "We'll Meet Again" at the end of her speech - that was the outro score for "Doctor Strangelove."


@11 Trump is a narcissistic liar and a moron. And, my life is amazing!


That's right...Trump is NOT a doctor and knows nothing. So why doesn't he do the decent thing and, as noted political analyst Samuel L. Jackson would suggest "stay the fuck at home" during the health briefings? There is no good reason for Trump to be contradicting the doctors and the scientists OR to be deliberately sowing confusion. It's morally wrong to use health briefings as campaign rallies or in the name of personal financial gain.


I found a bunch of expired Malarone in my drawer. It's a different malaria drug. I think I'll start taking them as a preventative measure. What do I have to lose? Trump said it was OK.


You can’t use ventilators without sedatives. Now the US is running out of those, too.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a press conference April 4 that the state had ordered 17,000 ventilators from the federal government, but “that order never came through.”

Although New York City may be the first city in the country to run out of ventilators, other cities are expected to follow. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently tweeted, “Ventilators are our #1 need right now. I won’t stop fighting to get us the equipment we need to save every life we can.” Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards predicted that his state would run out of ventilators by April 6.

But to save a Covid-19 patient’s life with a ventilator, you also need an ample supply of medications, both to be able to use the machine and to prevent agonizing pain. Experts say there’s a worrisome shortage of those, too — one that’s only expected to grow worse.


@22 Even if Edward had remained the king, gay or not, he and Wallace left no heir and Elizabeth would have become queen.


I should point out the South has done very very very little to protect themselves from COVID-19, and their healthcare, which was always marginal, is likely to collapse everywhere, which will also dramatically impact POC who are dying there in record numbers, due to other co-morbidities.

Medicare For All: live it. learn it. love it. demand it.


@10, it was a husband and wife that scarfed down the fish tank cleaner. The wife barfed up most of it and survived. Her take on it was:

“Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure,” the woman told NBC.

She said her advice would be: “Don’t take anything. Don’t believe anything. Don’t believe anything that the president says and his people … call your doctor.”


@30 - Indeed yes. Thanks


@ 18
Likely one of the reasons why trump played down COVID 19, hoping the virus will remain in libral, minorities bodies and communities. Just like the Reagan inaction during the AIDS years.


@10, 32,

Yeah, in addition to being horrible, Republicans are also mind-boggling and colossally stupid people.


Trump Asks Self and Nation:"What do I know? I'm not a Doctor."
No SHIT! Donald Jackass Trump is an inexcusably incompetent white collar criminal who now has the blood of millions on his hands.

@9, @10, & @15: And you bought Trump's lies, Doofy, lock, stock, and NRA-approved rifle barrel. Want to really get mad? Take a look in your bathroom mirror.

@31 Will in Seattle and @35 mike blob: Spot on, agreed, and seconded.



The Federal Govt is not your ventilator supplier, Andrew.
waiting until the pandemic is stalking your streets before you order your ventilators is criminally negligent.

3 The smart move would have been to have ordered the 16,000 ventilators the state task force recommended in 2015.
Or in 2016.
Or in 2017.
or in 2018.
or even in 2019.
waiting until the pandemic is upon us, and bitching because Trump doesn't bail out your sorry ass, is sad. But kudos for showing up every day at your little bitch session daily briefing.
It takes a lot of nerve to show your face

Andrew should run for President.
We'll send him a check.


@17: LOL some days your malice is only surpassed by your stupidity 404.
Today is one of those days.


@33 Yeah but you really have to go out of your way to contract HIV in the USA.


That you can actually get from door knobs.


Trump: "Take this medication, what do you have to lose?"

Dr. Patrice Harris, president of the AMA: “You could lose your life. It’s unproven. We just don’t have the data to suggest that we should be using this medication for COVID-19.”

Gee, who to trust, who to trust, who to trust? Such a difficult decision...delusional, deranged, dangerous dotard (who lies every time he opens his mouth) or president of the American Medical Association who is an actual doctor?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Trump is like Jim Jones telling people to drink the Kool Aid. And let's not forget that those who did not escape (there were a few), those who refused to drink the Kool Aid, those who didn't want to commit suicide was held down and shot with needles filled with potassium cyanide.


@17: Have you checked your temperature, 404? You're delirious. MAGAvirus has already hit you in the ass. Do you live in the deep-fried Southeastern United States by any chance? Are your kinfolk packing the churches? You're going to find that not even Trumpty Dumpty's Right-wing Stooge, Dencey Pencey can bail you out with his "Power of Prayer" when every Southern state from Texas to Florida becomes a desolate wasteland.
@39 Lissa; I know, right?


@41 xina: I know, right? Just imagine if Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote by nearly 3,000,000 votes in 2016 was rightfully in the White House now, this current nightmare wouldn't be happening.


Gosh, you girls are mean.
Admit it; you haven't tried the Midol, have you....

We live to learn new things;
show us where we are wrong-
What are the demographics of those most afflicted (i.e.. killed) by the virus?
Blue Stales and Blue Cities in Red States, right?

Show us our error....


can malarone be used to fight covid-19


@44: I want you to think about population density as it relates to the transmission of communicable diseases for a minute, and then sit in the corner and think about how dumb you are.


So you agree that Covid will ream out the Blue cities?
And hamper census efforts to reach the unmotivated Democrap base
(you know, the same sad whiny folks who are evidently too incompetent and apathetic to even get a photo ID...)
This will have a big effect when districts are redrawn going forward.


@44 the coronavirus is killing more men than women, what are your thoughts on that? are there more males who vote blue than red? doubt it. and it's worldwide so it's hardly a red/blue american problem.

as for the red vs. blue divide in this country, most cities are densely populated and liberal. and the statistics coming in from the red states can't be trusted, because they defy reality: especially the states led by republican governors who state their infected rates have dropped 60-90%. they are flat out lying in fealty to their deranged dotard. deaths in nursing homes, deaths of people not tested (even though a corpse can be tested, they are not being tested), and numerous other deaths are not being reported as caused by coronavirus. we will most likely never know the true number of deaths caused by the coronavirus in this country, because that information will never be accurately counted or reported.

also this:
The Coronavirus Isn’t Just A Blue State Problem
Detected cases are higher in blue states, but growing faster in red states.