Assuming he 1: dug the hole before the lockdowns and 2: is only reinforcing the walls (not completing it to the point it can be filled with water and used) I don't really see what the big deal is. Unreinforced holes are in fact very dangerous and prone to collapse. This seems like a perfect example of the "safety risk or spoliation” exemption to the lockdown order.

Whether a purportedly progressive politician or anyone for that matter needs an $80,000 pool at their house, particularly in this climate, is another question though.


the senator seems like a dick, AND this article is catty. congrats on the great gossip!


Oh the envy in this one


Mark is my Senator. Would I prefer a much more progressive Senator? Yep. Do I also know he’s squeezed by against GOP in a district that is not just issaquah but lots of rural Snoqualmie and Maple Valley. Yep. Put a progressive in the primary I’ll vote for them.

But literally nothing in your headline (all someone in your FB post) matches the reporting of the story and, GASP!, a business won’t comment on a particular client’s project.

This is a bullshit story on your part. (Checks archives, Darcy Burner...didn’t have a degree....)


Your use of holes is *chefs kiss


I get it: Mark Mullet isn't as progressive as The Stranger would like. But no one can just slam the brakes on a construction project like this - even if they're a politician The Stranger doesn't happen to like.

Meanwhile, The Stranger should be disclosing the cost of researching/writing/editing/publishing this piece to the Public Disclosure Commission as in in-kind independent expenditure to benefit Mullet's opponent - it virtually echoes her first big fundraising e-mail of last week.


Crap like this is why Americans hate the so called news media.
When then shit hits the fan guess who will be at the front of the guillotine line?


This guy acts more like a republican than a democrat. A LOT more.


Mullet (like the hair-do?) is a
Dem. in name only (DINO)
much like trump is
a person in name
only (PINO).


trumpfy's already got the Media (that doesn't suck his ass) scheduled for the Concentration Camps you guys'll get up and running 1/21/21 and he's gonna fil it (and thousands more) with Dems, gays, Leftists, Jews, Arabs, Muslims -- Hell, anybody darker than Micheal Jackson (RIP)'s got a space reserved -- where was I, oh yeah and anyone who won't suck his ass.

You, trolly trolling Troll may even end up there too if he gets wind of your comments here on Schlog -- shit like, trump's a LOSER and etc.

So, bear down and get and keep them Compliments a comin' -- Judgement Day will be Here. Soon.


Weird this is still up with no edit to the headline even after it’s been pointed out that it’s


When did you hire Stephen Glass and his editor Jason Blair?

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