All they needed was a little pandemic to get in the mood.
All they needed was a little pandemic to get in the mood. Courtesy of Ocean Park Zoo

We missed this news yesterday in our lofty round-ups, but two giant pandas who live at the Ocean Park Zoo in Hong Kong succeeded in mating for the first time ever. The news was announced in this press release from the zoo, which declared: "This is the first success since the two giant pandas began attempts at natural mating a decade ago, through which the Park hopes to bring to Hong Kongers exciting pregnancy news later this year while further contributing to the conservation of the vulnerable species." All these big doofs needed was a little privacy!

Fannie: The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer: Jan 13-Feb 14 at Bagley Wright Theatre
Part theater, part revival, and all power, this one-woman show will have your head nodding and hands clapping!

Catch the latest COVID-19 updates and headlines: Riiiiiiiiiight here.

A "person died after reportedly leaping" off the Pike overpass on I-5 last night, near the Convention Center: "The person fell and was struck by vehicles," writes Capitol Hill Seattle Blog, "and died at the scene."

Polls have just closed in Wisconsin, where voters were forced to choose between protecting their health or preserving their representation in government. For the state's presidential primary, it appears Biden has a wide lead over Sanders. More consequential for Wisconsin: There's a hotly contested State Supreme Court seat up for grabs.

"This is very unjust. There's no way that there should be thousands of people during a pandemic and five locations": In Milwaukee, there are only five polling places open. The lines across the state are very long:

Trump says the Democrats' push to postpone the Wisconsin primary was all about him: Not the pandemic.

When will we see results from the Wisconsin primary? Not until April 13. The state’s elections commission has ordered municipal clerks to hold results until that date, due to a federal court ruling. There will inevitably be calls that the results will be illegitimate, considering the election's circumstances.

What is this? Putting out Fig Newtons spon-con when there's a pandemic happening is a strategy, I guess.

The Intelligencer has some tips on how Joe can make his bad podcast better: He should get a co-host! (Okay, I don't think the solution to every Joe Biden problem can be Fill the room and distract from Joe.) He should stop with the Zoom! (Honestly, good advice for us all.) Make more than one show a week! (The article also has one of the best opening lines, ever: "On Monday morning, Joe Biden crossed a threshold thousands of podcasters never have: He made a second episode.")

Opera legend Andrea Bocelli will perform a concert on Easter Sunday inside the empty Duomo cathedral in Milan. It will be livestreamed on YouTube at 10 AM PST and 7 PM Italy-time.

Disney may check the temperature of guests entering their theme parks when they reopen, says soon-to-be-former Disney CEO Bob Iger. He made the comments during an interview with Barron's.

For years I've wanted to kill email, but this innovation might change the game: "Edison Software is preparing to launch OnMail, a new email service that lets you control who enters your inbox." You can sign up for early access to the service here.

More layoffs: The Seattle Symphony has furloughed three-quarters of its staff, including its 88 musicians. Pivoting from music to real estate: Redfin laid off 7% of its staff and furloughed hundreds of agents today.

MSNBC hosts have questioned why the network continues to air Trump's daily briefings live: A rising number of journalists and media organizations, including KUOW, have decided to stop airing Trump's briefings without fact-checking them because they're rambling shitshows. Tuesday morning, MSNBC's Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough questioned the network directly: "If you ask the president a question he doesn’t want to answer, he shouts you down and moves on to somebody else who will ask an easier question. So, why do we hold those press conferences? Why do we carry them all live two hours every night?” It's a good question.

I'd like to end the day with some personal news: It looks like anyone can whistle.

BREAKING: Never mind, I guess we have one more update. Fuck.