Well, it sure did have some moments, that show. Could be onto something, LW.
Why don’t you jump on these threads and chat, many here would be in isolation alone.
I remember loving the movie, with Vanessa Redgrave and those two men whose names I forget.


Straight guy here...I don't know gay subcultures at all. But I do know that fantasy authors have been exploring this Arthur/Lancelot thing forever. See Guy Gavriel Kay's "Fionavar Tapestry", that pretty explicitly ends with Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere all riding off in a happy poly triad.


You really have to see Shakespeare with an all male cast as it was originally performed to see a whole different level of humor. When As You Like It’s Rosalind is a woman disguised as a man, it’s a situation comedy. When Rosalind is a man, disguised as a woman, fighting off another man-disguised-as-a-shepherdess saying “and I could never love a woman” it’s camp. And much funnier.


This is great, LITTOC! I hope someone picks up on it and does it. Remember the Good Bye Girl where Richard III was supposed to be gay? It really didn't work, but this probably would....


Mists of Avalon includes a threesome, unless it was a another book. Let that creativity flow! You’ll get through this LITTOC!


Agreed. And bonus points for using the word "gobsmacked" in a sentence. Bravo!


That is hilarious, my mom who loved musicals and not to bring this thread down passed a week ago would laugh at the thought. She would've first been shocked then laugh. Thanks.


fantastic sign-off!


Not only do I think it's legit, it's also far more faithful to the source material. Everyone only really remembers the first part of the one and future king with young Arthur and merlin, but the third book is all about lancelot, and is very very much about queer life in mid century Britain.


Seriously, read The Mists of Avalon, which is based on way more research than Camelot (which I love, by the way, and was my adolescent go-to musical). Lancelot is bi - he loves Guinevere, but he loves Arthur even more. Unfortunately, after imprinting on Franco Nero as a 12 year old I can't find anyone but European men with strong chins and thick accents sexy. It's a real problem.


@8 - This is the time to smile at those little Mom-moments. Bless you.


@10: Are you referring to T.H.White's "The Once and Future King?"

Thomas Mallory's "Morte d'Arthur" (1485) is pretty clear that the Arthur/Lancelot relationship is, if not sexual, one of mutual love. But if he lusts after Arthur, Lancelot is at least bi, considering the depths of his passion for Guinivere and his fling with Elaine of Corbenec. One thing I love about Mallory's version of Arthurian legend is the way he allows relationships to be very psychologically complex.

But this would make the musical a lot more fun.


@8: Landis, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. May your mother's memory be a blessing.


While I was relieved it wasn't yet another cuckholding question, I still feel bamboozled by the headline.


I've been working on an updated Damn Yankees (they've updated everything else already). The main character is the wife, not the husband, who makes a deal with the devil to become Jo Hardy, the first woman to play MLB baseball. She was a ballplayer herself in her youth, but women were not allowed to play even Little League when she was coming up, so this is her chance, and she's taking it.

Complications ensue with not only Lola, the devil's temptress, but Jo's own wife.


Oh, and well played, LITTOC. Do drop in and share some more here.


This one seems relatively low on the reach scale.


According to Arthurian legend. Arthur was 15 when he became king having been fostered to Sir Ector when he was a baby. He was married to Guinevere when he was 18 to 20 having had limited, if any, experience with women. Prior to his marriage he was occupied unifying Britain and solidifying his rule over it. Hardly a normal adolescence. His marriage was very much an arranged political one to someone he had never met. However, Arthur supposedly fell in love the moment he sees Guinevere for the first time

In Camelot he doesn't even know who she is when he sings "I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight" on the eve before his wedding when he meets Guinevere for the very first time. My interpretation is that Arthur is having a WTF am I getting into moment.


In viewing Camelot it is useful to know what was happening in real life. The passion between Guinevere and Lancelot is real.. At the time Vanessa Redgrave (Guinevere) was having a torrid love affair with Franco Nero (Lancelot) culminating in the birth of their son, Carlo Gabriel Nero, in 1969. Fast forward three decades, they renew their romance finally getting married in 2006.

In a case of art imitating real life. The same thing happened in the movie Letters to Juliet


Just the performance of the word "Please" on this recording is enough to prove LW's theory.


Yes @20, How sweet, hey. He was / is still a honey that man. I’ve been trying to think who the other guy was.. without checking. I think it was Richard Harris.
Take care LW, and keep listening to show tunes and or watching musicals. I started to watch Carousel, then left it. I’ve got guys and dolls, South Pacific, Oklahoma.. ‘I’m just a girl who can’t say no?’ Was a revolutionary line to a girl of the fifties.. and West Side Story on DVD’s. Dear Natalie Wood, what did really happen to her. Beautiful woman.
Lyrics do tell us so much about the era, the story, and composers/ musicians as with many artists, like to practice subterfuge.
Musicals were a big part of my growing up. Now I must sort to buy Camelot.


I was annoyed the last time I saw Camelot, because polyamory was clearly the answer, and it was frustrating to see the entire kingdom disrupted. Sheesh, guys, just SHARE.


@23 @Coryleah: I feel this about pretty much all movies/TV now. It's made it hard to watch anything without yelling at the screen.


On a similar note; I think "I think we're alone now" by Tommy James (Shondells) is about gay lovers trying to find a quiet alone place. Children behave! And watch how you play when you're together....


@15 Ankylosaurus
"I still feel bamboozled by the headline"

The headline certainly got my hopes up (but that's what headlines try to do!)!

Then my hopes were let down, but it's still very interesting and I'm happy for those who take joy in the topic.


BTW Though one of the Welsh Triads (Triad 56) (i.e. Welsh folklore) speaks of Arthur's three great queens (all named Gwenhwyfar) (but not at the same time, now that would have interesting/kinky), later romance generally gives him only one wife named Guinevere. So much for Arthur being gay, although I will grant that he may have been bi given his bromance with Lancelot. However, it was unlikely that they had sex.


I wonder who the King is doing tonight.. ò_Ô ..?


pwjeeps @25, thank you! That makes so much sense.


Ima go ahead and imagine Bradley James and Santiago Cabrera in this particular scenario, if that's ok with everyone.


Thank you so much from Italy, you made me laugh tonight, LITTOC! So right, marvellous! Many musicals have gay subtext, and sometimes it’s not subtle at all. What about South Pacific? ‘There is nothing like a dame’ is so, so gay and talks about solitude, so to speak.


@20: And decades later, Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero got back together as a couple-they've been married since 2006.


@27 "What happens at the Round Table, STAYS at the Round Table".


I forgot a lot of Marllyn’s movies were musicals. Interesting we never went to see those, when I was a child. What a woman. No one ever has been like her. So badly abused, too. I remember seeing the news headline outside the newsagent, when she died.
LW, you are with yourself. There is much to be gained from developing an inner life. What interests you? Find articles on line to feed that interest. Write a journal. Write down your dreams. Go to web sites like SL, where you can jump on and ask for a hug. Sending you some right now. Take care. Stay safe.

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