When Will Washington State Reveal Race and Ethnicity Data for Its Coronavirus Infections? "Hopefully Soon."



On the bright side, the virus is more deadly for men than women, so that's a big win for social justice!


Does it really matter?


We've been telling you about this for several weeks, Eli.

"Progressive" blue cities do an incredibly poor job of serving the legitimate needs of their black residents, educationally, health care, public safety...
Black voters are starting to realize how they have been shafted by democrats for several generations;
how the longer they embrace the Democrats the worse their lives become;
significant numbers voted fro President Trump, more will in 2020.

The Left establishment distracted black Americans with a malicious false narrative about police shootings, to avoid explaining to blacks why they are murdered at six times the rates of white Americans.

It will be interesting to see what lies they create to explain why blacks in Democrat ruled cities are dying from CoronaVirus at three times the rate of whites.

Seattle is criminally negligent at meeting the educational needs of its teeny tiny forgotten ignored black youth population; soon we will see if that neglect also extends to killing black Seattle residents thru medical neglect and bigotry.


If it's a people thing and I think at this point it is very safe to say it is. Why?

If it turned out that people of color were more likely to get it than not do you think that would be a good basis upon which to make a decision in terms of people? Lets not bring the pigmentation into one fucking thing. Be a people. Please.


People are racist enough on their own terms l don't think we need to add the genetic propensity to be susceptible to a virus to that fuel. Talk about who is missing those people or something instead.


HIPPA look it up Eli


Covid-19 is disproportionately taking black lives

Hundreds of years of racism has delivered poor health and economic outcomes for black people, making them more vulnerable in the pandemic.



What about socio-economic class? Anyone willing to bet against members of the Lower are disproportionately infected? ( irrespective of ethnicity and race).


Yes, @6, HIPAA is important and a barrier to accessing demographic data about patients, but it's not an insurmountable one.

To everybody else who cries "why does it maaaaaatter?" It matters because if the early data trends hold for the population at large, and Black and Latino Americans are more likely to contract COVID-19, that we should be seeking out and addressing causes of that imbalance. It seems less likely to be a genetic variation and more likely to be a consequence of circumstances and socioeconomic realities. Is it an issue of employment? Black and Latino people are more likely to be working in industries currently deemed "essential" (healthcare, home care, janitorial/housekeeping, public transit, food service). Is it an issue of education? Are Black and Latino communities not receiving adequate information or resources to follow social distancing best practices?

Having the demographic data for the known positives can help us determine what, if any, imbalances exist and then work to address them. Sticking our heads in the sand and saying "let's not make this about race" is bad for everyone.


@9 stirwise, yeah, big picture-wise, totally agree, there is systemic racism everywhere, and continuing to identify it is important. I'm all for journalism that examines how that came to be and why it persists, and statistics do play a part in that.

OTOH, we're only a couple months into this (in the US), and to already be calling for the "statistics" as though the city is dropping the ball on this, when we're in the middle of a clusterfuck pandemic where we don't even have enough PPE, the economy is in freefall, etc., just makes "liberals" look out of touch. Does anyone honestly think having the statistics "right now" is going to make anything better "right now"?

Aside from appearances of being out of touch, the danger is that the notion of statistics have evolved into the "solution" in itself, when we have decades of statistics exposing systemic racism at every level, and yet statistics haven't solved anything. That's because policy makers have to address the root of these systemic problems, and they (and/or the electorate) ultimately have little inclination to do so.


@8 see #7 - you cannot disentangle them, they are related.


Before we "race to release data" on the Ethic/Race figures lets have some understanding and perspective:

a) We simply don't know enough about the Covid-19 to drawn any firm conclusions with regard to this anecdotal data.

-- we don't even have proper, verified, reliable testing data at this point!
-- we don't know if there are genetic factors which play a role.

b) We might pre-suppose there are economic/cultural issues which might play a role, but we've know that about these communities for decades.

So,I must ask....is the author whipping up an old, old story about race-economic disparity in the midst of a crises in which we need to focus on the virus and containment.

If we want to go down this road... should be be flapping our wings like a wet hen and cry out:

"won't somebody think about the children"!


Seattle Leftists dislike having their racism called out.
An Inconvenient Truth, as it were.
Not to be discussed in public.
Seattle "Progressives" are fine with the concept of Negroes,
the reality; not so much.
That is a problem for racist Southerners to deal with.
Disgusting animals, them...
We never really want to discuss how the richest, Bluest city on the continent;
with a teeny tiny population of black residents,
still doesn't meet their basic needs for education, public safety, public health....
Oh No;
we can't discuss racial inequality, bigotry, prejudice;
it's a pandemic!