The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will be delighted to give you a ticket home, and feed you until the plane leaves.


@2 Mexico is a perfectly acceptable asylum destination.


@4 Getting laid off is certainly a possibility, which is why I live frugally, drive a 20-year old car, and save every dime from my paycheck that I can. Were I to be laid off, I would receive $780/week in unemployment, which is entirely adequate for my modest needs until I got another job, and use the Veterans Administration for my small medical needs. During this time, I would probably write a book.

I can do this because I am a US citizen and military veteran with hard-earned skills won through diligent work. My citizenship dues are paid in full.

Also, sandwiches are delicious! I would probably eat a few of them, sure.


To all the smug fucks commenting here, you do realize that these are people and these people work on the farms that provide you food and do all of the work in this country citizens refuse to do, including cleaning, child care, meat processing, etc. etc. etc. Enjoy being a smug asshole while you simultaneously complain about the scarcity that will result (and will be exacerbated by the fact that Trump's shut down imports, including of food, from places like Mexico where a significant portion of our food comes from). Enjoying the suffering of human beings who basically contribute untold hours of labor to the functioning of this country and tens of billions of taxes to the government coffers is like setting fire to your own face. Pretend it won't affect your life all you want. Denial doesn't change reality. And your callous disregard is repugnant.


@5 You must be reading a different comment thread. If people living in the US unlawfully are having trouble living here, the government will send them home for free. Nobody is making them stay...they are simply ineligible for government benefits. They are free to take advantage of private charities, some of which I contribute to every month, by the way. Nobody is complaining about scarcity or enjoying their suffering. Denial doesn't change reality. Your over-the-top posturing is repugnant.


And that is why, you come here legally. Just like us, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS had to. Because, I'm sorry, but it is a big "fuck you" to people who are actually waiting in line to get in legally, like myself and my family had to. And it makes it harder for people to get in legally in the future, because they put more and more restrictions on getting in. Because of assholes like you, who constsntly cut in line, ahead of everyone else. And, no "economic hardship" is not fucking "asylum status".

So grab a ticket, grab your ass in a seat, and wait in line, just like everyone else had to. Otherwise, when you sneak in here, shut the fuck up, if the system you never paid into, doesn't take care of you. Fucking entitled pieces if shit.

And no, you can't collect unemployment. Because you don't pay taxes. For all the dumbasses here who think they do pay taxes, and don't know how immigration and taxes work, here it is: in order to pay taxes, you have to have a social security number. In order to get a social security number legally (not fraudulently), you have to be in the system. In order to be in the system, you have to have come here legally. There. Made it easy for you, dumbfucks to understand. So no, they don't pay taxes. Or are entitled to unemployment, healthcare, and other benefits that people who pay taxes, get. End of.


@Professor_Hiztory "You realize that a significant portion of the military are undocumented, right." This is, of course, nonsense. There are a few undocumented people in a military. Their proportion to the total is insignificant, and I am in favor of granting them full citizenship for an unblemished tour of duty.

I have plenty of compassion and empathy for outsiders, even for people who make unfounded assumptions like you.


Right now, farmworkers are still toiling from sunup to sundown to plant, pick, and pack the produce we eat. As the U.S. scrambles to flatten the COVID-19 curve, grocery store shelves have been emptied, and the Trump administration has declared food and agricultural workers as one of the “essential” groups of workers who are advised to continue working, as states across the country have announced shelter-in-place orders.

The federal government, prior to this recent advisory, hasn’t actually treated farmworkers like the essential workers they are—deserving of the same rights and protections as others. In fact, farmworkers were excluded from the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and the National Labor Relations Act of 1935, labor laws that provide most other workers with protections (like the right to overtime or to unionize). While the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act provided more protections for farmworkers by regulating housing standards, requiring paychecks, and establishing requirements for employer record-keeping, and while some states such as California have provided additional protections under state law like the right to overtime and the right to unionize, farmworkers are still not guaranteed those rights under federal law.

It took a global pandemic for the federal government to acknowledge that farmworkers are critical to the U.S. economy. And as Congress considers legislation to address this unprecedented crisis, farmworkers must not be left behind.


@7 Yes, we are all paying for their children to go to school here, and since the children are US citizens that is perfectly fine. The kids can stay.

I come here in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. My employer thinks my work is exemplary. Also, you should learn proper sentence structure and how to use contractions. Pretty weak for a "professor," wouldn't you say?


@6 Now I'm Trans? Man the shit you people make up about strangers on the internet. And yeah I do know a significant portion of the military are undocumented and Trump has been chomping at the bit to deport them (and their families), too, because if they aren't being used as cannon fodder, well then they can't stay on U.S. soil! And if they've served already, oh well, they've served their purpose, so they can go now!


A report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine found little to no effect on the wages and employment of native-born workers in the long-term by undocumented immigrants. Immigrants are also entrepreneurs who create jobs. According to a study of the bipartisan immigration bill passed in the Senate in 2014, provisions in the bill could potentially bring between 336,000 and 470,000 undocumented immigrant entrepreneurs into the formal economy. Given that the average immigrant-owned business hires 11 employees, these businesses would account for between 3.7 million and 5.2 million jobs in the formal economy.


Funny how all the haters don't bitch about the money flowing in from the immigrants. They sure as shit would be bitching about it not being there when it's gone, though, now wouldn't they.


And of course none of the industries in this country, owned and operated by Americans, who exploit undocumented immigrants (including Trump's hotels and golf courses) are ever held to account. The easiest way to shut down undocumented immigrants in this country is to shut down jobs available to them, totally and completely. Of course that will never happen. Vilifying and demonizing the undocumented workers instead of those that employ them keeps the focus on the the powerless and promotes the never ending racist bullshit and xenophobia spewed by the likes of Trump and his supporters.


Trump is the biggest hypocrite of all.


A 2016 Pew poll found that 76 percent believe undocumented immigrants are as honest and hard-working as U.S. citizens, while 71 percent said they mostly fill jobs that Americans aren't willing to do.

In other words, not only are there lots of reasons to care, the vast majority of Americans actually do.


@10. Looked at it. I don't know if you did, but it supports my point. Thanks for providing even more evidence that illegals are a strain on our healthcare, education, economy, and law enforcement. Dumbass. Lol.


@14. You are going to site such a garbage, fake news, leftie activist rag such VOX, and not an objective government study? Figures. Lol. Idiot. No wonder no one takes you seriously.

And no, they don't pay taxes. You have to have a social security number for that, dumb shit. Privileged, white feminazi americans don't know how immigration works. No surprise there.


@18 yet never for the Americans employing the undocumented immigrants. Cherry picking who pays the consequences for breaking the law is bullshit (oh wait, I mean capitalism).


To tackle illegal immigration, go after the employers

Unfortunately, worker abuse—horrific, inhuman worker abuse—does occur in the US, and it’s more prevalent than you think.

America Cannot Bear to Bring Back Indentured Servitude

It’s a history lesson worth remembering: The exploitation of immigrant workers only encourages more—and worse—abuse.

Trump: E-Verify Would Make It Too Hard to Hire Undocumented Workers


How many non-citizens currently serve in the U.S. military? Between 1999 and 2010, approximately 80,000 non-citizens joined the U.S. military force.

Most recent data from the Department of Defense (DOD) showed that 24,000 noncitizens were on active duty in 2012, with 5,000 legal permanent residents (LPRs) enlisting into the U.S. military force each year.


What a Country: Immigrants Serve US Military Well


@21, hey dumbfuck, yes THEY DO PAY TAXES. Payroll, medicare, social security and when they're off they pay sales and gas taxes. They just can't file for a refund like the rest of us. But rest assured, all that shit is deducted before they even see it.


I believe we have very serious immigration problems in this country, and sanctions against employers who employ illegal immigrants are virtually nonexistent. Our border is very porous.

I think at a time when the middle class is shrinking, the last thing we need is to bring over in a period of years, millions of people into this country who are prepared to lower wages for American workers!


@28 haha!


This his sad.

But the deal is that when jobs dry up the illegals go back home.
Someone may need to translate the memo into Spanish for these folks.

if we can't grow our food and feed ourselves without exploiting illegal aliens we deserve to starve.


@27 Hey dumfuck american, they don't. In order to pay social security, payroll, Medicare, you have to have a social security number! Which they don't unless it is fraudulent. In order to pay into the system you have to be a part of it. I.e. LEGAL. Fucking moron. Lol.


@31- Hey, dumbfuck troll, if they have a fraudulent SSN, and their employer pays their payroll taxes based on that number, the $$ are going into the system just like anyone else's. The difference is that they'd be unable to file for a refund. In other words, they may be paying MORE than some of the rest of us.


a great post


if I were the landlord I would immediately contact an attorney and start a lawsuit against the tenant who recorded that phone call. This is Washington and we've got a two party consent law. Uh oh! And then to brag about it in the press? Uh oh spaghetti-o! As I've been hearing from the lefties lately, it's especially important to protect people's privacy in this time of potential government overreach. The landlord's rights have clearly been breached.
Read more at cong cu check onpage


@31 You are exactly wrong and being exact is typically impossible. Were you perhaps born circa 2010 or something? You have no idea how it works, do you (going back to the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s)? All undocumented workers pay every single tax you do there is, fake SS# or not. It goes straight into the hopper right along with the rest of us.


@34 To what end? What would a lawsuit accomplish? I understand the law, however it would likely be deemed immaterial to the case at hand. It would also negatively reflect upon the reputation among the population he freely and "wantonly" rents to while he knew full well what he was doing. He saw no problem. He had no foresight. He got money for the eventuality he could make lives more miserable than they already might have been. His epitaph will be interesting. And fuck off with this "leftie" bullshit. You and yours hired them, rented to them and created this problem while in certain cases never recognizing common and shared humanity. Since wingers share no sense of shame and cherry pick which laws are good for one and not for who they deem "subhuman" and lean on "rule of law" yet break it every chance they get. Just as an idle example, was that a Mexican I saw steal an office chair or are my eyes failing me?


This whole idea about "coming here legally" misses the point. Up until relatively recently, all immigration in the U. S. was legal. At least, if you were white. Almost all the restrictions for immigration were based on race or ethnicity. In 1882, the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed, limiting (you guessed it) Chinese immigration. In 1921, the Emergency Quota Act was passed, limiting immigration based on the number of people from that nationality currently living in the United States (keeping America white). In 1923 the Supreme Court ruled that South Asian Indians were non-white, and thus not qualified to be naturalized citizens. Many existing American citizens were stripped of their citizenship. In 1932, Mexican residents and citizens of the United States were deported in large numbers. This mass deportation included those who had every right to be here. It is quite possible that many of the people here illegally would be here already if not for the illegal deportation of their ancestors.

It wasn't until 1965 that the de facto discrimination against Southern and Eastern Europeans, Asians, and other non-Northwestern European ethnic groups was removed from American immigration policy. Family reunification became the cornerstone of the bill.

Saying "my ancestors came here legally" misses the fact that it was easy for your ancestors to come here. They were white. If not for the racist nature of the laws, there would be a lot more people here from Western Hemisphere countries. Furthermore, current laws (that favor family reunification) would allow them easier entry.


"Just as an idle example, was that a Mexican I saw steal an office chair or are my eyes failing me?"

How could Chairman Timmy* POSSIBLY know he was being recorded? Therefore: Not. His. Fault.

*Chairman of the Office Chair Liberation Committee
he wants to liberate the One Percenters
from paying their Fair Share

One chair at a time.


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"Then you know what it feels like," - she's comparing losing a place to live to her landlord losing her property. Fuck her. And the supreme arrogance of having 5 children in an overpopulated world is mind boggling.


@32. I cannot believe I know US laws better than a dumbfuck american who lives here. Hey retard, if they have a fraudulent SSN, that is FRAUD and was obtained ILLEGALLY. And number 2, their employers hire them to pay them below minimum most of the time. And ALL OF THE TIME they are payed under the table. You do know the definition of "under the table", at least, don't you? That means, they do not pay taxes. Because if they did, that would expose them to the possibility of being deported. Because they are here illegally. Dumb cunt.


Hey trolly trolly trollface. You don't know shit. You're just a loud mouth screaming into the wind. And you say you know more than a "dumb fuck American living here." Call people names. You are the dumb cunt. Facts matter. Truth matters. Your nasty, vile, shit spewing existence, does not.

Undocumented immigrants pay billions in taxes. Fraud committed by providing TINs or SSNs is committed by THEIR EMPLOYERS, THE AMERICANS WHO ARE NEVER PUNISHED FOR HIRING UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS (LIKE DONALD TRUMP).

Undocumented immigrants quietly pay billions into Social Security and receive no benefits

US immigrants pay billions of dollars in taxes each year

It's a surprising fact that's often overlooked in the immigration debate.
Undocumented immigrants pay billions of dollars in federal taxes annually, between tax returns filed and taxes deducted from paychecks, experts estimate.
Here's a look at why -- and how -- that's happening:

There is an infinite amount of documentation to the fact that undocumented immigrants pay taxes and are unable to reap any of the benefits of being taxpayer.

Please return to sucking your own cock.


@45 I guess I gotta ask again, were you born circa 2010 or something? No, the "vast majority" are not being "paid under the table". You really do not know how this shit has worked for generation upon generation. Until your godhead showed up, this really was not an issue. The vacuum of modern and even not so modern historic literacy is pretty disturbing as history for some has been supplanted with brazen racism. Also, since you were born around 2010 or a little after, do you mind sharing which charter school you attended?


@46. "US Immigrants pay taxes". No shit, genius. Yeah, LEGAL US immigrants pay taxes. I am one of them. It is very disingenuous of the left to always conflate LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration, as if it is the same fucking thing. How rather convenient. Anything to drive the narrative, eh? And that is why you are a dumb American cunt who knows nothing about immigration. Also, nice fake news, far left sources. CNN, Quarz? You must be kidding. Lol.

And no, Trump is not against immigration. He is against ILLEGAL immigration. As a lot of LEGAL immigrants are also against ILLEGAL immigration. Because ILLEGAL immigrants cut in line, while the US Government puts more and more restrictions on us, LEGAL immigrants to get in. So you , dumb American cunt, don't need to wokesplain/cuntsplain to me, an immigrant, what immigration is, and how I should feel about it. Thank you. :)

Also, how nice of you to defend the exploitation of "undocumented immigrants", and paying them shitty wages. Love that! Hahahahahahaha. Oh the hypocrisy of you.


@45 - I can't believe that you are getting even dumbfuckier. The question was not whether it was legal to use a fake/fraudulent SSN. Of course not - that is what makes if fraudulent. The question was also not whether it was OK to immigrate illegally.

The question was whether they pay taxes. If they have said fake/fraudulent SSN (or perhaps are using someone else's), and their employer makes payroll tax payments based on it, that money is going somewhere. Like into the Federal budget. And because they can't apply for benefits or file taxes because of their status, they never see it back.

As to whether they are being paid under the table, I would guess some are and some are not. But the ones who we were discussing, who are using fake/fraudulent SSNs, are not, or else they would not be using those numbers.

And what Trump is actually against is immigration by people who are not white. Illegality itself does not bother him. He has a long history of hiring undocumented workers for his own business. He also seems to have had no trouble with a certain White House occupant who illegally worked here while her visa did not allow it, and then chain-migrated her parents (jumping them to the head of the line) to get them in. But, of course, that person is white. Really white.


@42- just stop. Your stupid, disjointed attempts at humor/satire/cleverness are agonizing.


@49. Yup. Just proved my point. Illegals who are perpetrating fraud of the country and its citizens shouldn't be surprised if they don't get the benefits as a result of fraud. But you, dumbfucks, don't even know what the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration is, so I am not even going to discuss the actual law with you. Will take too long to explain and for your tiny brain to understand.

No wonder the only argument you have left is "Trump is racist, boo-hoo". Yessssss... The sweet sound of a library losing an argument. :) But this coming from nutjobs who think that climate change and COVID19 pandemic are also racist, I am not surprised. That is why you retards are going to lose the election. Aaaaaaaaaaaagain. :)



@51. *library. Hahahahah. I meant "libtard". :)


What are the odds that the Landlord has already called ICE?
What are the odds that when the moratorium is lifted he will evict them. Or, raise their rent?


@54, 55, 56. In words of Auntie Grizelda: Agreed and seconded!


@56, completely agree. About the ONLY good thing The Donald has done was to stop importing 60,000 "refugees" from the Middle East every year. It's one thing to wander over the border and work for meager wages, but hauling people half way around the world and providing for them is ridiculous.

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