Journalist on Wisconsin Election: Republicans Are Letting People Die in Order to Hang On to Power


"Flushing wipes..."
People from different cultures (or millennial birth) regard the commode as a "dispose all" where anything gets disappeared forever. NO! Human waste & T.P. only, folks.


Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.


@5, Huh? Are you trolling?


"poor voter turnout is good for the GOP"

Also good for Bernie since black folks are going for Biden by 30-40% points across the country.


After 4 years of the shitshow that is Trump, that the best Democrats could come up with is Biden, is just mind-boggling. The Democratic party proving over and over and over again over the last 40 years how clueless they are. They never learn anything. They keep retreading the same tired old faces over and over again. They run scared from leadership. They have no concept of "messaging". We are so screwed with this country's two-party system - it will continue to devolve until we're in a civil war.

(FTR, while I think Sanders had a better shot than Biden, I'm not a Bernie "supporter" and thought all the democratic candidates were weak... Warren was the best of them IMO, but 4 years too late)


Trump's going to have to come up with a new talking point:
The actual number of people who died in the 2009 H1N1 epidemic in the United States between the first case in April of 2009 and the official end of the epidemic in April 2010 was 12,469. On Tuesday, the number of deaths from the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States passed that number.

Also to everyone who says COVID-19 is no worse than flu (since, you know, tens of thousands a YEAR die of the flu), when is the last time the flu killed tens of thousands in a matter of months AND when is the last time the flu killed the health care workers caring for those with the flu (hint: NEVER).


Whoopie, can't wait to vote for ol' scratch n sniff.

@7. Other than a Trump douche.


We bought a super fancy Toto washlet recently (bidet toilet seat), and I wish we had done so years ago.


With Shakespeare's birthday coming up, I offer you a classic Shakespearean sonnet on an issue of the day-
in iambic pentameter, classic 14 lines with 3 quatrains and a couplet, abab, cdcd, efef, gg-

With pandemic raging and people told to stay inside,
Or, if going out, to cover their face and wear a mask
But first to wash their hands, put on gloves and swallow their pride,
on election day there comes a question we all must ask

Why must we expose ourselves and loved ones to this danger?
When a simple common human gesture, a casual touch
From a friendly soul with smiling face and yet a stranger
Could be filled with menace, spark dread, is it a risk too much?

Don't we know of a better way to conduct elections,
That is inclusive, has been tried, tested, shown effective
that's proven reliable and with no real objections
a reliable solution to all problems elective

National vote-by-mail - an idea whose time has come,
Good government types need to beat this issue like a drum


@9: The democrats and a huge assortment of candidates in various genders, ages, colors, and sizes to choose from. For three debates, there were so many that they were divided into two evenings. And you all selected the VP of your last democratic president by wide margins.

Not mind boggling at all.


"The New York Times has a whole piece on it already."

Oh Nat. Yer adorable. Most reputable news orgs that plan and pay for news have obits in the can ready to go. Even political ones. Ask your older colleagues. They can tell you what it's like.


@8: Bernie the Sheep Dog is not a Fellow Socialist; he was a dead-end candidate who supported policies incompatible with Socialism. By the by: do you hate most White countries? ( because they operate according to what Bernie Sanders wants. They've been doing them for generations . . . . )


@16 -- There is an interesting documentary about the obituary department at the New York Times (called Obit --

@15 -- It is not surprising, given the format. The format for both parties is bullshit. It gives too much power to a handful of states, and the winnowing process is ridiculous. But this year's Democratic primary showed how poor the system is. The debates were horrible. You should never have more than six people in a debate. The system essentially knocked out the governors before they had a chance to make their case. Unqualified candidates -- guys that have no political experience, or have been small town mayors or minor congressmen -- were given the same platform as leaders in the party. There should be second choice voting -- as a plurality system favors those without widespread support (like Sanders). The problem wasn't that Biden won, the problem was that it suddenly became a two person race. There are remedies for all of these problems, it is just that no one is too worried about.

@8 -- You honestly believe that Trump has done a good job handling the virus? Wow. OK, please explain to me how his response was better than South Korea's, and feel free to use whatever excuses you want. This should be interesting.



I mean, Trump gave himself a 10/10, what more do you want? An 11?



"Y'all cracked out of your mind if you actually believe China has solved their Coronavirus problems."

China's not the only one.


Biden sucks. So did Bernie. Another old white man who tells lies (oops has gaffes) and takes credit for everything President Obama did (while pretending none of the not-so-great stuff that happened during the Obama presidency didn't happen. The ONE MAJOR thing going for Biden is that he has the wherewithal to hire the smartest possible people to work in his administration and it is THOSE people that might help stop this shit show if he gets elected. Meanwhile, vote locally and vote for your state representatives like your life depends on it, because it does. The Republicans are nihilists.


@15, I agree with just about everything you said there, except I do think that it is a problem that Biden won. Trump is an existential threat to our democracy and country, a complete shit-show on every conceivable level, and somehow we ended up with a 77 year-old senile two-time losing candidate for president as our best shot of ousting Trump?

It's not just the debates that are broken, it's not just the primaries that are broken - the entire political system is broken, and Democratic party leadership is much to blame, but they're more interested in their own power and political careers than the good of the country... if Biden gave one shit about this country, he would have stayed out of the race.


@22, sorry, I meant @18


@21, totally agree. The major caveat being if he gets elected. I don't think he'd be a great president, I have many issues with his middle-of-the-road politics, etc., but I'd be ecstatic to have him in the white house versus any Trump/Republican.


Obi-Wan has taught us well.


@9 It really isn't though?

Sure, here in a urban bastion of far left-leaning elements of the Democrats, it's today just now apparently coming as a shock that not everyone in the Democratic party sees Sanders as their guy. But that's the problem? These urban bastions are echo chambers and don't actually tend to reflect the majority of the DNC base: white, non-urban, shades of centrism.

The raging out on Facebook today has been epic at how unfair it is that everyone is stuck with Biden (and to be clear, he's not my favorite either but it is what it literally fuck is). But everyone raging out of my Facebook has never left Seattle and landed anywhere in the middle of the country that votes Democrat. They literally don't have any clue what's going on in the rest of the country and they don't care to know. It's their way or the highway, which is exactly how we give Trump another 4 years.


Since the most effective drug is not effective at all I guess that’s true but the drugs the president didn’t hype haven’t killed anyone so there’s that.


it’s not funny, it’s sad. I feel really sorry for you.


Come on, Carona!


@Wanders -- "Pope Francis says coronavirus could be ‘nature’s response’ to climate change"

A. Did he get that from you, or vice-versa?
B. Do you wear a funny hat & poop in the Woods?
D. Is your name Francis?

Not sure I'm elated re: Planetary Decimation via Pandemic but if it takes the entire Reptilian Party, and perhaps leaves behind a Progressive (from my Progeny, perhaps?), sign me tf up.


More than one Progressive, if you Please.



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