The US Will Lose Its Top Position to China At the End of this Pandemic





At a time when tens of millions have been thrown out of work and can’t make their rent or mortgage payments, and the small businesses that employ nearly half of Americans and are facing an extinction-level event, the stock market is surging...
because Prezirapist AntiChrist and his billionaire cronies are currently stealing all of the coronavirus relief money.


The United States will never be taken seriously again and the world will easily turn its back on it, no matter what America thinks. Trump and the Republicans have ensured the world is working to ensure they can and will thrive whether the United States exists or not.


It will be shitty either way



it is when the dominant power is in decline and under the greatest pressure that it's the most dangerous. it is very difficult to navigate such transitions peacefully.


It's fine. We just need to make America great again. Again.


@10. Like a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.


@ 10,

They’re delusional.
Tens of millions of people can’t make their rent or mortgage payments; that’s gonna blow the mortgage market straight to hell and take the loan servicers and banks along with it.
Most small businesses will be bankrupt by May, and those jobs will cease to exist.
Debt-burdened retailers are also destined for the business graveyard, taking millions of jobs with them.
And then there’s the oil price crash...
Regardless of how many tragically die from the illness, the aftermath of the economic crisis is going to be worse than anyone has ever seen in modern history.


Oh, and then there’s the pending insolvency of almost every city, county, and state government due to the total implosion of revenues. Bond-holders are gonna love that—the debt market will go through the roof!


So this is our Fall of Singapore?


@15. More like the fall of Jurassic Park. Hold onto your butts!


To be fair, our empire has been in decline ever since Reagan. The direction was particularly obvious by the 90s. You could feel it. This though--- what an absolutely spectacular way to go out! Like the weirdest slow-motion fireworks ever!

Lame that China wins, but they've been playing that long-game for a long time. We were playing Chess, they were playing Go.

Ok kids, time for some new currencies. Fuck the dollar, let's make local & regional trade-networks, mutual-credit and/or time-based currencies. We don't need the master's tools to rebuild, we can create our own. It's the only way. It will solve the "insolvency" of states, allow everyone to participate, remove the ability to profiteer ("rentier") at all, because... non-positive-interest currencies won't have any "profit". It won't be necessary.

Just like the so-called "emergency currencies" that sprang up in the wake of the Great Depression, the very one's the Federal Gummint actively worked to marginalize in order to get everyone back on the Federal Dollar (so the rich could profit off us again). Yeah, not this time. Fuck that.

This is gonna be fun!

What shall we call ours? "Sasquatches"?


Charles has posted yet another article in his series "The Real and I'm Really Sure This Time, The End of Capitalism and The Birth of the Workers Paradise as I Envision It, I really mean it this time."

But only if you want it.


The U.S, empire began its decline around 1950, the U.S. reached its peak at the end of WW2


@21 Really? Then why do millions still move here every year.

I left Europe for the USA.

Much happier.


@20 - If you think that China obtaining the dominant Global Superpower position will be a "worker's paradise", or that Charles Mudede would think so... you have to be seriously deluded. Because even if you're jousting a strawman, your statement isn't even slightly risible, or even in the realm of . I guess stupid is an option, maybe you're stupid. IDK ~yawn~


AW how cute, the little trolly troll sock puppy is pretending he's from Europe, I wonder how long it be before he's back to fantasizing about owning a house in Tuscany.


The united states is a shit hole.

Sorry some of you think you live in "The Greatest Country On Earth!!!"

You're idiots who live in a shit hole.


Why bother trying to save this country? These people are so hell bent on self destruction, just let them have what they vote for- the bastards deserve it.


That was the plan all along.
Next comes CBDC.
Debt forgiveness will be the bait.


The U.S. is in reality a third world country with a first world veneer on top. This pandemic is stripping the shiny surface off and exposing the fact that we can’t even take care of ourselves.

All we lack is a corrupt dictator who lines his pockets...oh wait, we’re screwed.


@28 ftw