What about when it could soak through the sheets? That's generally why I throw a towel down, for its absorption qualities. A thicker material means it's less likely to make it through the the sheets to the mattress pad or god forbid the mattress below.

The last time I ran into this issue at a hotel, we put a towel down and and then washed out the towel before anything could set. Sheets underneath stayed clean (or at least normal usage levels of clean) and the towel itself was rinsed.


As a former housekeeper, the only thing that ever bothered me was poop. There's only one place for poop, and you need to remember to flush it.

But if you do make a mess, just remember to tip.


@1 True that.

Nothing says Responsible Public Health Practice like leaving your blood and feces on bedding someone else will be using.

You are disgusting people.


I just went back and read the original column and over 200 responses. I'm trying to figure out why that from the orignial column, Dan or one of his underlings chose that first letter about hotel etiquette; the other letters were more interesting and sparked a bunch of compelling discussions.


Oh now #3, Don't be bitter. I'm sure, once this whole pandemic thing is over, you can find someone to have sex with. Especially if you still have a job.

Hotels basically boil everything in bleach, so you shouldn't worry too much.

But, again, if you make a mess of a hotel room, leave a generous tip. A tip on top of the tip you would normally leave. And a little note is always nice, too.


nocute @4
The inspiration may possibly come from other current threads were commenters are boasting positivity.
Speaking of, a Happy Passover to you too!


Is that an offer?
You know we have a thing about platinum blondes with perfect skin...

Hotels boil mattresses in bleach?
Mattress covers and bed spreads don't even get changed between guests.
As you said, your poop doesn't belong in someone else's bed...


Catalina@5~ “...And a little note is always nice, too...”

To whom it may concern... Thanks for your service! Oh, and you might want to break out the gas mask and industrial tongs when you pick up those brown sheets on the floor, we thought we were safe, but I guess that meal of rancid chicken enchiladas, asparagus purée and refried beans was a little too much for our digestive tracts to handle. We tried to clean up as best as we could, but couldn’t reach to upper reaches of the walls, and of course, the ceiling fan probably needs a good hosing out. Guess it reminds me of the old joke... how do you make your wife scream twice? Fuck her in the ass and wipe your dick on the curtains (which I did, BTW). Best wishes to you, and enjoy your generous tip, which I bumped up to 6-1/2% for your troubles. Don’t spend it all in one parking meter!


I don't remember this one when it first ran, and it's useful to me.

My ears often bleed, just a little bit. I"m under medical supervision for the condition that causes it, it's not a big deal, not an important part of my life - except when I'm sleeping in a bed with someone else's linens, and white pillowcases. I put cotton in my ears at those times, but I'm a very restless sleeper, and it hardly ever stays in all night.

So it's good to know that hotels are not shocked and appalled by a little blood. And I'll try to remember to strip off the offending cases and leave them in a ball on the floor.


@CMD: Chag Sameach to you, too!


Has anyone identified the angry troll @3 & 7?


@11: fubar, he's obviously commentor commutatus or whatever that name was. Also, I believe the guy who used to just use a period (.) to sign his posts.
He's garbage. Easily identified, he likes to use the royal "we," and to exhort people not to have children. Somehow, however, I don't get the sense that he's pro-choice.

I would hope that his IP address could be blocked, but apparently, that's hard to do.


Social distancing, or as we say in the baseball world -- plate discipline. Do not feed trolls. Just don't.


I can't co


I can't count the number of times that a maid stops me in the hallway to say thank you for leaving her/him a tip. They are always truly appreciative, almost like the gesture means more to them than the dollars. Always a warm smile and a kind word, just for leaving a fiver on the bed. Can't beat that.


I'm on birth control that stops my periods. Yay! Except for this one random time when I happened to be on a romantic holiday. Oops! That maid got a good tip for sure.


It's sad that people have to tip the hotel housekeepers. I do it too but they, like all people should be paid a living wage.


I thought I posted yesterday guessing that the system perhaps makes it easier to grab the first letter of an old column.


Reminds me of a funny moment from a few years back, we were spending a threesome weekend in a hotel which always involved lots of snacks, champagne, movies, porn, and time in bed of course. On this particular weekend one of the snacks we brought along were some mini reeses peanut butter cups.

Much to our chagrin, as we were packing up we discovered that one of those pesky peanut butter cups left a little stain on the sheets that looked suspiciously like something else. Our solution was to leave a note explaining the situation next to said stain, with an empty wrapper, and $5. We'd have left a few peanut butter cups for the maid but I figured they'd never eat them anyway.

Gotta respect the hotel maids, I'm sure it is pretty unpleasant work.


I used to tip the hotel maid at the end of a stay, but once I learned that it's not necessarily the same person cleaning the room every day, I began tipping daily--I leave anywhere from $3-$5 on the dresser with a note that says, "thanks" on it. I also do my best not to make too much gross work for the maids. But if there's a big mess to be cleaned up (I no longer have a period and I don't think there's generally any kind of santorum-type mess, but I'm a squirter), I leave a bigger tip, like $10. I have generally put a lot of towels down, because the liquid goes right through sheets and I don't want to ruin the mattress, but I have never thought of stripping the bed linens. If I ever get a chance to socialize with someone in a hotel again, I'll remember to do that.


When I saw the title for this old column I was pretty sure it was one that stuck in my mind. I was correct. It was a good one to rerun because it is something that is good for newer readers to know. Alas, I have not had to opportunity to have a romp in the sheets with someone since it first ran. However, I do always leave a tip for the maids/housekeepers. Good tip from NoCuteName about tipping daily. And Chag Sameach to CBD and NoCuteName.


Shark week, Dan? I’ve never heard that one. Geez.
Good tips re hotel sheet/ towel etiquette.


Jay @ 21
I assume CBD was an honest misspelling and I'm not a bit offended.
To you too!


I'd like to take a swim in a tub of CBD. And of THC.


NoCute @20, for many reasons I typically turn the "don't bother to clean this room" sign out during a short hotel stay (and all of mine are short). Then only one person is cleaning and gets a tip. I would rather feel a hotel room is "mine" for the duration of a holiday than come back to turned-down toilet paper daily.


@BDF I do that too, I started years ago when I worked for a very large company that routinely sent me all over the world for work. Usually week long stays. Their HR site listed it as a best practice when travelling and I thought it made sense and adopted the practice for all my travels. I never had to worry about leaving a laptop in the room unattended. It is a pretty good security measure, its green, I can make my own bed, and really do you wash your towels every day at home? And yeah only one person to get the tip.


To me, this is a corner case and not a regular occurrence for gay men. I've been involved in well over 1,000 incidents where Santorum was generated. I can count on one had the number of sheets that were "soiled". (Two of those came from the same source who was banned for the offense as he was 2/2).
Have I been fortunate?

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