Slog AM: Tim Eyman Owes Money, There Are Bodies in Trenches, Trump's Racist Attack Ad



Ok. That dog thing was fantastic. Thanks!


@1 agreed. Thanks!


And it's Maybell for the win! Better luck next time, Olive.


I was wondering why the dog-sports-narration hadn't been on Slog AM; my honey found it last week, and I've totally been expecting Nathalie to feature it. But Nathalie hasn't been doing Slog AM :-( It's only good when Nathalie does it.


"Asian giant hornet"

Can we just stop with the racism Slog?


The dog thing was the best!


@5 - This isn't a hornet who built the railroads man. A stout Asian American hornet is the preferred nomenclature.


The reason projected deaths have dropped to "only" 60,000 is because people are distancing but feel free to "open up" the economy and see how great it goes when the death toll starts ticking up. People are not going to want to go to shopping or dining out in service of some abstract, greater economic good if they feel their personal safety is at risk.

An economy without a raging lethal pandemic is not an option right now, or for the next 12-18 months for that matter, assuming we even have an effective vaccine by then. We could have contained this if we had acted sooner and caught the virus before it reached the exponential growth phase but instead Trump waited until he couldn't keep pretending it would go away on its own, and now we all have to live with the consequences shrug emoji


16 million unemployed and counting
60,000 deaths if we're lucky
millions w/o health insurance
no strategy for restarting the economy during a global pandemic with no vaccine, treatment or cure

Keep America Great!

you guys realize that slogan doesn't help you if the country is in the shitter right


@13. Lol good job. But you still only speak for yourself, a dumbass. Just the facts.


13 san francisco has the 2nd highest population density in the country yet is currently at <800 cases and 13 deaths so clearly it didn't hurt


RE: the bean hiding thing. There was a reddit post from a guy complaining that his girlfriend froze then unfroze his beans. Wonder if this is the same couple?


Great dog commentary, Nathalie. Thanks!

@9: You're so brave, Doofy, dying of MAGAvirus for the rest of us. Lick any doorknobs lately?
Trump and its stooges are laughing at you.
@12 blip: Unfortunately, RepubliKKKans are as stupid as they are corrupt and shamelessly incompetent.

Everyone stay healthy, safe, and sane.


20: Nothing about you is important.

Feel free to jettison any notion of your greater importance.


23 World needs bathroom attendants.


Awww look at Dave. He actually thinks that because the measures being taken are working that that means there never was a problem to begin with.
I'll bet a game of peek a boo blows his fucking mind.


This is weird. Trump tweeted this morning:

"Nobody wants to say that if Elizabeth Warren gets out of the race before Super Tuesday, Crazy Bernie Sanders wins virtually every state in a blowout...NOT EVEN CLOSE! I haven’t heard one member of the Fake News Establishment even mention this irrefutable fact. FAKE NEWS!"

Did he slip into a time warp?



28: Oh yeah, it's just like the flu so let's go ahead and kill and additional 100,000 people with a preventable disease for no fucking reason.

I've starting to wonder how many people indispensable Typhoid David here has spread COVID to.


28: Oh yeah, it's just like the flu so let's go ahead and kill an additional 100,000 people with a preventable disease for no fucking reason.

I've starting to wonder how many people indispensable Typhoid David here has already spread COVID to.


Use this app to take photos of bugs and it will classify them with AI and fact checkers, pretty much instantly. Save the bees!


@28 - The CDC says 12,000 to 61,000 people have died per year since 2010 from the flu, so let's say a very rough average of 42,000ish each year.

Covid-19 has killed 18,000 as of this morning since February 29, the last 6 weeks. That's on pace to be nearly 4 times more deadly than the average flu...and that's with strict social distancing policies in place.

Ya know, it's easy to find this info online before you post, lest you get called out for being verifiably wrong.


look at this plot of the all-cause mortality rate in NYC for the last 20 years and then tell me this is just like the flu

keep whistling past that graveyard, just like dear leader


Yeah, it's pretty much impossible to argue w/ david and the rest of Team Stigginit, since the more compelling and factually objective case you build, the more resolute they become in their adherence to ignorance based resistance. Best thing you guys could do at this point would probably be to suggest that the Seattle and Washington based leadership teams are strongly encouraging them to go outside and mingle as much as possible. Shit, tell him Obama's encouraging park based social gatherings, he'll probably barricade himself indoors for 6 months.


@35. Round two, fight!

I dunno, like what happens if all the pigs we slaughter each day in a factory farm in Wisconsin gain antibiotic resistance spark another super bug or swine flu pandemic? Public health requires continuous upkeep in order to prevent further shitshows like this one. It's not like this is the only risk out there; if we fail to respond adequately, cover up reality for political good press, and continue to defy all good science, then what do you think will happen?


@20. OK Boomer...


Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal in an article about the layoffs and downsizing the news industry has seen accelerating during the pandemic puts The Stranger on their Print in Peril list.


Raindrop @ 26
Sadly Trump is not the first president to loose it while in office, screwing up big time while mishandling a global pandemic, yet still considered “a hero.”

Shoreline poet- your statistic musical chairs reads like another attempt to interpret the constitution the way it suits you and fellow freedom fighters in Idaho.


@21. I needed that laugh


35 i would warn you against clinging to this fantasy that the pandemic will just go away on its own and everything will instantly go back to normal when history + all available evidence points to a sustained crisis with no relief in sight but i gather that’s all you’ve got going for yourself right now and who am i to take that away from you


@42: Yes, poor Woodrow Wilson.


raindrop- I assume an articulate, knowledgeable, funny person like yourself who considers children as "miracle" is likely to believe that AIDS is a miraculous divine punishment that sinners deserved all along.


@47: It's confusing to have two data sets on the same x axis, poor dear. But she predicted Trump's win.


*the poor dear


@35: ...And if that stimulus check don't come,
Doofy's gonna be the next homeless bum.
Hush, little MAGA, don't say a word.
Donald J. Trump just flipped you the bird.


@47: ..And if Fox TeeVee goeth broke,
Kenny's argument goes up in smoke.
Hush, little MAGA, don't say boo.
Trumpty Dumpty's laughing at you, too.