Dear Stranger,
At least for your coronavirus posts, please shut down your comment threads. Observe that for the most part The Seattle Times hasn't been allowing comments on its coronavirus stories. They made the right decision.

For years, we've been begging you to do something about the trolls who comment with these hit-and-run, drive-by burner accounts. It should have been an easy technical fix. But you ignored us. It's disingenuous for you to say now that you don't have the resources to do anything about the burner accounts when you refused to do anything about them when you could have. Now, as happens with any unmoderated comment threads on the Internet, these threads have been overtaken by the drive-by trolls and the handful of resident trolls like GermanSausage and the people who are gullible enough to take the bait. The sincere posts, however smart or stupid they may be, get drowned out by the noise.

Hey, if I don't like your comment threads, nobody's forcing me to read them, right? Point taken. Tell you what, if these cesspools for comment threads are the image you want to present to the world, good for you. You do you, Stranger, you do you.


Still not reporting the revised 60,000 projection for US deaths?
Leftist reporting on the virus has been, like Leftist 'reporting' about everything;
merely a vehicle to bash President Trump.
Good news ignored;
false negative narratives relentlessly invented and pushed.

Folks who lie and propagandize and hate-monger under the guise of 'journalism' occupy the hottest deepest Circle of Hell.


Don't forget fewer will be afflicted than from the flu in 2018.
The flu.
How did we miss the chance to destroy the economy back then?
Letting a crisis go to waste?
The Hysterical Left is losing it's edge....


But you raise a good point.
The country grossly over-reacted to 911 as well;
two decades of ruinous pointless war,
surrender of personal liberties without a whimper,
establishment of vast dark state intelligence apparatus that poses a greater threat to American liberty than 'terrorists'.
trading Freedom for 'Security' (and getting neither...)
we have been in a two decade panicked whining pissing frenzy....


Washington warned us of foreign entanglements.
We haven't listened and pay a huge price.
Soon a trimmed down fit US of A will correct a lot of colossal mistakes that have become entrenched.


We just wonder why it took Inslee and Cuomo so long to order Shelter in Place; I mean, EVERYBODY saw this thing coming months ago...


We guess.
Only three 9-11s in NY state.


Seeing comments @2-@12 now, all I can say is, I rest my case @1.


@13. You get what you pay for, I guess. Try not to encourage them.


"And, I just want to emphasize: the math is bad. A half-nazi is actually better than a full nazi. A leader who would have done half what Hitler did would have been better than Hitler. Unless you are thinking in terms of purity, and so you don’t actually care about how many people are killed, in which case you’ve fallen into what George Orwell, the democratic socialist, called the fallacy of saying that half a loaf is the same as nothing at all. If you’re hungry, half a loaf is still half a loaf.


It’s important to remember that the Weimar Communists could have prevented Hitler from coming to power by being willing to form a coalition government, but they wouldn’t because, they said, every other political party (including the democratic socialists) were, basically, fascists.

I’m not saying that compromising principles is always a good choice; a lot of people made the mistake of thinking that they could work with Hitler, that they should stay in his administration (or on his military staff) so that they could try to control him or, at least, direct him toward better actions. They couldn’t. Within a couple of years of his being installed as Chancellor, all the people in his administration who were going to try to moderate him were either fired or radicalized. It took longer with the military, and in that case the people who tried to control him were fired, strategically complacent, or radicalized. But it was the same outcome. There was no working with Hitler—there was only working for him.

If we want to prevent another Hitler, then we have to vote against him."


Speaking of which, looks like Bernie stepped up immediately. I guess that leaves Warren, who I don't recall making an endorsement, but that might be redundant if he chooses her as VP over Harris. Since Biden already has the backing of the churchgoing African American establishment voting bloq, it's unlikely that Harris will be as crucial as a progressive or semi-progressive for galvanizing the coalition most likely to beat Trump.


@13 FTW!!!!


I’m reAding from Drs that some think the ventilators may be not needed for some. That less invasive methods of getting oxygen into the blood is better to try before the V. Given the long term damage resulting from use of ventilators.
They know so little about this disease, and it seems people are getting re infected. So much for immunity. What is this Virus? Now China is blocking looking at its origins.


The troll must be very very lonely. Look at all their posts. This is not the time to indulge such bile, people are suffering. Whatever their foul mind is about, it is not worth bothering with. Like constantly walking into someone’s farts. Let’s walk the other way.
Support each other and spread the love. Negative energies deplete our strengths, so avoid unnecessary ones. Like the sad little look at me look at me troll.


Why the need to nut thug so hard? You aren’t making anybody mad. You’re making me feel sorry for you. I feel bad that you need your guy to be right so bad that you beclown yourself. I want trump to do good but like I tell my kids, you gotta put in the work.
Please just take the kids out of the kennels, provide healthcare to everyone, don’t steal too much money, stop giving public lands and assets to private corporations and I’ll tell my kids trump was an ok president.


Trump is such a bag of shit. He insists the federal government is not there to be a shipping clerk when states desperately need medical equipment. Now he insists he gets to decide when states reopen. Fuck him.

The GOP and their goddamn bullshit about states' rights until they want to violate them (or they want to violate the rights of the citizens living in states that want to violate federal law). ALL THIS IS ABOUT IS TRUMP BEING ABLE TO BLAME SOMEONE OTHER THAN HIMSELF FOR THE SHIT SHOW.

Trump: My special gut powers tell me it's time to open up the states, send everyone back to work
States: NOPE (other than the already GOP states that aren't following the shut down anyway), it's not safe to do that right now.
Trump: The states run by Democrats that have refused to reopen and send people to work are responsible for how bad the economy is.
States: People are still getting sick and dying and we need help.
Trump: Don't look at me for any help, I take no responsibility for any of this.
States: ...

It's just more of the dog and pony show of shit. Trump will blame everyone and anyone and throw them all under the bus and burn this country, literally, to the ground, before he takes any responsibility for what has happened under his watch.


Ecotopia (or Cascadia) ftw!

Agreed re COVID comments.


Trump goes bat shit insane during his bullshit PR rally today and CNN decides to caption it with truth in real time.


@#1 cressona, great post... unfortunate that the Stranger could care less.

It says a lot that out of a metro area of several million people, there's no more than two dozen regular contributors to these comment sections (not including however many trolls are spewing their daily garbage). Maybe the Stranger will take that as a clue.

It's really unfortunate, because there's some really thoughtful intelligent folks here who write great posts that could lead to some interesting nuanced discussions. It's just not going to happen when trolls are allowed to turn every discussion thread into a train wreck.


Yes, it amazes me that in a city - and country as affluent as we are, our news sources are very tepid at best.
Anything outside of the U S (aside from Pravda) has substantially better reporting, and some attention to facts.


This Spring festival time makes me think of Carl Sagan and George Carlin(who bragged about never washing his hands). The science is like a candle in the dark, and giving all the cult like behaviour a big "certifiably crazy" diploma to put on their walls. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result defines 2020 right now.


I don't care what turnip says, I'm just glad we're talking about lifting lockdowns. Even if it's still a bit off it's nice to feel like we're at a turning point.


STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THE MORON!! Stop reporting on his "tweets". Stop reporting his lies. STOP GIVING HIM ATTENTION. I mean really, WTF. Three years and 23,628 deaths later and you're STILL being led by the nose? His inaction & misinformation has killed hundreds, thousands.... He's made himself irrelevant. Stop making us read about his shite.


"... some in the Fake News Media are saying that it is the Governors decision to open up the states, not that of the President of the United States & the Federal Government blah blah blah" --@Fake 'prez'

He's coming Un-Glued.
Facts are whipping his Ass
and he cannot control the News Media
and he's coming . . . Unhinged.

If this continues, if his lies can no longer Be The Message, what will he resort to? This man-child's hubris combined with a Nasty thirst for Revenge, my Gawd will he Bomb someone?

Let's hope the Generals (and Admirals et al) have some Sense/Integrity and won't be pressured by an unhinged sociopathic narcissist into an all-out Conflagration -- he'll take the rest of us all seven billion down in a dick cheney heartbeat, like we're just another fucking Casino; he cares nothing for anything -- except trump.


I'm with originalcinner: Let's hear it for Governors Inslee, Brown, and Newsom! Hooray for Cascadia!!!

@30 treacle: I have made a conscientious vow since January 20, 2017 not to ever open a Twitter account, and am SO fucking glad that I still don't have a Twitter account. Not going there.
Nothing to see, folks! Nothing to see--except Der Emperor Fuhrer's New Clothes made out of snake oil, smoke, and mirrors.
@31 kristofarian: Trumpty Dumpty is not only incompetent, it's rabid. Its sheer evil has been fully exposed in all its totally grotesque ugliness. I'm waiting for the day Trumpty Dumpty eats its one last fatal Big Mac and finally blows up. The explosion would be heard worldwide.

I officially rename the 1963 Stanley Kramer film, 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World' the new 2020 title of "It Was a Sane, Sane, Sane, Sane World". I think Stanley and crew would agree.


@29 - Well, talk about lifting stay-at-home orders is nice, but the reality is:: Until we have a vaccine, we can't realistically open things back up without sparking another outbreak. -- There's a possibility that with widespread testing (incl. antibody testing) we'll be able to allow those with immunity to circulate/work. But that's not a sure thing either, esp. if these rumors of an infection "reawakening" turn out to be something of a concern.

I'll go on record here as saying: We're gonna be in lockdown-mode until 2021.

@32 - There's much more than the Trumpster fire on Twitter, but it's hard to avoid the caustic smoke, so I support your selectivity in which to engage with, auntie.

@18 - LavaGirl, none of us can prove anything, but there are some really compelling plausibilities that Sars-CoV-2 accidentally escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology via infected human, where they were researching SARS & bat coronaviruses. Not a "lab construct", but a "lab accident". Super tragic if that were true. We may never know. Doubtless the Chinese do though.


@32: You can have a Twitter account and just follow @MarthaStewart if you want to - it doesn't have to be political.


@33: Yep, the Wuhan bat virus is the culprit and China is totally to blame even if it was accidental.


@35 raindrop, your obsession with calling this a "chinese" virus just shows you to be the racist asshole that you are.

And you get off on it. That's what's really sick.


This isn't about vilifying a culture. This is about facts. It's about life and death. Perhaps the famous lib Bill Maher can knock some sense into you:


@37 - "Facts": The actual-factual name of the virus is "Sars-CoV-2". The disease you get is "Covid-19". The International medical community has moved away from pinning location-names on emerging infectious diseases, despite Bill Maher's rant. (Such a shame, he was good once.)

Yes Sars-2 came from China, (although--minor point--there were no bats at the Wuhan Seafood Wholesale Market, nor probably Pangolins.. SARS bat coronaviruses originate in Guangxi province, hundreds of miles S. of Hubei...),

...but then "neoliberalism" came from America, and how many people has that killed?

Oh, and "Spanish Flu"? That should be called the KANSAS FLU because that's where it originated, at a U.S. army base. It got pinned on Spain because they weren't involved in WWI and were the first to publicly speak about it, to save their citizens' lives, whereas all the warring nations kept quiet so's not to distract from the war effort... effectively killing hundreds-of-thousands of citizens because of their silence.

Listen to this for some history:


8 May 2015 | GENEVA
WHO issues best practices for naming new human infectious diseases

I guess Bill Maher isn't up on his international medical community details. funny that.


@38: Diseases have their scientific names and vernacular names. I agree that the Spanish flu should be retroactively called the Kansas flu. And Covid-19 virus will be forever associated with Wuhan China, and (in my opinion) the misdeeds of the Chinese government.

It remains scientifically valid to associate natural phenomena with their points of origin.


Of course it is the Governors who have the real control over the states,
not the President.

The mystery is why Inslee and Cuomo didn't see this coming,
when EVERYBODY saw it coming,
and didn't tale action to protect their populations
(unless you consider whining incessantly to Trump for masks and ventilators to be 'action'...)

They have a lot of dead people's blood on their hands.


Me? I don't feel comfortable using the term China Virus or Wuhan Virus because that ship has already sailed on that being the de facto, commonplace name.

And for me, what's less important than nomenclature is doing everything we in the West can to pressure China to make reforms so that this doesn't happen again. Gratuitous China bashing just gets in the way of gathering international consensus around verifiably ending the worst practices of the wet markets. Also, the Chinese people are angry at their government over COVID-19 and the suppression of Dr. Li Wenliang.

Having said that, the Democrats always have a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, just as Trump has a way of having his latest failures redound to his benefit. And if the Democrats are going to position themselves as the defenders of, and apologists for, China when it comes to the coronavirus, they are really failing to read the room.

Oh, and as usual, Bill Maher kicks ass.



I’m in favor of shutting down the comments section entirely. There’s no benefit whatever to this. If you wonder why I participate, we’ll, look- I don’t pretend candy bars are healthy either, but I still eat them. And if they disappeared tomorrow and all that was left was health food, I’d eat that instead. I’m not going to pretend carob tastes as good as chocolate, but if that’s all there is, so be it.


@33 I think we'll find ways to adapt in other ways if we can't develop a vaccine quickly enough. There's simply no way to keep the country locked down for years, more people would die from the damage to their mental and financial health than the disease would ever take out. Some things will reopen, and some things will probably forever change.


other ways to adapt* I need to proof read these more after I make edits.


Trump can whine and bleat and lie all he wants. He has no true economic power, not when it comes down to it. The power lies in cities in blue states, especially in New York, even as 'hobbled' as it may be right now, New York has always been the economic epicenter of this country. It was on 9/11. It was before 9/11. It was after 9/11. It is now and it will be in the future. And if we're all lucky, New York will put Trump in prison where he can live out his deranged, delusional, pathetic life babbling at a wall.


OH and look, Trump's Daddy is being forced to face reality, too. Womp Womp.

After insisting less than a month ago that COVID-19 in Russia was "under control," President Vladimir Putin on Monday squarely acknowledged the opposite, with the largest day-to-day increase in cases to date and the head of the coronavirus task force warning that the country is "nowhere near" peak infections.


@45: Says the troll who has modified virus noun with the Chinese adjective.


Everyone here is a narcissistic asshole. Your posts are all such deranged bullshit about how you’ve analyzed the situation and determined that such and such a candidate is the best, and you know, nobody fucking cares about you or your damned analysis. Do you think I’m scrolling through this feed just to hear what some reject with too much time on his hands thinks about Joe Biden?

Do you think, when that envelope comes in the mail and I’m filling in those ovals next to candidate names, that I’m going to pause and stop to consider the musings of some anonymous shitbag with a handle like “ Bob’s Hairy Vagina” or “Auntie Grizelda” thinks about the electability of whoever?

Nobody here even uses their names. We all like to think we’re TV pundits being consulted for our sagacious wisdom, only we haven’t got any, were just a bunch of self important gasbags bloviating our bullshit into a fucking comment thread.

None of it matters. None of us are going to convince anyone. Not like this. Maybe if you got off the couch and knocked on some doors-which you can’t do anyway because of the fucking coronavirus- maybe then you might persuade somebody to vote for whomever.

This is the ultimate waste of time. We’re all jerking off in front of a mirror. “Look at me, I’m the witty pundit who posted a sick burn”. No you’re not, you’re a coward hiding behind a bullshit username who will never have to own anything you e said here. Not that it matters, because anyone reading it will forget it within seconds of scrolling down to the next post.

We’re all just looking for some narcissistic feed. If some other anonymous bullshit artist posts @49 FTW! You win the internet! , we feel like we’ve won the Pulitzer Prize.

Fucking hell, get a goddamn life. I need to take my own advice on that, because I’m just as deranged as the rest of you. We’re all such pathetic shitbags,


@50; Having a bad day are we?


@50: But still, you enjoy the banter else you'd be doing something else.


@50. Oh sure, we're the narcissists because you refuse to compromise your delusions of grandeur that the Reds are going to be significant in this era if you vote Green.


This is the shittiest apocalypse ever. Hat kind of species-ending event comes with free 2 day shipping and Netflix?

Fuck COVID, I wanted zombies or a nuclear war or melted ice caps, something dramatic where we’re all Mad Max fighting it out with motorized freaks, not watching the Tiger King while I wait for the whole world to die.



It doesn’t matter who you vote for. Nobody is going to make any difference, Red, Green, Blue or whatever. Your color choice is as relevant now as it was during the Nikia Riots.

Te real sham is the voting itself, because you labor under the delusion that your individual act of voting is the most consequential thing you can do, when in fact all it does is give you an excuse to not do anything else.


@55: Ahem. Really now.



Yep, 548 members who all represent corporate interests and 0 who represent anyone else. A few are willing to say nice things about the working class or point a finger at Mark Zuckerberg and say nasty things to Jeff Bezos, but none of them would be willing to end capitalism itself, and for that reason, the vote today is the same as it always was: 548-0. Pick Red or Blue or Green, and it’ll still be 548-0.

It doesn’t fucking matter.

We can rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic however you want. The Republicans will arrange them so the seats with the best iceberg views go to the religious freaks, and the Democrats will make certain the trans community gets as many front row seats as everyone else. Neither party will steer the ship away from the iceberg.


"It remains scientifically valid to associate natural phenomena with their points of origin."

No, it doesn't. If you look at how diseases are named ( you can see that "Diseases may NOT include ... Geographic locations: Cities, countries, regions, continents.".

Bill Mahar raises some good points, but he skips over the fact that lots of disease and death are caused by American consumption of meat. This is where he glosses over the cultural differences. The Chinese are supposed to stop eating bats, but it is OK to spread E Coli, BSE, Trichinosis and Salmonella in a country that is far wealthier, and far more capable of adapting. Many of those who suffered and died from those diseases never ate meat, either (so it isn't like the millions who die from overconsumption of meat -- some of the dead are vegan -- think of it like second hand smoke, except you are thousands of miles away).

Oh, and then you have antibiotics -- one of the great advancements in medicine -- being weakened or rendered useless because the American government thinks it is OK for farmers to give them in large quantities to domesticated animals. Is that cultural sensitivity, or political sensitivity, or just plain stupidity? Hard to say.

So, according to Mr. Maher, if my mom dies of an antibiotic resistant bacteria, I should say she died of "American Disease" because that is what scientists would call it.


@57: No, 548 doesn't refer to senators or representatives but to the number of voters who voted for Nadar or simply stayed home and enabled George W. Bush to win the 2000 Florida election.


@55 -- Bullshit. A handful of voters in Florida changed the world. One of my big regrets is that I didn't go down there and campaign, or at the very least, tried a little phone banking to get Gore elected. All it would have taken is a handful of votes in that state, and things would have been dramatically different:

Where to begin. Well, for starters, no Iraq War. That likely means no Isis, or at the very least, no Isis in Iraq. Maybe no 9/11 attacks. Action on global warming, even if it was met with congressional opposition. Gore would have had a bunch more female cabinet members, which means that there would be little reason for Hillary Clinton to think she was the best Democratic woman. Democrats would have won three in a row, and when that happens, a party gets cocky. People run from the far left, which means that Gore moves ever so slightly that direction to avoid that challenge, and likely wins going away. At worst McCain is President. Four straight terms gets a party excited, and they move further left. Likewise, the Republicans start second-guessing their radical move to the right (with Reagan) and wonder if it is time to nominate moderates -- even centrists. Shit gets done. We enact health care reform years ago, with a slow move towards full health insurance similar to South Korea, but likely with the Swiss model (similar to what Nixon proposed, way back when, and Romney implemented more recently).

In short, we move towards the post-war period of prosperity which we abandoned in 1980, and it matters little whether we elect a Democrat (like Jimmy Carter) or a Republican (like Gerald Ford). Either will do, just as Germany is doing OK with their center right government, which has more or less been in power since ... fuck, 2005. Guys like Mudede would have very little to talk about. Oh, there would be some things to gripe about, and we would want to move further to the left, but even if a Republican is elected, we wouldn't freak out. Now we freak out every fucking four years! Every four years the Republicans nominate an extremist, a pathological liar, an idiot, or some combination. McCain was an extreme hawk; Romney believed that 47% of the population liked being on the dole. And these were the good ones! Holy shit, that is the party that has held power most of the last forty years. The party of Rush Limbaugh, Koch Brothers, and the Tea Party.

But they are only in power because a handful of people voted one way or another. But you think voting doesn't matter? Bullshit.



So if Gore would have won, do you think he would have overthrown capitalism?

You know he’s wife did head the PMRC, don’t you? She wanted to put Prince in jail for singing a song about masturbation. Did you confuse the Gores with anything other than the conservative Tennessee political dynasty that spawned them?



Re: Gore, see comment 59, typed in apparent Jungian synchronicity at the same time as your own.

Re: McCain, did Obama stop the deportation of a Latin Americans, close Guantanamo Bay or end the War on Terror or the PATRIOT Act? Do you feel the surveillance state increased or decreased during his tenure? Did he vote for or against TARP? And did he prosecute any of the banksters associated with the 2008 economic meltdown?

By what measure was Obama a Leftist?


@34: Nope. I'm not into Martha Stewart, either, Rainy. I don't see how I can possibly be missing anything good on Twitter so I avoid it altogether. Consider it healthy social distancing.
@55: Did you just inhale some formaldehyde? Maybe you should change your screen name to Seeing Stars. Voting is among many things that COUNTS!
@60 Ross: Agreed and seconded on many points. If only Al Gore had taken over the White House in January 2001!



Look everybody, it’s narcissistic pundit herself. I’ll bet you seriously think anything you type will change anyone’s mind, as if we’re all waiting with baited breath to read whatever pearl of wisdom you drop upon us from behind an anonymous profile. World leaders right now are scrolling through this feed looking for your posts.

You’re about as consequential to course of history as a zit on the ass.


@42 cressona, I mostly agree with you, but not sure what you mean about “commonplace name”? Only place I regularly see it used is out of Trump’s mouth, Fox news, et al. It’s not about nomenclature or being PC, it’s about the Republican dumbfucks ongoing campaign of race-baiting and moving the needle on what’s “acceptable” and “normal".

I listen to Bill Maher’s show regularly, and I agree with him 90% of the time… but that last 10%, he’s often just not very well informed or hits one of his blindspots. Here’s where Maher completely missed the point - there is no logical reason for it to be called the “China virus”, et al. We’ve been calling it corona and covid-19 practically since the beginning - most didn’t hear the “china virus" crap until Republicans started pushing it to sow division. Whatever you call it, it has nothing to do with the other 90% of what Maher said about holding China accountable. China should be held accountable, but they won’t. Just like the last 30 years. Calling it “China virus” isn’t going to change that.

Regarding Democrats, that’s a great point. However, it also highlights one of the biggest problems with Democrats - they have no clue how to control the narrative. They let the Republicans control the narrative on everything. They react rather than lead on nearly everything. So rather than letting dumbasses like Raindrop conflate the nomenclature of a virus with defending the Chinese administration, you call them out for what they're doing. You don’t try to “reason” with them. They are inherently unreasonable. You don’t try to lecture them on why they’re wrong (though sometimes you do it for the benefit of others) - they couldn’t give a flying fuck what you’re trying to explain to them. What trolls like Raindrop do care about is getting the respect of people debating them - because no matter how fucking stupid their ideas are, it just validates that their fucking stupid ideas are worthy of debate.


@60 Ross, great post… and of course let’s not forget the courts… the judges. As bad as Trump is, he’s old and will be out of office in no more than ten years. All these horrible Republican judges will be around for decades.


@65: Respect? No, just like everyone else I provide commentary. Whether it garners respect or not are only tangential musings.


Pretty in Pink @65: "@42 cressona, I mostly agree with you, but not sure what you mean about “commonplace name”? Only place I regularly see it used is out of Trump’s mouth, Fox news, et al."

Sorry, I could have been more clear in my comment @42. What I meant was that clearly "China virus" or "Wuhan virus" is NOT the commonplace name. So to attempt to use those terms feels awkward and forced for me. The wording calls attention to itself and distracts from whatever else one is trying to say.


@66 "there is nothing you can do, except, maybe... [redacted 'cause yelling fire in a crowded theater is not protected speech] ... I don't know" [attribution withheld because quoting the asshole is "unfair" and "fake news"]

the Constitution of The United States: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, [plus some other things not relevant to my current point, such as falling in love with Kim Jong Un]"
note the "THEM", it is not THE [singular] united states a run by King Asshole, it is the united STATES [Plural] NOT run by a King.
Sure. one can quibble about he definition of "war", but still....
"there was a time we knew how to deal with traitors" Donald Trump
Interesting how quick Trump backed down on his claim that he was in charge of everything. Ether he realized that "in charge of" = "responsible for", or someone pointed out that the traditionally states rights people might not be quite so willing to be complicit this time.


Coronavirus fucks up more than your lungs. Clinicians are finding that it can also cause "heart inflammation, acute kidney disease, neurological malfunction, blood clots, intestinal damage and liver problems." (response to every asshole who says this is just like the flu ~oh and don't forget to ask how many nurses/doctors/health care workers caring for people with the flu get sick and die from the flu, too, hint: NONE).


CDC estimates more than 9,200 health care workers have been infected with covid-19

"I think we've all learned this virus was a greater threat than we had thought."

This Coronavirus Is Unlike Anything in Our Lifetime, and We Have to Stop Comparing It to the Flu

Longtime health reporter Charles Ornstein says that comparing the novel coronavirus to the flu is dangerously inaccurate. Not one public health expert he trusts has called that comparison valid. Here’s why.


There is essential journalism and there is pandemic porn. 80% of it is the latter.



WTF - Whose idea was it to have the Ballard Farmer's market reopening this weekend???????


@76: Hopefully articles like that help prevent overconfidence and apathy among democrats.


Most New York babies, when they are born, the doctor smacks them in the face by mistake, they're so fucking ugly the poor docs can't tell their asses from their faces...


@64: So now you're bashing yourself (See comment @61)?? No wonder you're Seeing Stars! Go seek medical help before you lose total consciousness.


@61: Further proof that the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has reached the level of global insanity: the MAGA trolls are now whacking themselves.


1 No no no.......German Sausage is one of my favorite commentators. Please don’t ask that person to stop commentating.,,,,,,


@83 Poor Ivy, been waiting 80 years for the “Revolution” that’s never gonna happen.

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