Can we see their instagram feeds to see how they wasted money rather than saving and always having at least 3 months living expenses set aside?



It’s kind of refreshing to hear someone imply the reason for an economic collapse is that America simply isn’t greedy enough.

You could simply evict every renter in the city out onto the sidewalk and tell them all to forage in the nearby parks for nuts and berries or hunt for squirrel and raccoon meat using their bare hands. If anyone dies of COVID or exposure, you could just send the family a bill for the burial and deposit the corpses on the bottom of the Port using sandbags tied about the ankles.

Or maybe you could just burn the bodies like cord wood to power City Light, and just send whatever power is so generated to the old mansions over by Volunteer Park.


Unless me and my roommate both get the full stimulus payment, the end of the road is at the end of the month for me. I can pay my rent one last time and then in July they will evict me.

I'm sure I will be blamed somehow because I was able to save up enough money to go almost four months without work. I tried; filed for unemployment looking for jobs is depressing. I wish I had the backers to start a company right now and hire people.

Job hunting is really really really really depressing when you don't see any jobs posted for 2 or 3 days in a specific tech field you specialize in.


@7 No worries, @4 is a useless troll who should fall on his plastic sword.


@2 - agreed. Sounds like that landlord is being perfectly reasonable and helping those who need it. If all of us did that (assuming that the mortgage situation could be handled so it does not mean trashing the landlord's credit or, worse yet, losing the property), a big part of the problem would be much less of a problem.


Honestly, what is the point of this story/article? Do people feel better knowing other people are having a tough time or do they like to wallow in other's misery? Why not write uplifting articles about what people can do to stretch their pennies? Cancel streaming services, get a cheaper phone plan, get rid of your car, stop using lyft/uber, cut back on discretionary items. Time to tighten your belts america! This country has been through much worse. Toughen up butter cups. It IS going to be a very bumpy ride, so start coming up with solutions instead of trying to elicit pitty.


Mom-and-Pops and Local family landlords WILL be destroyed by Sawant and Morales’ policies. Sawant's policies are almost always bad for working class people. Meanwhile, she's comfy in her Leschi home.


The Eat The Rich Picnic and BBQ will be held in all our public parks this Sunday.

Find a landlord and invite he/she/it/them to this once in a lifetime experience.

Tell them not to worry about a ride home.


Great article and I'm glad that is showed all sides. I especially like how it stands up to the variety of unexamined diatribes that are typical here. From struggling people are lazy spendthrifts to landlords are evil. Throwing in a qualifier like "corporate" is just an attempt at lipstick. I'm incredibly fortunate, but I don't feel a need to denigrate those in need or assume that there is an evil corporate cabal targeting me -- or maybe I'm part of it, mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha! My favorite comment is the complaint that this news article doesn't try to make a point, but that might be journalism specific humor.


Honestly. I went through a very rough patch financially when my kids were young. Now that they're older and living on their own, I periodically remind them to have three months salary in a savings account at all times because you never know. They all do.
If you can't "afford" that, then you're living beyond your means.
I mean, I love NYC and would like to have a tasteful condo on Central Park West, but sadly I cannot afford that. Maybe these people can't afford to live in Seattle and need to downscale?

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