Hes back.
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Shocker: Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden: The first of many Obama cameos in the Biden campaign will begin today with the release of a video of the former President supporting his former Vice President, according to the Washington Post. Obama is clearly only endorsing Joe because Bernie did it. Yet again, Bernie shows he's leading the way for true progressive change in this country.


Remember when Wisconsin Republicans risked hundreds of thousands of lives: Just so they could have a chance of preserving a Trump-thumping State Supreme Court justice? Well, all that potential death and sickness and hardship was for naught, because liberal justice Jill Karofsky beat Daniel Kelly by 10 points in a resounding victory, according to the Post.

We all saw Paula Reid doing her job well, right?

The International Monetary Fund's economic forecast is out: And analysts say "the world economy in 2020 will suffer its worst year since the Great Depression," according to the Associated Press. IMF's top economist said we're looking at a global loss of "$9 trillion — more than the economies of Germany and Japan combined."

"4/20 will not be tolerated this year," according to San Fran mayor London Breed.

The sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden: For the last week increasingly larger news outlets have put reporters on the story. If you didn't read the New York Times piece over the weekend, here's the rundown. Tara Reade, who worked in Joe Biden's Senate office, told the Times "Biden pinned her to a wall in a Senate building, reached under her clothing and penetrated her with his fingers" in the spring of 1993. She was one of seven other women who accused Biden of "kissing, hugging or touching them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable," for which he's since apologized, before making this new accusation on a podcast last month.

Reade told one friend and her now dead mother about it at the time: She told another friend and her brother about it in the years since. She further filed a complaint with the Senate in 1993, but nobody can find the paperwork. Reade claimed she brought the complaint to Biden's executive assistant, and in response she was taken out of her supervisory role and moved to another office. Two former interns "recalled that she abruptly stopped supervising them in April, before the end of their internship." Biden's campaign says the allegation is false. Many members of his 1993 staff deny hearing anything about the complaint, ever even meeting Reade, and everyone remembers him being a great guy.

There's a bunch of weird chatter and misinformation about Reade on the internet: And Amanda Marcotte separates fact from fiction on that over at Salon.

Guards at New Jersey's only women's prison sexually abused inmates regularly: "Assault and coercion were so prevalent that the Justice Department concluded that the New Jersey Department of Corrections and the prison had violated the inmates’ constitutional protections from cruel and unusual punishment," reports the New York Times.

McDonald's workers bring class action sexual harassment lawsuit against company: Two Florida employees say "they were repeatedly subjected to sexual harassment and physical assaults at a company-owned McDonald's in Sanford, Florida," according to the AP. But the issue is bigger than just the one store: "at least 50 workers have filed sexual harassment charges against McDonald's with the [U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission] over the past four years."

In more McDonald's news: A McDonald's in China says it's sorry for barring black people from entering the restaurant, according to the BBC. A bunch of "online rumors" about the coronavirus spreading among African people triggered "hundreds" of evictions in Guangzhou, and apparently also a rash of racist fast food protocols.

In Indonesia people are dressing up like ghosts to make people stay at home: Seattle needs to bring street theater back so we can give starving theater artists some fucking work.

Millions of children could be at risk for measles: The coronavirus has paused national immunization programs in countries where children receive vaccines in "communal settings, like marketplaces, schools, churches and mosques," according to the New York Times. "Among the countries that have postponed their vaccination programs are Bolivia, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Djibouti, the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Honduras, Lebanon, Nepal, Paraguay, Somalia, South Sudan and Uzbekistan."

Another mold victim at Seattle Children's: Black mold was found "clinging to the heart of a 7-month-old patient" following surgery at the hospital last fall, according to King 5. Children's has been dealing with this mold problem for years, leading to 14 infections and seven deaths.

King County Council considers considering resolution to cancel the rent: King County Councilmembers Girmay Zahilay and Jeanne Kohl-Welles plan send Seattle's rent/mortgage payment moratorium resolution up the chain today by introducing similar legislation at the county council.

If you want to publicly testify to the need for this moratorium: Spill your guts here. And if you want to submit written testimony, email the clerk. The resolution is obviously nonbinding, which is a bummer, but the proposal has utility in the sense that it forces elected leaders to talk about doing the right thing and then to work on some compromise instead of talking about the wrong thing and then working on some cruise ship industry bailout. Anyhow, if you're one of the thousands of people in King County who couldn't pay rent this month, chime in by 1 p.m. today.

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Woman from Snohomish crashes motorcycle, dies: She was 55, according to the Seattle Times, and alcohol does not appear to be involved.

Biscuit is lost, Biscuit has been found: reports the West Seattle Blog. The black and white cat lost his way yesterday at noon but was found later in the evening.