Very soon now, people are just going to start ignoring Governor Inslee and doing what they need to do. What will happen then? Cops can't arrest everyone.


Why didn't those stupid airports save up for a situation like this? Barely one month and they're begging for handouts? What the hell were they blowing all that taxpayer money on?
Fucking parasites. Let the Invisible Hand smack em down and be done with it.


@2: Same as asking why didn't stupid restaurants and stupid renters save up for a situation like this. Businesses and families typically don't have pandemic rainy day funds.


I remain baffled about this FB thing. I've been on FB for over ten years have never received a political ad in my news feed. Not ever. The only politics I've seen from FB are reminders to vote. But, hats off to Sanders for fighting the good fight.

A prediction from out of the blue - the next big thing is biomed. That's where the venture capital will go, that's where the jobs will be, those are the stocks that will take off, and those are the careers that will have the most cache. Tech will become soooooo yesterday.


I fail to understand the bailing out of industries that had plenty of money (talking billions) and used it all to satisfy the stockholders and make the rich richer, while screwing over their employees. If all of the people in this country have been made destitute and and homeless (you know, the ones who aren't sick and dead), just who the hell do they think is going to be running out and spending money buying airline tickets or anything else for that matter? If the people are left to twist in the wind it will not matter how much corporations rake in in bailouts. There will be no customers. There will be no returning to "business as usual." It took YEARS for the airlines to get back into regular business after 9/11. This is a worldwide pandemic that is not even guaranteed to end even if they are able to create a vaccine. The endless greed and shortisightedness of the wealthy confounds me. If everything is destroyed and there are nothing but desperate, hungry, sick, and dying people left in the world, just what the fuck are you going to do with all of your wealth? What is the end game, people?


@5 the biotech VC bubble has already been inflated like crazy, can't get much more hype in there


Andrea Bocelli is the best.


Yes, exactly.
You can't have a consumer economy if the consumers are either dead or scared shitless (or broke).


Those weren’t actually Florida panthers. That was me and Auntie Grizelda having a political discussion.


I missed the part where we taxpayers keep bailing out restaurants to the tune of billions of dollars.


@11: That's all right. It's hard these days to keep up with everything:


RENT FREEZE: City & County Councils may or may not be able to "guarantee" a rent freeze... BUT people can simply do a NO PAY MAY... and pay no rent. Because what are the landlords gonna do? If they evict you for no-rent, who will they get to rent from them? Everyone else looking for a new play won't be paying rent either.

We basically have the upper hand here. If you want to be nice, offer then 25% of your normal rent. Or just 0%. The more who don't pay, the more strength we have. Power in numbers baby! We gotta trust each other and band together!

1/4 of renters didn't pay April... let's make it 80% or better for May!


Bailout "journalists"?
Fuck no.

"The time is now to make a painful but necessary shift: Abandon most for-profit local newspapers, whose business model no longer works, and move as fast as possible to a national network of nimble new online newsrooms. That way, we can rescue the only thing worth saving about America’s gutted, largely mismanaged local newspaper companies — the journalists."


What is wrong with the 'news' media business these days is not the business model;
it is that the ignorant arrogant 20 something shits who parade as journalists are actually partisan hack propagandist advocates.
The public is not fooled, only repulsed, by what parades as 'news'.

Journalism died some time ago.

Saving the 'journalists' would be like paying the termites who destroyed your home.

Let the whole corrupt pile off shit (including the university brainwash factories that pump theses little turds out) sink into the compost pit and let new true Journalism grow up organically.


@15: It's not about being "nice", it's about being moral. It's immoral to take advantage of the crisis when you have the money to pay rent but just want to be greedy. If you don't have enough to pay the rent, negotiate what you can pay with the landlord.

Landlord aren't funded by the Federal Reserve you know, they still have to pay the mortgage and costs of the building.


I kinda like having an international airport within an hours drive.


What better time than now to learn to code ladies.


Take your IRS kicker check, refund and unemployment check and move somewhere cheaper.


I used my Trump Sucks Bucks to buy a bunch of Cascadia flags.

Buy Local.


Apparently #16 had a difficult time in school.


@4 Wearing a cloth mask is like covering your cough; it's not supposed to save you.


@15 "BUT people can simply do a NO PAY MAY... and pay no rent. Because what are the landlords gonna do?"

Well, some of them will have to foreclose, which isn't great for renters either.


@20: "$400/week (low ball) renters get regular unemployment + $600 extra/week + $1,200 check.
Now tell me why would you have trouble paying your rent?"

What the ever loving fuck are you smoking.

The average rent for an apartment in Seattle is $2,202, a 6% increase compared to last year. The last time I paid even close to only $400 a was for a studio apartment ($550) in 1997.


@29 how much you make on unemployment depends on your job, so not everyone is getting $400/week. The $600/week is temporary (ends July 31), but yes, should allow people to pay their rent (ONLY if their rent is less than $2400 which is not the case for most people living in cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, New York, etc.) Average rent for Seattle is $2200.

And the $1200 is a one time payment.

Meanwhile people also have to pay all other bills and eat. They may have to pay student loans, car payments, insurance premiums (and if they've been laid off COBRA if they want to keep their insurance if they had it to begin with and COBRA is between 3 and 5X the amount of the premium paid when one was employed), etc.

Your condescension is palpable and it is not YOUR taxes that are paying anyone's rent, it is EVERYONE'S taxes, so dial back your "my taxes" bullshit.

Given your attitude, I expect you will refuse the $1200 stimulus check.


@29: LOL Well that will teach me to post too quickly now won't it? :)
Personally I can pay my rent because haven't been laid off, so I've been trying to help people who aren't as lucky as I am. But hey! You do you.


@31: Are you also castigating corporations for ::checks notes::
1) Having their headquarters in expensive cities thus incurring higher rental costs?
2) Not having enough savings to cover their cost of operation for even four weeks and thus begging for bail outs?
3) Not cutting their CEO/upper management salaries ( you know, tightening those belts in the lean times! No avocado toast! Maybe one less lear jet!) so they can "make partial payment" of the bills they've incurred?
4) Asked them why should the taxpayers....yourself included pay their bills when they have funds available?
I mean! They're currently sucking up more of your precious taxes after all.....

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