Mass shootings are down because gun-humpers need to choose a human-crowded area to ambush.
Crowded places are always what gun-humpers seek.
Not many crowds right now.


Note, the government is not giving you your money because DJT SUDDENLY had an idea to put his name on the actual checks... in an e-deposit society.
Just so wing-nuts can soak that in, too.


If you want to know what’s going to happen just think of the dumbest possible outcome. That’s what will happen and there will be a phalanx of wypipo in the comment section telling you it’s actually good that the president is a moron and he’s a good boy and you are mean.


@1 Yes, but regular old gang banging shootings, which are by far the majority of all shootings, are holding steady.


That Kellyanne Covid-1 thing is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, and I'm 58 so I've heard a lot of stupid.

Also, there seems to be a new story every day about "previously unknown symptom of covid you should watch out for". We started off with just the cough and the temperature, then it went to loss of smell/taste, yesterday it was purple foot lesions and today it's headaches, testicular pain and a "buzzy" feeling on skin.


Of Course you do, DuckFart.

Or Course you do.


trumpfy finds Scapegoat
defunds World's Health Organization
makes Pandemic WORSE*
takes Kingly bow
and the NeoLibs and Cons
all stand up and cheer each other on.


*WHO COULDDA (possibly!) KNOWN?!


So Trump's ego will hold up payments to the poorest people, those most in need. Anything he can do to hurt people while stroking himself as usual.

Who the fuck de-funds the W.H.O. during a worldwide pandemic? Oh right, see above.

As for the downward trend in retail sales, what do they expect, that people will sit at home and buy shit? 20 million unemployed (actually far more because many unemployed aren't counted by the official system), people can't pay rent let alone prop up the consumer system of buying stupid shit we don't need with money we don't have because that's how our economy works!!! WTF?! Will Trump give a speech today about how people need to go online and go shopping (you know, the way G.W. Bush told people to support their country and go out and go shopping after 9/11)?


Don't ever be silly for a second if you're in politics or the Slog will post a video of it months after you've dropped out and call you an alien.


Remember, write "SUCKS" after Trump's signature on the Memo line.

Take a picture and post it on social media.


"Trump Says the Three
Things He Hates Most
Are the World, Health,
and Organization"

By Andy Borowitz

More on The Moron at:


Matt the Engineer @11, frankly I find that Bloomberg dog video quite endearing. Now the one where he's double-dipping at the pizza and licking his fingers--that's another story.


@15. Shake hand. Kiss baby. Shake hand. Kiss baby. Shake baby. Kiss hand. Shake baby. Kiss hand...


Re: 16


"Mass Shootings" are always down.
Back in the day the ADD Leftist Media had made shooting its flavor of the month and you got wall to wall hype, but it's never been a statistically significant piece of America's crime picture.


still obsessed with blaming liz warren for bernie's failure, I see!


Guns don't kill. Schools do.


@trolly trolling Troll

IS the NRA a Terrorist Organization?


@10: "What do they expect"

Lower numbers. Business accounting requires reporting even when the lowered expectations are already known.

"stupid shit they don't need"

How do you know what people need? Or what people want? You don't have nice things?


@5 -- Neither gangs nor mass shootings represent a majority of the homicide deaths in the United States. Gangs kill about 2,000 people each year, while around 15,000 a year are murdered by guns overall. A very high percentage of gang deaths are caused by guns, though, suggesting that by reducing access to guns, gang violence (and death) would also decrease. Of course actually spending money on intervention programs are likely to lead to a bigger reduction in gang violence. Worth noting is that gangs are spread fairly widely across the country (in suburbs and rural areas as well as cities) but gang homicides are not (they are concentrated in a handful of cities).


The spending habits of Americans:

Consumer spending consistently accounts for about 70% of the U.S. economy.


@23: It appears the highest is suicides. OMG:


The Response to Trump Branded Checks is Trump Branded Body Bags:


Um, Warren didn't even win the primary in her home state. Not sure when you think her endorsement would have mattered, but it was essentially never.



Why don't you treasure every precious human life?


Candidates these days are like a pandemic vaccine. Voters are too afraid to try something that's been untested on the general public. If people really hated socialism so much, they wouldn't be expecting a check and the govt wouldn't even think to send out any. I don't know how people survived after the 1918 pandemic, things seemed pretty black, white and depressing back in those early 20th century days.


"The rate of suicide is highest in middle-aged white men in particular."-AFSP.
"Men are 6.5 times more likely to die by gun suicide than women."
"In 2017, firearms accounted for 50.57% of all suicide deaths."-AFSP

Solutions: Put them in jail or keep telling them the NRA loves it when people kill themselves with guns? The NRA loves anything, just as long as it involves guns, who cares? They should just embrace their gangster terrorist mindset and stop lying to the world.


@37: The "hatred of socialism" that those right-of-center have is pretty much exclusive to hatred of Leninist and Marxist ideas of the government controlling the means of production and determining what occupation one should have rather than the American safety net and periodic stimulus checks.

It becomes a tiresome cannard when extrapolated in these situations.


@38 Give it up, you're never going to get the guns. Also, there will be no free rent.



I am definitely a lay abiding American!


Maybe I've just been occupied with more important matters, but have the R's gone oddly quiet since the Trumpster Fire has been having his "break from reality" public scenes? I mean, as sociopathic & cruel as they are they aren't completely mental. Are they hiding out for the plague year while LIttle Donny Poop-Shorts tries to kill as many non-corporations as possible? (aka people)

Oh hey, fun times! Check this: Wildcat strikes around the country! It's ON kids!

Wall Street? We've got some nice sharp blades and some freshly whipped rope for you! Wanna come out and play? I promise to play Real Rough(TM), just like you've been doing to us!


Well, we're shocked the tech nerds put the bong done long enough to delete a comment.
What about all the rest of this shit?


@23 We have a gang reduction social service. It’s called “prison”.

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